Pink beach kimono

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The beach is one of the few places that relax me. We are fortunate enough that we are able to bring our dog, Lily, with us every time we go as I’m sure it relaxes her too. The thing with her is she knows when we’re going to the beach (it must be that huge amount of groceries we pack in the car every time). She excitedly barks, jumps and runs around us (and around the car later on) until its time to go. And each time we come home from the beach she goes through withdrawals. She stays in bed all day and mopes, not having the energy to do the things she normally does. She really is our first-born–we love having her around with us. And when the baby comes we are sure the two will become best friends.

I found these photos from our last trip from the beach (this was in the beginning of my third trimester). I am wearing a bikini from Anemone Swimwear (available at Nothing But H20) and a embroidered kimono from Bohemia (available at The next time we go to the beach we will be four! Exciting.

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