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I got a new phone!!! I’ve been eyeing this Samsung Galaxy S5 ever since it came out. The commercial where a guy cleans his S5 with running water is genius (yes, it’s waterproof)! It immediately made me want to get one, only because I’ve always wanted to text/chat/make a call while in the shower hahaha. But yes, it’s a pretty amazing phone and I am so happy I finally have it! I got it through a Globe postpaid line I applied for and I am all kinds of excited I’ve been playing around with it the entire day yesterday.

The main reason why I wanted this S5 is because I am constantly on my phone, and its not just to text and call. Nope, these days phones are like mini-computers (that’s why they’re called Smartphones, duh Kelly!) and they’re made for surfing the net, Instagram-ming, tweeting, Facebook-ing, listening to music, blogging, and SO MUCH MORE. There is an app for just about anything now and it can all be used on your phone. Of course, in order to do all these things you need to be connected. And since it was my first time in years to get a new line, I had no idea that we now have options. Okay, if you already knew this, bear with me please, I had no clue that we can now choose exactly what we want in a plan, and have a say on how much to spend per month. This is so cool. I had my postpaid plan for many, many, MANY years and back then, you can only choose from Plan A, Plan B or Plan C. That’s it. Now, with Globe I can enjoy consumable internet through GoSURF. All I have to do is register thru my phone.

So I really need to emphasize how cool this is because I love having options. It gives you control over your spending and it allows you to maximize your postpaid or prepaid line so you get your money’s worth. You can pay for one day, three days or 30 days, depending on how much MB/GB you use. Nothing is wasted because you pay depending on your internet usage. In my case, I use a lot of apps and programs and I constantly need to be connected, so I got Plan799 which gives me 3GB worth of Internet for 30 days and it already includes a free Premium Spotify account.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 4.57.22 PM

If you don’t know what Spotify is, you need to read up: it is by far the best thing that’s happened to music since iTunes. Spotify allows you to access millions of songs through your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. It has all the artists you love (even OPM), the latest hits, oldies, the classics, hard-to-find live acoustic songs you’ve never heard before, and new discoveries–these are all available for streaming in Spotify. And you can make your own playlist and listen to other people’s playlists–all without downloading the songs, may I add. This means you’ll have space in your hard drive, tablet or phone for other things. Having a Premium Spotify account means you don’t hear any ads and you can listen to songs even if you’re offline. Isn’t this the best thing ever?! And this comes free with GoSURF!

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 5.27.14 PM

 Time to get on the program–go to www.globe.com.ph to find out more about GoSURF and Spotify!

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