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I am pretty dependent on my credit cards. I guess it’s because I don’t like carrying a lot of cash with me. I get nervous, and imagine all these scenarios of me losing money. I have no idea why I think the way I do, because I’ve never lost money, ever (lets not jinx it haha). But yeah, as much as possible I use my credit cards, as I like being able to track my monthly spending and anyway, I’m good at paying my bills on time.

What tends to happen though is that when I attempt to purchase from a small store or tiangge (these stores usually don’t accept credit card transactions), I end up not having enough money to buy anything. I end up running to the nearest ATM but if I am not able to find one, I will just have to forego the purchase. This doesn’t work out well for me, especially when I really need the item. Haha its a pretty sad situation, and no matter how many times it happens to me, I can never really get used to the let-down.

Things are looking up for me though. I heard Globe Telecom has a brand new service called GLOBE CHARGE and it has the potential of changing the way things work in terms of credit card transactions. Globe has provided a way for any business to be able to accept credit card payments using a mobile device, which is part of the package. This is perfect for tiangges, new stores/businesses, and small to medium merchants because they don’t need to secure a credit card terminal, which usually require cash upfront or a minimum number of transactions per day. This means more stores will be able to accept credit card transactions, and I wont have to feel bad about not being able to buy what I want. Haha I am so stubborn, I really wont change my no cash ways! Anyway, this is awesome news for me, and for every other person like me who doesn’t like carrying cash.

I got to try Globe Charge for myself when I made a purchase at Sunnies by Charlie and it really was a breeze! The transaction was quickly accepted and everything went on without a hitch. It works through an app on the phone that is very much like your regular credit card transaction. The salesperson put in the amount to be charged, swiped my credit card through the attached Globe Charge POS system (it connects through the 3.5mm jack on the phone), made me sign on the screen, and just like that–transaction complete! This is so convenient, not to mention a great alternative for small business owners–they can now accept credit cards!

From what I hear, business owners can get the kit for just P999 a month and it already includes a Samsung Galaxy Win, the Globe Charge POS system (it connects to the phone) and of course, it allows you text, call, and surf using the phone. There is also a prepaid version, if you don’t like monthly charges from a postpaid plan. It is also only P999. One of the requirements for this service that you need to create your own G-Cash account as Globe will use this to transfer funds to your bank account. For more information, go to your nearest Globe Service Center.

IMG_3385Chic and stylish designs at Sunnies by Charlie.

IMG_3351Trying these on for size.

IMG_3371This one is my favorite. I love its taupe and gold frame.

IMG_3379Basic black.

IMG_3417These looked good on the shelf but not on me. I like its wood frame though.

IMG_3393My three picks.

IMG_3396Ready to purchase.

IMG_3410Its super easy, just sign using the stylus pen.

IMG_3418And its done! My transaction was approved! 

IMG_3424I get to take home these babies! I can’t wait to wear them.

  1. Kelly Reply

    It’s funny how you post something like this. I’ve been to three shops of Sunnies by Charlie and they don’t even accept credit card. This is obviously a sponsored post for Globe. Hope you also made that clear. And I hope this comment gets published so people would know the truth.

    1. kellymisa Reply

      Well, this is a new service so it might take a while for the other Sunnies by Charlie stores to accept credit cards. Why don’t you try their biggest store in Glorietta? That’s where I got to try it. And yes, you’re right this was a sponsored post for Globe, but I really went to Sunnies on my own time and did the transaction so it wasn’t planted or anything. Its not like I’m intentionally “hiding the truth” here, I really did everything in the blog post. There’s no evil conspiracy going on here. 🙂

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