Steady as she goes


I’ve officially gone up a size. I am no longer a size 34 in Mango, but a 36. There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s just that I’m a little annoyed I can’t wear all of my old clothes yet. The upside to this is that I am allowed to shop a little (just basics for now) so at least my closet is updated and I am not stuck wearing the same things over and over again.

I picked up this cute skirt and paired it with a plain white t-shirt, which are both from Mango. These are super comfy and look great for a easy but stylish daytime outfit. I wore the ensemble with wedge booties from Vince Camuto and a leather shoulder bag with chain detail which is also from Mango. I love how effortless and cool this looks (at least in my standards). I’ll surely be wearing this skirt plenty of times after this! Oh, and I finally got a new cut and color! After 11 months of no color, I finally got it done and it feels amazing. Thank you to Lourd Ramos of Creations Salon for my awesome hair!


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