Cruise with me, baby


I am so happy, excited and super proud to announce that my lifestyle/travel show is back!!! And it has a whole new look, more exciting segments, more travels and a brand new name. It is now called TRENDING WITH KELLY, and it features me, along with my little family, and celebrity chef and award-winning author Chef Tatung Sarthou. The pilot comes out on July 2 at 9:30pm on ANC!!! I’ll be announcing more as we get closer to the date (which is also Tristan’s birthday, how auspicious).

So of course, this look was shot while I was filming episode one. The cotton off-shoulder top and lace midi skirt are both from H&M, while my sandals (my favorites at the moment) are from Annie & Lori (available at POP Retail Store in Glorietta 3). Love this look! ❤


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