Model Off Duty Fashion Inspiration

Pormada Blog

When it comes to dressing up (or down), models really know what they’re doing. The lot of them pull together an outfit, with minimum effort. A fold here, and a tuck there, and voila–models immediately look stylish and painfully cool. I know what you’re thinking–they’ve got an unfair advantage here. They’re drop dead gorgeous, have amazing bodies, and they have access to the latest collections from top designers from all around the world. And they get paid millions of dollars to do it. (Okay, yes I have to agree with you here.)

However, there is still something to learn here about the art of dressing. Most of the time we don’t see models looking so pristine and perfect when they flit from show to show during Fashion Week. They look far from it, yet you can see their personal style shine through, even if they’re just wearing a…

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