Promod End of Season SALE

If there’s one thing I love, its a big sale at my favorite, go-to store (Promod). Since becoming a mom, I’ve learned to be smart about money, so I try to avoid making purchases when they’re not yet on sale (unless, of course, I fall completely in love with it). Which is why I look forward to sale season because then I can maximize my money and buy so much more than I would if everything were regular price.

Now is actually the best time to shop, because most of the items for sale are from the spring collection. Which means there are plenty of printed bright tops and dresses to choose from and they are warm enough to wear the whole year round. Yay to our tropical weather!

When I shop, I am always on the lookout for closet staples I can wear over and over again and mix and match with my wardrobe. These are classic designs that stand the test of time, and can be worn in more ways than one (nope, I’m not the the type to wear an outfit only once–each item has to be super versatile).

But when I see a standout print or color that is in trend, I make sure to snap it up too (if the price is right). Adding a few trendy pieces is the best way to update your wardrobe. Also, be on the lookout for great accessories like scarves or earrings–they can instantly add style to your outfits!

To those of you looking for a good deal, PROMOD is currently having their End of Season SALE!!! I went last week and found so many cute outfits that all pass my criteria–they are wearable but stylish, versatile, and figure-flattering. Super winner! ❤️


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