Liu Jo

I have to admit, it took me awhile to discover Italian fashion brand LIU JO. It wasn’t until early this year, when the brand began opening stores in Cebu, Glorietta 2, Podium and Mall of Asia, that I finally heard and knew about it. Of course, it was hard not to notice them, especially since their campaigns feature Kate Moss, my all-time favorite model.

With stores all over Europe and Asia, Liu Jo is a huge fashion brand (how could I have missed this).  They carry a seasonal collection of pret-a-porter fashion, as well as accessories (bags and shoes), luxury items (watches and accessories), eyewear, baby clothes, underwear, beachwear and home accessories. They don’t have everything here in Manila (they only carry clothes, accessories and eyewear), but these are more than enough to make you swoon. I especially like their bags and wallets. I think they have a great selection of classic pieces that are both stylish and functional. I noticed they aren’t so much into trends but into designs that would last many seasons. Check out these styles from their Spring/Summer 2014 collection (they’re on sale now too, be sure to check out their stores).

lj14ss2 liujo_9_036_c liujo_7_047_f 51 liujo_8_014_d  liujo_10_007_e liujo-sac-utility-glass-champagne-01handbag-con-frange-liu-jobauletti-primavera-estate-2014-Liu-Jo-azzurroliu-jo-electra-handbag-a14238-e0059-60906433510883475-1395768666-86492liu-jo-claire-handbag-a14189-e0038-543094536torebka-liu-jo-secchiello-m-diana-basket-bag-champagne-a14288-p0161-60906_5347ce8913edc

Liu Jo is located at G/F Glorietta 2, The Podium, Ayala Center Cebu, and SM Mall of Asia.



4 thoughts on “Liu Jo

  1. Hiiiii I read your post it was great. One of my best friends gave me her gift certificate worth 20k at LUI•JO. I’m leaving the country due to a family emergency and am not coming back. Am going to sell my 20k for 10k. Please e-mail me if u are interested or let me know If u know any one that might be interested. Thanks. Many blessings.

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