Pink’s Hot Dogs at BGC

My husband and I ate here on a whim. We were walking back to our car when I saw the PINK’s sign and remembered how much my friend raved about it. And so, I dragged Carlos and went in for an early dinner. To be honest, I was thinking this would be more of a late merienda since it’s only hotdogs. But after we wolfed down two fully loaded hotdogs, chili cheese fries and ginger beer we were super full and skipped dinner altogether.


Carlos ordered The Hollywood Legend, which is their signature chili cheese dog. It was definitely good–the hotdog was tasty and the onions, chili and cheddar cheese perfectly complemented it. I have to say, the bun was equally good and from what I heard, it is made fresh daily by Wildflour (the owners brought in Pink’s). Carlos really liked this one. I took a bite and also liked it, but I really loved my order so it didn’t have the same impact with me.


So, here’s my order: it’s called Don’t Mess With Texas and it was huge. I had to remove some of the onion rings because I couldn’t bite into the sandwich. And when I did, WOW. The hotdog, bacon, cheese, coleslaw, onion rings and barbecue sauce were all just so good. The BBQ sauce was on the sweet side, and really brought the whole thing together. And the bacon was salty and crunchy, just the way I like it. I really loved this and recommend you try it when you eat here.


And for our side dish, we ordered chili cheese fries. This was also quite good, though this was a little redundant to Carlos’s order. We enjoyed it though! We both got Bundaberg Ginger Beer to wash it all down–it was a yummy meal! We will definitely be back to try the other hotdogs.



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