Jumpsuit apparatus

IMG_7079 IMG_7064IMG_7050  IMG_7086 IMG_7032IMG_7075    IMG_7092I love jumpsuits. They’re stylish and easy to accessorize, and depending on its fit lends a look that’s relaxed, structured or sexy. Of course, the type of jumpsuits I prefer are the relaxed and easy ones. I like an outfit that allows me to move, as I usually need to run from meeting to meeting, and squeeze an event or two in between. Today’s OOTD can take me pretty much anywhere–from an event to dinner and drinks.

This grey jumpsuit is from online store Before Twelve (you may order from their Facebook account: facebook.com/beforetwelve or from Instagram: @beforetwelve), while the black quilted leather jacket is from H&M. This necklace is one of my favorites by jewellery designer Joyce Makitalo–this is from her 1969 collection available at http://www.seektheuniq.com. My sandals are from another online store: Shoe-Nga (check out their Facebook account: http://www.facebook.com/shoenga and Instagram: @shoe_nga). My lipstick is MAC Russian Red, while my red nail polish is from Deborah Lippmann.




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