Citrus summer


Since the beginning of my third trimester (I am 31 weeks this week), my wardrobe has been all about midi-length stretchy dresses (long dresses are too hot). This mustard yellow one from ASTO Group is ultra comfortable, and isn’t even maternity so I can still wear it after I give birth. I love the high neckline and simple design–it looks modern and chic, and I don’t need to wear much else with it. I wore the dress with these leather wedges from SM Parisian (available at SM Shoes and Bags), which have a great height for everyday wear. These will definitely be in heavy rotation this summer.


2 thoughts on “Citrus summer

  1. OMG Kelly, you look so beautiful. And you seem to make it look sooo easy, lol… The dress is perfect and I ❤️ your wedges. (I have an almost identicle pair!) i noticed too that you didn’t paint your toenails- I never did through my entire pregnancy- your cuticles look so healthy, do you do anything special to them, or even dry parts of your feet like the heel area? Also Kelly, could you post a few close up pictures of your cuticles so we can all see that they CAN be healthy and good looking while going through a pregnancy?
    Thanks Kelly, keep up the good work girl !! 😉

    1. Hey Michele! Thank you for your kind words. I’ve been lucky to find so many pretty things to wear while pregnant (I’m glad shift dresses and loose tops and bottoms are in style now). And about my nails, yes, I let them rest for a few months. But I get a vegan mani-pedi once in awhile (using Zoya nail polish) at I Do Nails at McKinley Hill. I am wearing nail polish now so I can’t really take photos of my cuticles but they grow so fast now and are a little thin (I read its part of pregnancy).

      Thanks for leaving a comment and for visiting my blog! 😀

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