Loewe Puzzle Bag

Following his forward-looking reinterpretations of existing house styles, including new takes on the classic Amazona and Flamenco, LOEWE presents the first completely new bag designed by Jonathan Anderson for the brand.

With its innovative cuboid shape and unique tactile qualities —the Puzzle is extraordinarily soft and foldable till it’s flat— the new bag encapsulates untried ideas about form, construction and materiality, all while making a bold statement that is sure to make it LOEWE’s latest icon.

Mirroring LOEWE’s multi-faceted identity and the way various recombined elements make up the landscape of the brand today, the Puzzle appears to be composed of geometric fragments of leather that have been sliced and repositioned. Anderson explains the irregular, simultaneously minimal and complex design: “I set out to find a new way of building a bag, fundamentally questioning its structure. It was about deconstructing a conventional bag to create a flat object with a tridimensional function.” Consequently, the new bag’s cuts determine how it folds, while strategic exterior seams dictate its modern shape. Softness creates structure, highlighting the natural qualities of leather. No concessions were made in terms of functionality, either, as is evident in the Puzzle’s adjustable strap, distinctive hardware and interior pocket.As conceptual and intelligent as it is straightforward and desirable, the Puzzle exemplifies how, at LOEWE, expert craftsmanship and innovative design come together to create reconsidered standards for modern life. Original form, extreme tactility and maximum utility. The Puzzle is available in two sizes and a range of colours, leathers and skins including Oro suede, coral calf and chocolate croc.

Loewe is exclusively available in Rustan’s Shangri-la.



2 thoughts on “Loewe Puzzle Bag

  1. Not a big fan of reptile skin print (and not a big fan of reptiles either! lol!), but thankfully it comes in other colors. The unusual geometric shape makes the bag design quite interesting and fun!

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