A happy Mother’s Day at SM By The Bay


What a great surprise! Mama and I got a wonderful Mother’s Day treat and it was all planned by my husband, Carlos and SM by the Bay. Now, you have to know that Carlos is the last person to ever plan something like this, so we were all really surprised (yes, my family was shocked too haha). To think that he actually went through the effort of planning a surprise like this means a lot. I had no inkling he was going to do this! What I thought was a regular Sunday family lunch was really a happy Mother’s Day celebration, which was doubly special because I got to share this day with my Mama as well.

It’s my first time to celebrate Mother’s Day as a mom, so this is definitely a memorable event for me. Being a mom has changed my life in so many amazing ways. I mean, of course, it is no walk in the park–taking care of a baby takes a lot of time, effort and sacrifice (and that’s just the beginning of it). But it is also the most fulfilling job in the world, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Now I finally get it. Moms should have a day where they are celebrated, thanked and loved because they are the most selfless people in the world. They will do anything for their kids, even if it means they are last on the priority list. And they will sacrifice it all to give them a better life. I know, I know. I’m getting a wee bit too cheesy here, but I can’t help it. All moms deserve to be treated like royalty on Mother’s Day!

I have to say, I’m glad Carlos got in touch with SM by the Bay for this surprise. This huge entertainment complex offers so many options for the family, including a wide range of dining choices (mostly buffet restaurants like Vikings, Vikings VenueFour Seasons Hotpot, Banzai, Buffet 101, La Fiesta and Charaptor, which are in my book, always a good idea) and a unique park experience (they have an amusement park) that showcases the breathtaking view of the famous Manila Bay sunset. This is a great place to spend weekends with the family, as you have plenty of place to stroll and walk around.

My family and I dined at Vikings Venue, and we loved it! It was my first time to try it and I was impressed with the selection of dishes they had to offer. They have so many delicious dishes–it was a little overwhelming because I didn’t know what to eat first! I took plenty of photos, so you’ll know what I mean. Scroll down to see what they offer at Vikings Venue.


What sets Vikings Venue apart from the other Vikings branches is that it is also an events place. They have five function rooms that can be combined to accommodate more guests. Function 1 can fit 120 to 150 pax, Function rooms 23, and 4 can accommodate 50 to 70 each, and Function 5 can accommodate 120 to 150 guests. How it works is you will need a minimum of 150 pax is needed to be able to reserve at Vikings Venue, but when you book here you will only need to pay for the food serving. This makes it such a great option for big events, because you don’t need to pay extra for the venue. Oh, and did I already mention that the food is amazing here?


Didn’t I tell you, they have an amazing spread? My mom and I are so happy to have celebrated Mother’s Day here. Thank you, Carlos and THANK YOU, SM by the Bay!!!

IMG_2263IMG_2265                    IMG_2271

For more information about Vikings Venue or reservations, contact us at 824-3888 or 824-4888.


Follow SM by the Bay on Twitter: @SMByTheBay and LIKE them on Facebook: SMByTheBay.


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