What went on in the Ever New shopping party


As much as I love going to events, these days I can only go to a select few as I have to make sure I will be comfortable bringing my little boy with me. Yes, Tristan still comes with me wherever I go, and that includes work, events, meetings, etc. As difficult as it is to bring a toddler with me to all my engagements, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being able to spend time with him, and keep him close by even if I have a nanny with me. He is definitely not a little baby anymore–he is growing up so fast and I am happy to witness every little milestone. ❤

One particular event I didn’t want to miss was a VIP shopping party at Ever New’s newly-opened store at SM Aura Premier. I was excited to see the Aussie brand’s newest collection, and since SM Aura is close to where I live, I had no excuse not to drop by. I wish I had time to get dressed and apply makeup, buuuuut… motherhood! I literally just had enough time to just wear a top, pants and sandals and I was out the door. Of course, I didn’t forget Tristan, who was my date for the event.

I love Ever New. I always go to them when I need a pretty dress for an event or wedding. They have the most gorgeous dresses and they fit so comfortably and hug in all the right places. I have to say though, this time around I shopped their Everyday Edit, which is their everyday capsule collection, composed of easy tops and flattering pants and skirts. These are great pieces to add to your closet, and allow you to easily mix and match them with your existing wardrobe. I got a few tops (in black, white and blush), a pair of wide leg pants and a flouncy skirt. I’m so excited to wear these for the upcoming Christmas parties in the next few days/weeks.

Scroll down to see their newest collection and see who dropped by this exclusive event.


ever-new-1302ever-new-1301  ever-new-1303 ever-new-1304 ever-new-1306 ever-new-1307 ever-new-1313 ever-new-1318 ever-new-1361 ever-new-1457 ever-new-1494 ever-new-1550 ever-new-1602 ever-new-1707 ever-new-1740 ever-new-1744 ever-new-1793 ever-new-1800  ever-new-1806 ever-new-1869 ever-new-1880 ever-new-1909ever-new-1299


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