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This is the first for the telecommunications industry (at least in the Philippines): Globe Telecom introduces GLOBE COMMUNITY, a venue for its subscribers to learn more, answer and discuss about Globe products and services, or pretty much anything that interests them. I think this is a great way to open the floor to questions and concerns about Globe, and get to know about its latest promos and offers. I especially like the Interest Groups section. It’s a place where you can share and discuss your hobbies and ideas. Like, say, if you were interested in Travel and Adventure, or other things like Food and Beverages, Music and Movies, Fashion, Art and Photography, Books and Magazines, Games and RPG, Sports and Recreation, Anime and Cartoons, and list goes on… there is a venue for all that! And to top it off, Globe Community runs like a game: the more your discuss, share and answer, the more points and badges you can get. Members with the highest authority on the Leadership Board get exclusive invites to the hottest events, private product or app testing, and other exciting treats! Isn’t this fun?!
Test it out for yourself–register and join me at the Globe Community on July 15 (that’s tomorrow), at 5:30 pm. We can talk about beauty, travel and blogging!
 To Register:
2. Click on “REGISTER”
You can register via Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or just by entering your email
3. Click “CONFIRM” then fill out the form

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