#DinoPlay at The Mind Museum


My little family was invited to visit The Mind Museum’s latest traveling exhibit called DINO PLAY, an immersive and fascinating interactive exhibit designed for children 2 years old and up. Of course, Tristan is only one so he really wasn’t able to enjoy all the activities they have lined up for the kids (they have super fun things to do like unearthing bones at Dino Dig, examining fossils at Dino Lab, climbing a lookout tower with binoculars in search of hidden dinos in Dino Fun, and dressing up like a dinosaur and making footprints in Dino Den). Nevertheless, he enjoyed the exhibit. I can tell because he was smiling the whole time and he slept so soundly that night. Carlos and I had a lot of fun, too. Dino Play features massive and also small scale models, and real dinosaur fossil bones!

This is a must for all kids, most especially if they love dinosaurs! Dino Play is at The Mind Museum (JY Campos Park, 3rd Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig) for a limited time, so be sure to drop by soon. Oh, and check out The Mind Museum too–it is always a lot of fun for the whole family.

IMG_8486IMG_8554IMG_8550IMG_8582IMG_8538IMG_8558IMG_8590IMG_8561IMG_8488IMG_8545IMG_8535IMG_8655IMG_8618IMG_8532IMG_8501IMG_8493IMG_8643IMG_8653IMG_8641IMG_8525IMG_8513        IMG_8490


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