Summer Make Up Fun!

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Makeup is pure fun. I love playing around with it and creating new looks, especially around summer when brights and neutrals look its prettiest. Of course, I’ve already switched to makeup that’s hot weather-friendly, which means I’ve already traded in my foundation for tinted moisturizer or BB cream and replaced my everyday products with makeup that carry labels like ‘waterproof’ or ‘smudge-proof’ on them. Thankfully, this season’s trends not only give us something to look forward to, but are also “summer-proof”. This means NOT having to deal with melting, smudgy makeup that look good for about five minutes. Yup, this hot, hot season requires trends that look good no matter what temperature, and I am happy to share my three faves at the moment. These are not only incredibly fresh, but super easy to do on your own (no makeup artist required). Check out these amazing makeup looks.


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