Sage Bespoke Grill at Makati Shangri-la

What a wonderful treat! The Baby Barangay was invited to dine at Sage Bespoke Grill at Shangri-la Makati, a restaurant with a new dining concept that showcases premium superior steaks, seafood and comfort food. I absolutely love steak, so yes, I was super excited about this invitation–I could not wait to sample their bestselling dishes. And oh my, I have to say, they did not disappoint. Actually, they far exceeded my expectations and set the bar high for what constitutes a good steak.  If you love steak and are looking to treat yourself to the best, well, look no further than Sage.

Sage’s very own Chef Eric Weidmann has created an a la carte menu of innovative dishes with flavours and textures that surprise the palate. You can start with their refreshing appetizers, such as Ceviche Scallops, Oysters and Wagyu Beef Carpaccio. The chef’s specials include pork short ribs, slow-cooked for 3 hours in the Josper grill, and the lobster roll with Boston lobster meat. And for the meat lovers, well, don’t forget to order the Josper-grilled mains – chateaubriand (Australian wagyu), bone-in ribeye (CAB certified Angus beef), and dry-aged bone-in strip loin. The dessert highlights include the traditional warm tarte tatin, caramelized pineapple, and chocolate sphere – brownies, 70% whipped ganache, poached pear, warm chocolate sauce.

6 Oysters. Shallot. Fresh Sea Grapes. P1,230.

Ceviche Scallops. Lemon and Sundry Tomato. Basil Oil. P920.

Wagyu Beef Carpaccio. Pesto. Parmesan. P670.

Sea Bass Tartar. Lime. Chive. Pink Pepper. P620.

Gravlax Salmon. Avocado. Grapefruit. Horseradish Sauce. P550.


The secret behind their perfectly cooked steaks is the Josper Grill. It combines a grill and an oven in a single machine, so your chosen dish can be grilled to perfection without the risk of overcooking. Also, it preserves the juiciness and texture to make it gastronomically balanced for the palate.

Australian Wagyu. Jacks Creek MB 5 Prime Rib Eye. 250gr P2,200 / 400gr P3,420 / 800gr P6,350.

Australian Wagyu. Jacks Creek MB 5 Tomahawk. 1300gr P8,200.

USDA Shortloin T-Bone Steak. 900gr P6,100.

We enjoyed the food so much, we went on a food coma after all that glorious steak!

Caramelized Pineapple Crumble. P315.

Floating Island. Caramelized Hazelnuts. Vanilla Creme Anglaise. P315.

Banana Sticky Toffee Pudding. Louisiana Pecan Nuts. Salted Caramel Ice Cream. P315.

Traditional Warm Tarte Tatin. Vanilla Ice Cream. P315.

Chocolate Sphere. Brownies. 70% Whipped Ganache. Poached Pear. Warm Chocolate Sauce. P315.

Singapore, every foodie’s haven


Why is it that when someone mentions Singapore, I immediately think of food (haha, I’m sure I am not the only here)?! I seriously gave it some thought the other day and realized, I can’t help myself. Some of my most favorite food can only be found there, and I literally start salivating at the thought of chili crab, chicken rice, cereal prawns, fried rice and ice kacang. I can eat all that everyday for a month straight and I don’t think I will ever tire of it! Ahhhh, soooo good!

So of course, there is more to Singapore than the dishes I just mentioned. After all, the city is a foodie haven, which explains why so many people go back, because (1) they want to discover more delicious eats and (2) they want to revisit their old favorites. I did both during our last trip, and boy, did I eat well. Thankfully, I did a lot of walking to counter all the eating I did and Tristan still breastfeeds so all the food went to him. Needless to say, my family and I had an amazing time discovering what Singapore had to offer, especially as this time we ate our way through this wonderful city. To those of you who are curious about where we ate, well, here is a short list of restaurants for you to visit. Dining in Singapore is always such an incredible experience–we absolutely loved the restos we tried and I am pretty sure your tummies will be just as happy as ours after you’ve given these a go.

1.) Open Farm Community. This open-concept kitchen and restaurant brings something new to the table as it serves locally sourced, seasonal and innovative dishes that is a feast to the senses. This was the first restaurant we tried as soon as we landed and I was impressed. We had such a delicious meal made from freshly harvested ingredients–we really enjoyed our lunch! What I love about this concept resto is it is more than your typical dining experience. It is a place where families can come together and explore the many facets of food through art, tours of the vegetable and fruit orchards, talks, gardening workshops and many more. It promotes an edible garden city where you can grow your own food and eat locally-produced, super fresh ingredients. The dishes that arrived were innovative and new, but at the same time familiar and comforting. This is a must-visit when in Singapore. What to order: Smoked paprika buttered sweet corn with salted caramel popcorn and chimichurri; Saffron carnaroli risotto, chorizo, cuttlefish, green peas, crisp Serrano and ebb; and Spiced pumpkin cake, butternut ice cream, gula melaka jelly with garden herbs. 

