Oh! Brighter Days x Heima


I absolutely love this collection! It is so fun and happy!!! Looking at these photos brightens up my day, and yes, I want these in my home.

Oh! Brighter Days is a creative collaboration between Googly Gooeys and Heima Home and Lifestyle. These brands are all about bright hues and personality, and they made their mark by adding fun colors to unique home pieces. This collection is a flurry of bright colors, spontaneity of brush stokes, and the occasional monochromatic wall art. And it seems they’ve got everything covered, as they have a happy selection of furniture, notebooks and pillows for us to swoon over.

For more information, email sales@heimastore.com and visit their Instagram pages: @heimastore @googlygooeys.

OhBD-SallyWindsorChair OhBD-PeggyDesk OhBD-MsPull OhBD-MollyChair OhBD-LouisChair OhBD-JasmineTable OhBD-AmelieSettee OhBD-AmelieSette2 OhBD-AidenDesk2 OhBD-AidenDesk OhBD Teaser Kelly & Louie


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