My Travel Diary: Amsterdam


What a gorgeous city! My little family and I definitely enjoyed our week-long stay in Amsterdam. Everything about it appealed to us–the windy weather, luxurious canal houses, picturesque bridges and canals, cool biking culture, and rich art and history. We didn’t follow a strict itinerary because we brought Tristan with us, but we enjoyed exploring the city nonetheless, and loved walking everywhere. Here are some of my favorite photos from our trip. ❤

img_4138    img_4177 img_6448 img_4168 img_4133 img_4188 img_4282 img_6451 img_6444 img_4163  img_4273 img_4205img_4290 img_4185 img_4204 img_4279 img_4287 img_4143 img_4203  img_4575img_4275 img_4276


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