Momo Beach House


I wanted to share with you photos from our relaxing afternoon at Momo Beach House! This is still in Bohol, when we stayed at Amorita for a weekend. We actually just spent the day here–we relaxed by the beach and went for a swim and had an incredible lunch after. Man, we were living the life (take me back haha)! Our gracious hosts spoiled us the entire trip, none of us wanted to go home (we really should’ve extended).

So Momo Beach House is the laid back resort of Amorita (as if Amorita isn’t laid back enough right). It is definitely smaller and more rustic, but it is just as pretty and the service is excellent. You can actually book the entire resort if you’re traveling with a big group which is what my friends and I plan to do sometime in the -ber months. You really can’t go wrong with this resort, because the white sand beach is just so beautiful, the rooms are clean, comfortable and beautifully styled, and you can talk to the staff to order pretty much anything you want. The #BabyBarangay had a blast here–we took so many photos!

Bohol is definitely one of our happy places–it is so lovely and the food is amazing. Scroll down to see our happy photos.

IMG_0374IMG_0383  IMG_0392IMG_0390IMG_0498IMG_0399IMG_0495IMG_0445IMG_0483IMG_0420IMG_0413        IMG_0486  IMG_0490  IMG_0428 IMG_0479     IMG_0418IMG_0432IMG_0552IMG_0384IMG_0391 IMG_0509 IMG_0513IMG_0516 IMG_0519      IMG_0522IMG_0527     IMG_0563


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