Pretty amazing news: the Globe Online Shop ( gives us access to exclusive sales and promos and up-to-the-minute updates on the latest device line-up! Yes, I was just as surprised and excited too that Globe now has an online shop. These days I’ve been all about doing everything online, and this definitely makes things super easy and accessible.

And as I found out, visiting the site is so worth it, because showcases great online exclusives and the best deals that aren’t available in physical stores. Like this April and May, Globe is giving away gift certificates together with the plan of your choice so you can shop for your favorite accessories (WIN)! Last February, Globe gave away additional Spotify Premium Access.

Plus, there are more benefits for using the site: (1) Ease of application. Required documents such as proof of billing and income could already be submitted online. No need to fax/email them separately. You could also save your application form and come back to complete it. (2) Payment options. You can choose to either pay via credit card or through Cash on Delivery (COD)! (3) Delivery. Device will be delivered (together with GC/digital connector) at the customer’s doorstep within 24 hrs. upon approval.

If I were you, I’d click on: to check out the best deals! #GlobeOnlineShop #myLifestyle




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