Happy New Year! Hello, 2015!


Hey everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I can’t believe its 2015 already. The year has gone by quickly, yet so much has happened that has us plenty to be thankful for. Like this super long holiday vacation! I’m sure most of you are out of town or out of the country with your families, having tons of fun celebrating life as you should. I’ve been at home this whole time, enjoying rare quiet time I won’t usually get on regular days. And its exactly what I needed, too–I’ve been able to catch up with my reading, meet up with my best friends for merienda and spend time with my family. I finally remember what it feels like to be relaxed and carefree, which honestly feels like a ‘reset’ button has been pushed. At the same time I’ve been on a social media break, too, which is really the icing on a super yummy cake. I’ve realized I need to detach from the social media world once in awhile, in order to gain peace and serenity and appreciate all the real-life things I’ve been missing out on.

And, speaking of real life, I have news. I announced this last Christmas to my family and friends, but I feel like I need to let my readers in on the big secret, too. I’M PREGNANT!!! Carlos and I are ecstatic about this news (we’ve been over the moon about this since we found out a few months ago). I’ve really been wanting to share this news to everyone from the beginning, but we’ve decided to wait until the second trimester before announcing. And now we’re here!!! I’m going on 14 weeks as I write this and I’ve been feeling every bit pregnant since I found out at 3-4 weeks. If you can think of all the pregnancy symptoms, well, I am going through them all. This hasn’t been easy for me (which explains why I am loving this long break)–all-day morning sickness is one thing, but apart from that I’ve also become such a picky eater, my sense of smell is super heightened, I’ve had bouts of dizziness and extreme exhaustion, I’ve become an emotional mess and my stomach has been going haywire. But going through all this has allowed to get to know my body in a new way, and of course, I keep thinking it is all worth it as long as the baby’s okay.

I have to say though, I don’t think the whole baby thing has set in yet. I mean, I know I am pregnant, but I still can’t picture myself holding a baby and nursing it. I’ve already gained seven pounds, but I guess because I am not yet showing, it all doesn’t seem real. I’m just thankful I have my husband who has been so wonderful these past few weeks. He’s been extra attentive and considerate, empathizing with my every ache and pain and even going on late-night food runs when I want my Magnum Gold fix, or Red Ribbon Chicken Empanada. I keep thinking how lucky I am to have someone take care of me at this time when my cravings have taken over my life and emotions are through the roof. Really, I wouldn’t have been able to do this all alone, and I feel for all those women who’s had to go through a pregnancy without a doting partner (yes, these are my late night thoughts).

I have 26 more weeks to go before the big day, which is a pretty long time still (the baby is due on July 8, 2015). We have a lot of preparations to do to welcome this new baby into the world! I am expecting my life to be turned upside down, and inside out, but I am beyond excited to meet this little one. Again, I hope you are all having an amazing holiday!!!

Happy 2015 everyone!!! Wishing you all a healthy, prosperous new year. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Hello, 2015!

  1. Congratulations, Kelly! A baby is indeed a blessing and l, for one, look forward to how Lily will react once she sees the new addition to your family. 🙂

  2. Wow, congratulations, Kelly!!! 😀 Children are really gifts from God. And it’s in His proper time that it came for you. I believe you have been prepared to take on this new and exciting journey. Thank you for sharing this with us. God bless!!

  3. Hi Kel! Congrats! My little advice that I tell all my preggo friends… “Everything is normal!” Enjoy and hope the nausea settles down soon. I lived on crackers and ginger ale when I was pregnant with Madeline.

    1. Thank you Carla! 🙂 Yes, the nausea is definitely better. No more throwing up (finally). Crackers and ginger ale are my best friends. I forgot to include ginger ale or ginger tea on the list!

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