Go love life

Making a pledge to do something and sticking to it really makes a huge difference. In my case, it was life-changing, as a healthy lifestyle really did me a lot of good. Its been a few months and so far I’ve stuck to my balanced diet of fruits and veggies, some meat and some carbs, and took out the bad stuff, like soft drinks, chips and sweets. I’ve also managed to find time to do some exercise, by going to Pilates and constantly keeping active (doing housework and organizing helps haha). Its hard work to stay healthy, I wont lie. But it can be done. I’ve noticed the change too when I began taking iron supplements (hello, Sangobion). I’ve become more energetic and alert, and I’ve gotten better at remembering things.  Iron helps promote red blood cell production, and is essential because these transport oxygen to different parts of the body. So if you aren’t getting enough iron, it is likely you aren’t getting enough oxygen to your brain and the rest of your body. This makes you feel sluggish and tired all the time–not a good feeling to have on a daily basis. So hooray to making pledges (try it, it is super effective) and keeping your word! GO LOVE LIFE!



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