Baby’s Day Out


Kelly Misa on how to nail down fuss-free travel with an infant

1.) Bring his favorite toy. You dont need to bring all of them (especially the bulky ones, leave those at home), but it is good to bring one or two in his top 10 list. This gives the child comfort especially since he/she is in a different environment. This is also a good distraction for your baby, especially when you’re in a place where he/she needs to be quiet (in an airplane/waiting area).

2.) Pack the baby carrier in your handcarry bag. The baby carrier will be your best friend during your vacation as you will need it when sightseeing and traveling from airport to airport. This is especially important to have in the airport because if anything happens to the stroller (they lose it, break it), at least you have a backup. The one from Aprica is my favorite.

3.) Invest in the best travel stroller. You will want a stroller that is lightweight, easy to fold, and durable. You may not think much about it when you’re at home doing your everyday thing but when you travel, these all become super important. Having this makes life 100 percent easier for you, your baby, and for the people around you (imagine using your giant stroller when commuting in a busy city, like Hong Kong). At the same time you need one that will keep your baby safe and is not flimsy or dangerous to use. Aprica has the best one for travel and I tried and tested it and absolutely love it!

This article was published in the Lifestyle section of Manila Bulletin last June 25, 2016. 


4 thoughts on “Baby’s Day Out

      1. Hi Ms. Kelly. I recently bought the aprica colan cts carrier and was looking for reviews which led me to your site. I havent really found much reviews though. Can you really be handsfree while using it and how long can you use it in a day?
        Thanks 🙂

      2. Hello Kaye! So sorry for the late reply. I just saw your comment now. YES, we are so happy with our Aprica carrier, we bring it with us everywhere we go. We got to use it A LOT when we went to Europe (a must for travel, especially since cobblestones and narrow roads are not stroller-friendly) and it is definitely handsfree. We used it when Tristan was tired and wanted to nap. I think the longest we used it was 4 hours but thats the max kasi Tristan is really so heavy and kakapagod! Good luck, you bought a great baby carrier. 🙂

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