Dove Purely Pampering Body Wash


Lately, I’ve come to realize that alone time is a luxury. Taking care of a three-month old baby and juggling work, chores and errands is not easy. It takes up all hours of my day, especially since I do not have a stay-at-home nanny. Of course, my husband has been so amazing with taking care of Tristan and helping me with cooking and cleaning. But honestly, there are days when I want to fly off to a vacation without having to pack a single thing with me.

Realistically, a vacation wont be happening any time soon, which is why I like to take a mini vacation when I take my 5-minute shower. Yes, taking a shower is all this momma gets these days, but it is better than nothing. I seriously cherish this time, and when I come out I am practically a new person. This is the only time I don’t need to take care of anyone but myself, and all baby and house problems fly out the window.

And because this is all I get, I’ve begun to invest in my shower experience. I’ve got scented candles lit up, portable waterproof speakers playing relaxing music, my Dove Purely Pampering Body Wash ready to be lathered with a loofah, a big fluffy towel waiting for me when I get out of the shower, and an equally fluffy and luxurious bath robe to wear after drying up. I have to say, I can’t do without Dove’s newest range of body washes. It is deliciously sweet-smelling and super moisturizing, as it has Dove’s unique NutriumMoisture technology. It also has a blend of wholesome, skin-loving ingredients like Shea Butter + Warm Vanilla and Coconut + Jasmine, that moisturizes skin with a full-bodied lather and leaves skin moisturized and renewed.

Dove recently launched its two yummy body washes, with me and my good friend Patty Laurel-Filart as its ambassadors. I asked the awesome people from Dove why they chose us to represent their newest Purely Pampering line, and their answer was funny but true. Aside from being friends, we were chosen because we are both busy hands-on moms who recently had babies, and the scents also matched our personalities. Coconut + Jasmine has a touch of freshness, that is sparkling and effervescent, kind of like Patty’s energetic and happy personality and Shea Butter + Warm Vanilla has a deep and earthy aroma, which is more like my easy-going and steady self. But whether you’re more like Patty or more like me, I assure you that you will surely love Dove’s Purely Pampering range! #DoveMeTime


IMG_3648IMG_3663 IMG_3633IMG_3690IMG_3653IMG_3645 IMG_3680 IMG_3640IMG_3676


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