It is the world’s first ever soap brand (yes, really). PEARS was founded at the height of Victorian England in 1789 by Andrew Pears in London’s Oxford Street. And it has since been revered as the world’s first registered brand, making it also the oldest existing commercial label in the world. You have to wonder how this brand stood the test of time. Well, for one, it has amazing skin cleaning powers. I introduced this to my husband a month ago and he just loves it. It cleans skin but it doesn’t leave it dry and flaky. Instead it maintains skin’s natural moisture, so skin feels soft and smooth after showering. Another reason is its great smell, which isn’t overtly floral/girly or the slightest bit overpowering. Maybe that’s why Carlos loves this. In my case, I switch from soap to body wash and back to soap from time to time because I like trying out different products. This one I particularly like because I feel clean and fresh after using it. There is no lingering scent after I shower and sometimes I like that in my soap.

IMG_2983This is Pears’ quintessential bar, which is the Amber Soap. It has long been part of millions of households and bath/shower times worldwide. It has natural, high-quality ingredients like glycerin and natural oils that leaves skin healthy-looking and never dry. It is the mildest in its class, hailed by dermatologists in over 10 countries worldwide.

IMG_2985It also has two other variants: Pears Germ Shield Soap (the blue one), which has refreshing properties like mint extract, clinically proven to fight germs; and Pears Oil Clear Soap (this one is green, not shown in photo), which basically keeps skin clear and oily skin at bay.


Pears Soap is available at leading supermarkets nationwide.



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