A brand new year, a brand new home

I have exciting news: we’re moving to a new home! ❤ Yes, we are finally moving to a bigger space, which means more room for my stuff (haha). Actually, I am thinking of getting rid of a lot of my old things (I am planning on doing a major garage sale soon), as I want this house to be clean and clutter-free. I’ve been going a little crazy packing all my things into boxes these past few days, and I am dreading all the unpacking and organizing I’ll be doing after the move. And so to keep my mindset happy and positive, I’ve been looking at home design inspirations online and so far it is kind of working. I am now looking forward to making this house feel like home and filling it with things we love. Let me share with you some home design pegs that caught my eye.


1aa86445eed9fe8bff868862259fbed1bp_hfxup103h_70s-redress_beauty-dining-area-2-113143-278648_h-jpg-rend-hgtvcom-966-725southafrican-home-homestyle-1-156cbd927d78f5fffd9d6830ab2ede77b corkoriginal_bpf_cool-bedroom-with-carribean-colors_bed-wall-jpg-rend-hgtvcom-966-6444e0166c67d5f19faef18fb9651fd2267 annie_hall_2hbz-pinterest-boho-interiors-20


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