SM Parisian Summer 2015

It’s time to update our summer wardrobes with these affordable bags and shoes from SM Parisian! I am in love with these stylish and wearable pieces. This proves that being fashionable need not come with a hefty price tag. Check out my favorites from their summer collection:Parisian(1) Larisa in Salmon, P1,199.75; (2) Olisa in Nude, P1,199.75; (3) Nymia in Mustard, P999.75; (4) Sierra in Cheetah, P599.75; (5) Nabila in Rose Gold, P599.75; (6) Nadia in Magenta, P1199.75; (7) Shira in Black, P899; (8) Neryssa in Tan, P1,199.75; (9) Nichelle in White, P1,199.75; (10) Selma in Peach Floral, P799.75; (11) Norlyn in Plum, P499.75; (12) Nina in Tan, P1,199.75; (13) Tia in Green/Tan, P799.75; (14) Nidia in Magenta, P1,199.75; (15) Sky in White, P1,199.75; (16) Lallia in Burgundy, P1,199.75.


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