Tristan’s first 12 months

My sweet little boy just turned ONE last July 2 and I still cant wrap my head around it. He is no longer an infant but a toddler! I look at him now and he is practically walking and talking. What a difference a year makes! His personality is shining through and we can tell as early as now what he likes and doesn’t like. We love that he is able to express himself more and more each day–he is quickly building his vocabulary and we listen for new words every day. We are so blessed to have him in our lives. I cant believe we made this little human! ❤

Happy 1st birthday, Tristan! Mom and Dad love you so much.

IMG_9747IMG_1073 IMG_2335  IMG_4454IMG_4078 IMG_7524  IMG_1659  IMG_6916IMG_9488IMG_9402 IMG_0533  IMG_1329 IMG_4050 IMG_5376 IMG_5571


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