Why Agoo Bengson should be your nail polish style icon

I’ve always been a fan of Agoo Bengzon. She is my go-to girl when I need beauty inspiration as she is not only incredibly knowledgeable on the subject matter, she has amazing skin, hair and nails to prove it. I’ve looked up to her since her days as a beauty editor for Preview Magazine, and when I took the same position for another magazine, my goal was to be like her. She is stylish, intelligent and super chic. Oh, and she has beautiful hands and feet–her posts on Instagram always garner hundreds of likes and comments!

That’s why when Agoo personally invited me to the launch of her nail polish line, in collaboration with local brand Girl Stuff Forever, I immediately confirmed! This is such a well-deserved collection. If anyone should have a nail polish line, it is Agoo.

And here it is!!! Three gorgeous shades that would make any one’s tips and toes look as good as Agoo’s. They are Posse (dark blue), Smitten (bright pink) and Cloud (lilac). The colors are on trend for sure, but also very classic and elegant. The best part: they look good on all skin colors and tones! I cant get enough of these.

The launch/spa party was held at Nail Spa salon in Makati. The establishment is known for amazing mani-pedis, and it is owned by Agoo’s good friend, Pauline Suaco-Juan (former EIC for Preview).

Excuse my gnarly toes, but I just had to show you how good this shade looks!

 There’s Agoo (in the middle), with beauty blogger Bing Castro and Girl Stuff Forever owner Janina Gutierrez-Tan.

This dark blue hue called POSSE is so stylish and chic!

My favorite shade from the bunch: CLOUD.



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