Babies’ Day Out


I’ve been friends with these ladies for years now, and lately we’ve formed a mommy support group (via Whats App) to be able to discuss and help each other with mommy-baby related issues. This has been such a huge help for a new mom like myself as there is just so much you need to know that aren’t found in books or websites. These are the things only your girlfriends can tell you, like sound advice and honest opinions that can make a world of difference for busy moms (like buying the best baby carrier, getting back into shape, and referrals for yayas or nannies). It really helps to talk to like-minded women about these things, especially when you’re going through a difficult time. They can really help put things into perspective (sometimes all you need is a dose of positivity), and you know their advice works because it is based on actual experiences.

We finally planned a playdate for our kiddos, and it was so much fun (okay, it was really for the mommies). Naturally we took plenty of photos as it was quite the production to get everyone in one place. It was a happy, busy day! I think the kids had a lot of fun, though it was basically a staring contest for Juano, Theo and Tristan.

IMG_2131IMG_2176IMG_2137IMG_2142IMG_2147IMG_2177IMG_2186IMG_2193IMG_2167IMG_2199IMG_2205IMG_2211IMG_2210   IMG_2206IMG_2198


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