Dunlopillo moments

I love sleep. I have always been the type to sleep for extended periods, which is around eight to ten hours every night. This was, of course, before I had Tristan. These days, I am lucky to get more than four hours of uninterrupted sleep (though Tristan now sleeps through the night, I still need to wake up to feed him and/or change his diaper), which was unthinkable back then. Somehow though, even with all the sleepless nights, I have been okay enough to function during the day, which I still find surprising. Until I discovered that sleep is not about quantity but quality.

I mean it does make sense when you think about it. I’m sure most of us can recall nights when we slept for more than eight hours but still felt tired when we woke up; and slept for less than five hours but felt incredibly rested after. It has a lot to do with our bed–the type of mattress, pillows and beddings all contribute to a good night’s sleep. I never knew how important this was until I finally invested in these when I got pregnant. I always bought average mattresses, pillows and beddings so my sleep was always average. I didn’t know it could get better, even after having a baby!

I mean, of course it was difficult during the first few weeks of Tristan being born, only because his sleep pattern was erratic (there was a time when he wanted to feed every hour ’round the clock, which was torture for me and my husband). But after that period, things tend to normalize and your baby follows a sleep schedule that’s hopefully close to yours. When this happens, you start to look for quality sleep which is thankfully what I got when I discovered Dunlopillo.

As one of the world’s most beloved beddings brands in over 70 countries worldwide, Dunlopillo understands good sleep. Through the years they’ve made sure that bedrooms are a special place for celebrating life’s special moments (it really is where all the magic happens, and I’m talking about precious moments with Tristan since we co-sleep).

The brand has 85 years of scientific research and innovation under its belt, so they know what a good night’s rest is all about. Their new line gives us plenty to be excited about, especially for us moms who love to co-sleep with our little ones. The NormaBlock is Dunlopillo’s most superior innerspring system, and is the most technologically advanced mattress spring support system in the market. Fully engineered in Europe (this exclusive technology is by Pikolin Spain), it is durable, supportive and at the same time flexible to contour the body’s spinal shape to provide unsurpassed comfort. This is great news for moms, as its unique total heat tempered spring system guarantees proper elasticity, total resilience and high durability. In addition, its distinctively design spring system provide the right comfort and greater body support in accordance to what every mother needs. The Normablock comes in three designs: the Catleya, Decora and Lucia, which differs in height, levels of support, and the added technology in each mattress.


I am so happy to be one of Dunlopillo’s ambassadors, along with Andi Manzano-Reyes and Cat Arambulo-Antonio. These moms have similar experiences with mine, as we all co-sleep with our babies. We know the importance of getting quality sleep, and we are so happy to find that in our Dunlopillo mattresses and pillows.

RYN_2682 IMG_5912

I love my Dunlopillo bed, which is called Lucia. It has an internal aeration system which provides efficient ventilation by allowing inflow and outflow of air through the mattress. This makes it perfect for our tropical weather–no more waking up all hot and sweaty with this mattress. Also this provides the right kind of lumbar support with its normablock spring technology. This inner spring system contours to the body’s spinal shape to offer unsurpassed comfort.


Like me, Andi Manzano is learning the ropes of motherhood with her first child Olivia. She says, “no amount of books you read or advice you hear truly prepares you for motherhood! Work and home life is a balancing act in itself. Throw in a new mom’s sleeping schedule, and it becomes a circus!” Her Dunlopillo mattress of choice is the Catleya, because of its luxurious box top sign that provides 2 inches of extra cushioning comfort layers. The mattress also has nano-silver technology in its latex surface which gives the ultimate protection against harmful bacteria.

RYN_2699   RYN_9331RYN_9248

Cat, on the other hand, is pregnant and has a three year old son named Asher. “I’m over the major hump in terms of sleep difficulties, but I’m still adjusting,” she explains. “I’ve never appreciated catching Zzz’s more! It is so important to me to get the best sleep when I can.” Her mattress of choice is the Decora. Like Andi and I, Cat still co-sleeps with her son Asher, which means she needs a mattress that can provide “no sleep disturbance”. This mattress does just that–one person can toss and turn and the other won’t feel it. I can’t stress how important this is for pregnant women, who need quality sleep the most.

RYN_2705 RYN_9401RYN_9313RYN_9386   RYN_9420   RYN_9520      RYN_9526

Dunlopillo’s latest Normablock collection is available at Dunlopillo showrooms at 16 Acropolis Commercial Area, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Libis Quezon City, EDSA Cubao and the MC Home Depot Fort Branch. Share your special moments with your loved ones using #DunlopilloMoments. Follow Dunlopillo on Twitter and Instagram at @dunlopilloph.


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