Welcome, Happy Skin Glam Squad!


It cant get better than this. Happy Skin’s latest collaboration is pure genius, as it is made up of a full line of beginner-friendly, yet pro-level makeup products that were developed together with Filipino makeup masters Juan SarteDenise Go-OchoaMickey See, and Jigs Mayuga. They are the fashion and showbiz industry’s greats—they are the same artists whom the biggest stars trust to make themselves look picture-perfect. And now, we can get access to the very makeup they use so we can look as beautiful as the stars they doll up.

I knew I couldn’t miss the launch of this collection. I have worked with these big names in the past and I am a huge fan of all four of them. They really apply makeup beautifully–they always get my LIKE when they post photos of their work on Instagram. As expected, the Glam Squad didn’t disappoint. The lineup is rich, gorgeous and super wearable. Ill definitely be using these in the next couple of weeks–they look so good!


It is called the Happy Skin Glam Squad Collection, and each product was carefully customized by Juan, Denise, Mickey and Jigs. Together, the four makeup artists developed the Happy Skin Arch Definer & Brow Mascara (P949 each), the Happy Skin Glam Squad Contour & Color (P1,399), and the Happy Skin Glam Squad Custom Brush Set (P2,999). Each makeup artist also created their own Happy Skin Glam Squad Liquid Matte Lipstick (P699 each) and Happy Skin Glam Squad Eyeshadow Duo (P899 each) to bring to life four unique looks: modern, fresh, blushing, and bold.



Everyone in the industry knows the name Juan Sarte. He is known for his precise, detail-oriented makeup application, has 22 years of experience under his belt. Though he had been tapped numerous times to collaborate with other makeup brands, it was only Happy Skin he said yes to. “Being in makeup for more than 20 years, I’ve never seen a local makeup brand that’s as good as Happy Skin,” he says. Juan brings to life the modern look with his choice of bronze and champagne eyeshadows and a universal mauve liquid lipstick. “For the eyeshadows, I picked my no-brainer shades—the two shades I can’t live without. You get a neutral shadow shade and a highlight shade in one palette, and I chose a shimmery texture to make it easy to blend,” he says. “For the liquid lipstick, it’s a color you can stain your lips with for a just-bitten effect, or you can use it full on for a chic and glamorous look.”


When Happy Skin asked Denise Go-Ochoa to work on this collection, she didn’t think twice before she ecstatically said yes. “I’ve always believed in the quality of Happy Skin—I’ve seen and experienced it myself,” she says. Since 1999, Denise has been specializing in the fresh look. Taking inspiration from her trademark, she went with matte caramel and satin-finish medium brown eyeshadows and a naked peach liquid lipstick. “I chose those eyeshadow shades, because anyone can use them and they automatically make you look fresh,” she says. “For the liquid lipstick, I think that nude lips are a classic. So the shade won’t look too nude, we added a little peach.”


Mickey See has been dolling up celebrities and brides for the past 12 years. With a bride-to-be in mind, he decided on bringing out a blushing look with his choice of shimmery peach and matte light brown eyeshadows and a deep blush liquid lipstick. “This eyeshadow duo is my go-to, because you can even use the shades as a highlighter or as a contour powder,” he says. “I chose a pinker shade for the liquid lipstick, because the color is more blushing and youthful—hindi matapang, pero may dating.” On why he wanted to be part of the Happy Skin Glam Squad, Mickey had this to say: “It’s rare to have a local brand with really great quality.”


For Jigs Mayuga, having his name on a makeup a product is like a dream. “It validates that you’ve made a name in your career,” he says. “It’s a huge thing for me.” Having been a makeup artist and a makeup guru for 12 years, Jigs understands how trends empower, which is why he decided on a bold look with matte brown and matte black eyeshadows and a rose-brown liquid lipstick. “Happy Skin’s existing eyeshadows are mainly neutral, and I wanted a color palette that women can transition from day to night with,” he says. “And since matte browns are huge nowadays, I wanted a liquid lipstick in a rosy-brown shade.”


Like its famous matte lippie, Happy Skin’s liquid matte lipsticks contain ultra-hydrating Cupuaçu butter for a matte-yet-moisturizing finish. For a crease-resistant look, all the eyeshadow duos have nourishing Argan oil to allow pigments to glide on smoothly.


Rounding up the collection are the Contour & Color palette, which has a taupe contour powder and a rosy-coral blush powder; the Arch Definer & Brow Mascara, a double-ended pencil and mascara pen that comes in two shades: light brown and medium brown; and the Custom Brush Set that contains powder, angled flat top, eyeshadow/concealer, crease, eyeshadow blending, and lip brushes. All products were curated by Juan, Denise, Mickey, and Jigs to ensure that the colors flatter all skin tones, and so that both ease-of-use and a professional finish are guaranteed.


Similar to Happy Skin’s successful collaborations in the past, the four master makeup artists are giving a portion of the collection’s sales to their charities of choice: Juan, to a global food assistance program; Denise, to Haven for the Elderly; Mickey, to orphanage White Cross Children’s Home; and Jigs, to LGBTQ network LAGABLAB.


It is hard not to fall in love with this collection. I cant wait to get my hands on those eyeshadow duo sets, and those lippies! ❤




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