Moleskine x 100% Whole Mom


Moleskine recently held a workshop dedicated to the most important women in our lives, our mothers. The well-known notebook brand treated moms to an afternoon of amazing food and drinks at Vask Curve Room (by renowned chef and restauranteur Chele Gonzales), which was befitting all the happy, hardworking moms who attended. The workshop was by 100% Whole Moms, made up of Chesca Garcia-Kramer, Marilen Faustino-Montenegro and Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, who all gave tips and tricks on how to improve the different aspects of our lives as moms. Marilen demonstrated how to create gorgeous coffee table vignettes, Chesca showed the moms how to apply natural-looking makeup, and Rica taught moms the art of journaling.

Yes to more happy and positive workshops like these! Mommies everywhere, watch out for the next series of workshops by this trio. And thank you, Moleskine for all the wonderful notebooks!

All photos are by Sheila Catilo. ❤

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