Peaches and Cream

IMG_2826IMG_28562IMG_2890 IMG_2848IMG_2905     IMG_2927

It was bright and sunny, so I couldn’t resist wearing this flouncy peach top. It immediately put me in a relaxed mood (I guess the color peach does that to you)–all I wanted was to lounge by the pool. Of course, I had work that day so I couldn’t afford to laze around, but I did have a few minutes to snap these photos. This pretty peach top is from online store OverStackedPH (LIKE them on Facebook: and follow them on Instagram: @overstacked), the white skirt is from Cotton On and the pointy flats are from Shoeddiction PH (follow them on Instagram: @shoeddictionPH). My earrings are from Suiteblanco, while my bracelets are from Uno de 50, Thomas Sabo and Pandora.


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