My blog just got nominated!

What an honor! Influence Asia has included my blog in their Top 4 nominees under the category of Parenting for this year’s awarding. How cool is that?! I get to do what I love everyday and get recognized for it. To be honest, I never imagined my little blog would be nominated for anything, especially since this doesn’t feel like work at all!

Thank you, Influence Asia for including me in this list (I am with good company–my friends Andi Manzano, Cheska Garcia-Kramer and Mikaela Martinez are the other three who are nominated) and THANK YOU to all my lovely readers for supporting my blog. I am happy just to be nominated.

Influence Asia is one of the largest, most watched and most respected live awards show, in honouring individual or group achievements in the Social Media Influence industry across Asia. This year, Influence Asia will include the Top 300+ nominees each from 7 countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea.


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