Travel Diary: Firenze

Our trip to Florence was truly a memorable one. My little family spent one week here, and enjoyed every minute of it. Not only is Florence a gorgeous city, it is filled with history, art, culture and amazing, glorious food. We never ate so well in a trip–seriously, I am still dreaming of the wonderful pasta, pizza and gelato we had!

So, it definitely helped that Florence is a walking city. Because we basically just walked to wherever we needed to go. All the museums, parks, shops and restaurants were close by and our place (we found it thru Airbnb) was right in the center of everything. We didn’t really spend so much time in museums since we brought Tristan with us (we pretty much avoided any site that had a long line), which ultimately worked to our advantage because we ended up having a very relaxing vacation in this amazing city. Most days were spent exploring the city and trying out highly rated (but family-friendly) restaurants. We also spent most of our time in parks and food markets. This trip was filled with so many happy memories, I cannot wait to go back again soon! ❤




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