Why I cant do with our cuddle time with Belo Baby

Belo Baby (April 3-55

Back then, if you asked me what my favorite thing to do is, I would say either traveling, shopping or eating out. Of course, I still like doing those things but now that I am a mom, spending quality time with my family is my top priority. If I can spend most of my day with my husband and son, I so would! They make me so happy, and honestly, I never thought I would ever feel this way about being a wife and mom. My priorities have definitely shifted. Now I spend my free time cuddling with my family while watching a movie, or playing with my son in bed or on his play mat. It is all about the simple things in life and I couldn’t be happier.

One thing I super enjoy doing is giving my son a bath and applying lotion on him after. This is our bonding ritual, and I love that we always end up laughing, singing and playing during these moments. It helps that I use Belo Baby bath products and baby cologne because (1) these products smell so good, (2) they are clinically proven safe for my baby’s skin, (3) they contain amazing ingredients like sweet almond oil, shea butter and cocoa butter to help moisturize Tristan’s skin. I have been using these for several months now and I have no complaints. Our bonding moments are made special thanks to Belo Baby products!

Of course, I want to share these products with you too, mommies and daddies! That’s why I am giving away 3 awesome Belo Baby gift packs!!! I recently gave these as gifts to my mommy friends and did a contest a few months ago and the feedback was GREAT! This is a brand I know you will love and is super gentle on baby’s skin, so don’t forget to join! Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Follow @kellymisa AND @belobabylove on Instagram.
  2. Post a picture of you and your baby during cuddle time, along with your favorite Belo Baby product, and add the hashtag #BeloBabyCuddletime. Share this with your other mommy friends so they can win too!
  3. I will select 3 winners and notify you directly on your IG posts by September 7 and we will ship the goodies to you! This is open to those with a Philippine address.

Good luck!!! I cant wait to see your posts on Instagram! ❤

Belo Baby (April 3-35


One thought on “Why I cant do with our cuddle time with Belo Baby

  1. Hi Ms.Kelly. Chelsea and I really love to cuddle specially before bedtime,
    Every I seconds i spent with her is so precious to me.
    I joined your giveaway 😊

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