Muji Live Clean

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I love cleaning. It is one of my favorite things to do in my free time (aside from reading and blogging). I could literally spend the entire day tidying up and I would feel relaxed and de-stressed after. There is something therapeutic about keeping the house clean and organized, and purging things you no longer need. I love the feeling of coming home to a clean, well-organized house–it’s like all my troubles and worries go away, and my brain feels de-cluttered!

Because of this little hobby of mine, I’ve invested in the best cleaning tools. My cleaning cabinet is brimming with products–I have discovered the best tools and cleaning solutions to use for specific areas of the house. And when I can’t do the cleaning myself, I teach my maid how I want things done. There is nothing like doing the job yourself though. I can really get into it, especially when I have my hardworking, trusty cleaning tools with me.

I have a favorite cleaning system that I’ve been using for a few weeks now. It’s these cleaning tools from MUJI, and they are the most effective and efficient set I own. Its design is super smart–it comes in various cleaning tools that you can attach to adjustable poles. This ensures easy storage and cleaning, as you can stow these specific tools and poles in one container. You wont need a broom cabinet anymore (we don’t even have this in our house), and all these interchangeable tools can be used to clean all corners of your house, especially hard to reach places!

This is what I love about Japanese products–they are so innovative and smart! I’ve thrown out my unsightly collection of brooms, dust bins, mops and feather dusters and just use these super cool cleaning tools from Muji. They look so neat and clean, and they come in a uniform color, which is perfect for the OCD in me. And these are now available in the Philippines–check out your nearest Muji store today!



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