Tresemme #RunwayReady Backstage Fashion Show


Finally, TRESemmé  is back with its Runway Ready Backstage Fashion Show! Manila’s stylesetters and fashionphiles were once again given “backstage access” during one of the country’s most awaited fashion shows. I swear, this is such a cool concept: it is the only fashion show I know that puts the backstage magic front and center, as guests witness live action behind the scenes where top hair trends are recreated right before models hit the runway.

This year, three of the country’s top hair professionals and TRESetters—Jing Monis, Lourd Ramos, and Victor Ortega collaborated with three of Manila’s most celebrated designers to recreate various long hair trends, from bombshell blowouts to longtails and braids and twists. Designers Rajo Laurel, Francis Libiran, and Rhett Eala presented their exclusively created ensembles inspired by the brand’s newest range, TRESemmé Split Repair.

RYN_3780 RYN_3784 RYN_3786 RYN_4031

Hairstylist Victor Ortega whipped up a mix of twists, loose ‘dos, and braids for the collection of Rhett Eala. His elaborate long hair ‘dos—from twisted rope braids to classic plaits—were made to perfectly match the designer’s smooth lines and fluid strokes. “Just like the stunning abstract strokes of Rhett which were inspired by the season’s hair twists, my hairstyles featured loops, knots, braids, among others,” shares Victor.

Rhett’s pieces featured gentle color sweeps on necklines and elaborate strokes on full skirts. The fluidity of the strokes on each of his creations were made possible by the use of paint brushes made of human hair that were treated with the TRESemmé Split Repair line. “With the range binding split ends, finer and smoother brushstrokes allowed me to make more precise works of art,” says Rhett.


Inspired by the bombshell blowouts, tumbling waves, and dramatic big buns that ruled the 2015 runways, Lourd Ramos took on the challenge of creating hairstyles for Francis Libiran’s collection. This collaboration showcased two sides of a story: one is flowing, moving and liberating, and the other is shaped and structured. Loose features, soft fabrication plus sculpted pieces made up Francis’s collection, while Lourd’s long, wavy hairstyles and updated big buns provided the perfect complement.

“Hollywood-like bombshell blowouts work great for all face shapes, while big buns create a certain drama and allure,” Lourd said. “The longer the hair, the better!” Francis, on the other hand, featured long, flowy pieces that moved along with every step, as well as more sculptured pieces that mimic long hair styled in a more structured ‘do.



Jing Monis recreated straight and stylish hairstyles for Rajo Laurel’s collection using TRESemmé’s Split Repair—from shiny hair in long ponytails that were held high or tied low at the nape to “out of water” styles that were sleek and shiny. “Chic and classic, long hair is sure to stand the test of time, but how you style it is the key to staying modern,” says Jing. “This season’s high, sleek and ultra-long ponytails, or wet and shiny tresses pulled back or combed up are perfect ways to style your long straight hair.”

Rajo brought his vision to life with beautiful fringed creations, from pieces that feature asymmetric or uneven hems to layered fringed skirts and embellished collars—all evocative of the various styles and lengths of salon-gorgeous hair made possible by TRESemmé Split Repair. “My collection was inspired by long, gorgeous straight hair. I highlighted the concept of hair smoothness and length—with a sheen on fringes and unified movement.”

3Jing-Monis-x-Rajo-Laurel-2 Jing-Monis-x-Rajo-Laurel-3 Jing-Monis-x-Rajo-Laurel   RYN_415769 10 11 12 13 14 15  17 18 19 20 21 22 23  87  RYN_421224

To learn more about how to create this season’s hair trends, tweet us at @TRESemméPH #TRESemméRunwayReady or visit http://www.TRESemmé.com.


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