Why Quaker oats is my favorite supergrain


Since Tristan now eats what we eat, Carlos and I have made a conscious effort to eat clean and eat well. No more processed, high sodium/high sugar foods, as well as anything canned or high in preservatives. As much as possible, we try to stick to fresh fruits and vegetables, high-fiber grains and lean chicken and beef, as well as fish and all kinds of seafood. We also cook our own meals now, which have been a little time-consuming, but at least now we know what’s in our food.

We only decided to make this change a few weeks ago. We usually had food delivered from our go-to restaurants and one day we realized we didn’t want to feed our baby what we ordered. Not that it tasted bad, but it wasn’t healthy enough for Tristan. That’s when we knew we had to make a lifestyle change–we had to eat less of the fast and processed and more of the fresh and healthy, and we had to do it asap. I mean, if we didn’t want our baby to eat this sort of food, why should we eat it? We thought long and hard about it and realized these things add up in the long run and we might end up sick in the future if we don’t make any changes. Then who will take care of our little guy?! Oh, the things you need to think of when you have a baby.

Like any mom, I want the best for my family, and I know that good food is equal to health. That’s why I’ve been reading up on the healthiest food, so that I can stock up our pantry with these ingredients and incorporate them into our meals. One super food which we tend to overlook has been around for ages, is not expensive, and is actually available everywhere!

It is the humble oatmeal. We take this super grain for granted because you can pretty much buy it everywhere. But what most of us don’t know is that it is an all-in-one source of nutrition. Oats are packed with all kinds of nutrients–you will be amazed with how much good it can do for your body. OATS contain:

Carbohydrates to provide the fuel your body needs.

Protein to help build and maintain muscles, as well as support growth and development.

Fiber to help with digestion, and make you feel full (no unhealthy snacking when you eat this). Oats also contain a special type of solute fiber called beta glucan, which helps reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Vitamin B1 to help maintain normal nerve function and energy metabolism.

Vitamin B6 to establish normal immune and nervous system.

Iron to promote hemoglobin in red blood cells.

Magnesium to maintain healthy bones and regular heartbeat.

Phosphorus, when combined with Calcium strengthens bones and teeth.

Zinc to support the body’s growth and development and maintain normal immune function and wound healing.

So, I was totally floored when I read all these nutrients that can be found in oats. I had no idea! No wonder why my mom always made it a point to serve oatmeal for breakfast when we were growing up. It is so good for you–it provides sustained energy for your daily needs, helps you control over-eating (you feel full after eating just a bowl of oats), it aids in digestive health by promoting regular bowel movement (something we don’t think about but is so important for our health), it contains antioxidants and offers protection against the effects of free radicals (such as cell damage and inflammation) and it is believed to lower the risk of cancer. Phew! That is a whole lot of good for such a small grain.

The best part is you can buy this superfood in any supermarket or convenience store, and it comes in all kinds of varieties and flavors. Yes, Quaker (the #1 oat brand in the world) has expanded its products, giving us options that range from breakfast food to healthy snacks. Check out my favorites.


These are definitely staples in our pantry, and provide my family with energy and nutrition for the entire day. My favorites are Fruit and Nuts Instant Oatmeal, Raisin Oatmeal Cookies and Instant Oats Caldo! ❤ Yay for Quaker Oats!


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