Thigh high boots

IMG_6134IMG_6160IMG_6109IMG_6165IMG_6146IMG_6167I have to admit, wearing thigh high leather boots seems so out of character for me. But, I couldn’t help it. As soon as I saw these boots from GUESS, I had to have them! These are actually super comfortable, and you can wear them in three ways: you can wear them how I wore them, fold them over itself to make them mid-length (about shin area), or fold them for the third time to make them shorter. So its pretty much like buying three boots at one time (score). I was careful not to make my outfit appear too sexy (I’m so not going for the Pretty Woman look here) so I wore pieces that were boxy but still stylish. This windowpane check top (still so obsessed with this print) is from SFERA, my pale blue leather skirt is from H&M, while my pretty leather purse is from Rabeanco. I decided to go sans accessories because really, the boots are already such attention-grabbers.

Shot at Aruga by Rockwell 

Waterfront Drive, Rockwell Center,
Makati City, 1200
Metro Manila, Philippines

PHONE (632) 818 0000
FAX (632) 818 0015



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