Polka dot

IMG_1952IMG_1967IMG_2006IMG_1954 IMG_2013My outfit posts are back! It’s been eight weeks since I’ve given birth and I am finally feeling like my old self again. I am not back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and it’s okay. I don’t expect to be back to there yet, not right now anyway. I’m just glad I fit into some of my old clothes again (though I haven’t attempted to wear any of my jeans–they surely don’t fit yet). My outfit of choice is still the shift dress, which I wear with mandals or ballet flats. They just make sense right now, especially when they’re breastfeeding-friendly (anything button-down, stretchy or with a low neckline).

This entire outfit is from Mango: the beige polka dot dress, coral clutch and tan mandals. I love how the bright clutch adds a pop of color to the neutral dress and sandals. This can take me from a lunch meeting to coffee with my girlfriends.


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