Reasons why I love my Vivo V5 Plus


In this day and age, mobile phone brands have A LOT to live up to. Plenty has happened over the span of 20 or so years, and our phones have evolved from bulky calling devices into super computers we can access with the swipe of our fingertips. It is amazing to think about how much has changed over this short amount of time, and how much more will change in the future. Most of us are on our phones 24/7, and with or without knowing it, are heavily influenced by popular social media platforms. If you have never heard of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, well, then I would like to know which rock you’ve been living under all these years. These play such a huge part of our daily lives that sharing (or oversharing) has become a normal thing.

All of us have tried taking selfies one time or another, and some of us are a little more obsessed about it than others. That’s why our smartphones need to have amazing cameras–both for the front and back–because our photos need to be fantastic to be able to post them on social media. I am not ashamed to admit that I am one of these selfie-obsessed people (as you can see on my feed), as the happiest and most memorable photos of my family and friends have been taken with the front camera of my phone. So when I heard that ‘the perfect selfie phone’ was going to be launched, I knew I just had to be there for the grand reveal. I had this insane need to test it out for myself, and find out if this phone lived up to the hype.

Okay, so Vivo V5 Plus claims to be the newest and most advanced selfie phone in the market, which really, sounds like my kind of smartphone. This is actually more than exciting, as this means no more lugging around my bulky camera because I can actually use this phone to take good, clear photos. The launch was held last January 21 at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium, which allowed me to tinker with this phone and yes, take lots of selfies (the only way to make an informed, sound decision). To the next person to check the Photos of the mobile phone I used–sorry, it is pretty much all me in there. I made sure to try out its best features, which include the super cool ‘bokeh’ effect that everyone is going crazy about.


For all you selfie addicts out there, I’m sure you will be thrilled to know that Vivo V5 Plus has the world’s first-ever dual front-facing cameras. Why dual??? To take better selfies, of course! The primary front camera, a 20-megapixel IMX376, was co-engineered with top electronics company Sony, while the secondary 8-megapixel camera was designed to collect depth-of-field information for improved self-portrait quality. This allows you more cool options for your front facing shots, which is one of the unique selling points of this amazing phone.


Let’s talk about this ‘bokeh’ effect I mentioned earlier. This is actually a background-blurring photography filter. In order to get this photo effect you would typically need a professional camera with a specific lens. The Vivo V5 Plus allows you to get the same effect using its built-in camera, which is pretty cool considering its size. This is complemented by Vivo’s enhanced face beauty algorithm that allows users to take radiant selfies without editing or correction, and ‘selfie soft light’ which makes selfie-taking possible even in poor lighting conditions. As for its rear camera, Vivo V5 Plus features an impressive 1/2.8-inch 16-megapixel sensor for ultra-clear and high-quality photos.


Aside from its stunning camera features, the Vivo V5 Plus boasts a superior sound system, using the same Hi-Fi system of Vivo’s recent flagship models. Equipped with 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor, the new Vivo model is capable of performing multiple phone tasks in a speedy and efficient manner. For a unique touch, the phone runs on Vivo’s very own Funtouch 3.0 operating system, based on Android 6.0.


The Vivo V5 Plus also features an updated fingerprint recognition technology, allowing users to unlock the phone in just 0.2 seconds. Its fast-charging feature is also expected to come in handy for most users. Style wise, the Vivo V5 Plus has a 5.5-inch large display, with an ultra-slim bezel technology, and is made of 5th generation Coring Gorilla glass with enhanced resistance. Finally, the V5 Plus has a dome-style, 1.8mm wide u-shaped antenna for better signal reception and at the same time, a more stylish exterior design.


The bottomline: I am very impressed with the Vivo V5 Plus. The front and back cameras are above average, which will allow you to (over)share your life on all your social media platforms in style. Other things worth mentioning: its slim, sleek design, how easy it is to navigate and switch from different apps, and the affordable price. This phone gets a two thumbs up from this selfie-addict.


For inquiries about Vivo V5 Plus, visit the Vivo website at or check out their Facebook (, Instagram, and Twitter: @VivoPhil.


3 thoughts on “Reasons why I love my Vivo V5 Plus

  1. Vivo V5 Plus has 20MP+8MP front camera!! 20MP for primary shooter and addition 8MP one for abyss of acreage effects.

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