What’s been happening so far

It seems I am at a loss for words.

News about the super-typhoon Haiyan (Philippine name: Yolanda) has left our country devastated, broken and angry. Death toll is in the thousands, and those affected, in the millions. These are trying times for our nation, as we watch in horror how our countrymen from the Visayas suffer one ordeal after another. From the loss of their loved ones, to dealing with thirst and hunger, and finally loss of home and security. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how they must feel, losing everything they have in a matter of hours. All our “problems” seem petty now, as we continue to go home to our comfortable lives being with the people we love.

Thankfully, not all is lost. The whole world now knows about this tragedy, and are willing to help. Aid in cash and in kind are already here, but they also need our support in this. I’m sure any sort of help is appreciated–from spending a few hours volunteering to giving donations. These are times when we need to be present for our brothers and sisters.

Prayers also help. But lets also take swift action. Lets do our part.

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 6.02.51 PM


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2 thoughts on “What’s been happening so far

  1. We must also remember that helping Visayas should not stop with a single donation. Rebuilding the area will take years and I hope Filipinos will be united in helping them long term as well.

    1. I agree. 🙂 The affected places won’t be fixed overnight, definitely. I am pretty sure the organizations receiving our donations are thinking long term as well. Relief goods will help for the next few months, but yes I agree we have to continue helping until they get back on their feet.

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