BFF: Breastfeeding Friends – Good for baby, good for you

All breastfeeding moms know this: nursing is no walk in the park. It is definitely hard work, and includes plenty of trials and difficulties, especially in the start when you’re still learning the ropes and getting used to constantly feeding. You can count on months of sleepless nights (nope, no rest during the day as well), latching and feeding problems and milk supply issues. There are so many things to learn when you’re a newbie mom, and sometimes it can still be difficult the second or third time around (every baby is different). Honestly, things are only beginning to look up for me after seven months of nursing Tristan, mainly because I have finally gotten used to breastfeeding and I have discovered a few tricks and tips to make my life easier.

I share some of my breastfeeding experiences and advice on this new series called BFF: Breastfeeding Friends with our topic: Good for baby, good for you. I am with my good friend, mom of two boys and breastfeeding advocate Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles in this mini-show and she helps me tackle all the benefits of breastfeeding in this episode.

This show is produced by Natalac, which is coincidentally my partner in my breastfeeding journey. I’ve been taking the malunggay supplement since I was eight months pregnant (back then I took 3 capsules a day, and now I am down to 2 capsules a day) and it really helped increase my milk supply. It really worked wonders for me, as I never had issues about low milk supply (and Tristan has a huge appetite). I am happy to recommend it to breastfeeding moms and to those who are pregnant and are planning to breastfeed. Natalac really is the best malunggay supplement!



7 thoughts on “BFF: Breastfeeding Friends – Good for baby, good for you

  1. Good afternoon. po pwd na po ba magtake ng natalac kht 6 lang po aqung buntis gux2 q po i try kx ung 1st baby q po 3. Yearx old na bottlefeeding po xa til now at merun po b nyan kht saang drugstore?

    1. Hello Jane! My OB prescribed Natalac on my 9th month of pregnancy. I don’t think you need it yet at 6 months. 🙂 And Natalac is available at any drugstore. It super helped with my milk supply! I took it 3x a day after giving birth.

  2. Raquel,for your info,your cousin Victoria was breastfed by Tita Florence for 8 months. Now she’s grown up to be an overachiever. Expect the same from Tristan?

  3. Hi Kelly!

    I am 35 weeks pregnant today but my OB plans to give me Natalac on my 36th week. Is Natalac sufficient by itself or do I still have to take other lactation supplements? I am a bit worried about my milk supply especially since my immunologist wants me to exclusively breastfeed my baby for at least 4 to 6 months due to my allergy/asthma history.

    Thank you for your tip!


    1. Hello Lala! Yes, for me Natalac was sufficient by itself. It really increased my milk supply (I took it 3x a day before giving and after giving birth). 🙂 Dont worry, you will be able to breastfeed your baby! Just trust that your body will provide. You can do it, girl!

      A few things that worked for me to increase my milk supply: (1) establish a feeding routine – nurse direct every 3-4 hours round the clock until your supply goes up. You can also pump if your baby is sleeping within the time he/she is supposed to feed. (2) drink A LOT of water – this is super important as you can get dehydrated from breastfeeding, and after giving birth you will get constipated. Better to hydrate to avoid these. (3) eat well – dont think about losing weight first, eat nutritious food to help you heal quicker.

      Good luck Lala! 🙂 Excited for your baby!!!

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