Landers Superstore


There’s a new grocery retailer in Metro Manila, and it is bigger than ever! Landers Superstore recently opened its first store at Balintawak, Quezon City along Edsa and I have to say: WOW, it is massive! Think of it as our own version of Costco, where you can find imported and local products that include basic grocery items, apparel, health and beauty products, electronics, furniture and home items. Landers even offers dining, grooming and fuel (there is a gas station right outside the store that sells gas at P1.00 off per litre).

The Baby Barangay was invited to the launch (it was just me, Cat Juan-Ledesma and Bianca Santiago-Reinoso that could attend at the time) and we had a great time shopping for our homes. We must’ve spent a good 3-4 hours at Landers. We sifted through every aisle, and found so many great products and brands you wouldn’t normally find in your local groceries. They were all significantly cheaper in price, too!

I love that every imaginable thing you need for your home can be found here. I am always looking for things like great quality pots and pans, baking products, plates and cutlery, boxes and organizers, and I was so pleased to find everything I needed right there. They even have those big rubber trash cans, and those are so hard to find here in Manila. More things too like our favorite brand of diapers, baby wipes, dog shampoo and all kinds of Ziplock containers were available, too. Seriously, there’s no need to go to the States to shop for your home anymore (as so many of us do when we have the chance/budget for it)–they even carry furniture and nice bedsheets/duvet covers!

From what I heard, the construction of its Otis, Manila branch is expected to be completed by the end of July and they will be popping up with more superstores very soon! If you live near Balintawak and Otis, I suggest you check it out and get your family a membership. You really wont regret it. There are so many great, hard-to-find things you can buy! I really enjoyed our shopping experience. Landers offers two types of membership: PREMIUM membership is for individuals and for personal use, while BUSINESS membership is for sole proprietorships, corporations, partnerships, cooperatives and non-profit organizations. Regular operating hours are from 9am to 9pm.

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2 thoughts on “Landers Superstore

  1. it seems a cross between costco’s grocery and ikea’s resto base on your pics

    anyway i cant wait to go there soon

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