img_2345img_2349img_2382img_2393img_2383img_2357img_2385img_2402 img_2325img_2330img_2362img_2336

2.) Satay by the Bay. This is where I found my Singaporean favorites! Satay by the Bay features many different tasty stalls that serve delicious but inexpensive Singaporean cuisine. These are usually cooked in front of you, fresh off the grill and the dishes here are certified crowd-pleasers. The area is open-air and has a very casual dining layout, but the food is hard to beat. You can get all your faves in one area, which is probably the best thing about it.There is no air-conditioning, which can be very hot at times, but like I said the food makes up for it. What to order: Chicken Satay, Oatmeal Prawns, Sweet & Sour Pork and Chicken Rice. 

img_2582img_2587img_2592 img_2593img_2586img_2589img_2600

3.) National Kitchen by Violet Oon. This was definitely a treat for us–to try authentic Nyonya cuisine that wonderfully reflects Singapore’s colorful culinary heritage. We had an amazing time discovering one tasty dish after the other, and in the end I became a fan of this cuisine. I love that in some ways it is similar to Filipino food, and in others, it is completely different. The dishes are authentic and delicious, and I was assured, were made without shortcuts or compromises. Violet herself was there to introduce each dish to us, and we were honored to have her host our lunch. What a revelation–this is comfort food at its best, but with chic interiors and gorgeous ambiance! What to order: Tau Hu Goreng (fried bean curd on a bed of julienned cucumber and fresh beansprouts topped with Violet’s signature sweet and tangy peanut sauce), Ikan Goreng Chilli (fried red snapper topped with a spicy fragrant chilli paid garlic rempah), and Beef Rendang (tender beef shin braised in a melange of spices flavored with kaffir and bay leaves in a creamy coconut sauce). Another option is to come in after lunch for Afternoon Tea–the restaurant serves a great selection of savory mini sandwiches and buns and plenty of sweet desserts.

img_3740 img_3799img_3742           img_3757                img_3774 img_3777 img_3744img_3779 img_3780     img_3751img_3770   img_3755img_3783img_3811img_3812img_3752img_3816img_3821

TUS’ Clay Pots and Skillets

The Baby Barangay (not so) recently had a wonderful Christmas dinner at TUS’ Clay Pots and Skillets in Westgate, Alabang. We enjoyed so much we stayed on until the restaurant closed! What an amazing dinner–it really was a night to remember as we sampled the restaurant’s bestsellers. We had the deep-fried breaded mozzarella sticks paired with marinara sauce (P220), giant BLT calzone with all the trimmings: bacon, tomato, lettuce, garlic cream sauce, mozzarella cheese, homemade pizza dough served with homemade aioli (P470), Fidea Negra, or short strands of pasta cooked in a fresh seafood broth and squid ink topped with shrimp, clams, squid, homemade aioli and lemons (P495), Spicy Lemon Pesto Steak, which is a delicious rib-eye steak topped with their own special mix of fresh herbs and butter) (P685), and topped with chewy, gooey and creamy Half-Baked Cookie for dessert (P185).

If you’re looking for a great resto in Alabang, well, look no further. TUS’ has the best eats in town.


Eat, Drink & Be Married at Evia Lifestyle Center

The girls and I are back for another season of Eat, Drink & Be Married! ❤ We are currently filming Season 3 and we are super excited to show you brand new episodes on the site. It is hard to believe we have gone this far (it is all thanks to your continuous support)–this show really began as a passion project and a means to hang out. But more importantly, we found it to be a great way to reach other wives and moms who are going through the same struggles as us.

We shot a few episodes at Evia Lifestyle Center along Daang Hari Alabang/Cavite and absolutely loved the mall. It was a bit of a travel for me but after spending the day here, I have to say, it is so worth it. There are so many great restos to try and stores to check out–I will definitely be back soon.

So okay, our day was pretty amazing. We had the yummiest lunch at Another Story (you need to try their steak, paella and ube cheesecake), then we picked out flowers for our homes at Happy Magnolia (they have such a wide array of fresh and faux blooms to brighten any home). After, we had coffee and more yummy cheesecake at The Cheesecake Fairy. We had the best time, and it did not feel like work at all, as it always is with these ladies.

Scroll down to check out our photos, which were all taken by Patty. ❤ And watch out for the newest season of Eat, Drink & Be Married, coming out soon.


img_7772img_2870img_5999img_4228img_2535img_7573       img_7207  img_4954img_2556

Don’t stress, take Stresstabs!

STRESS kills. I have to admit, I’ve heard the line many times before but I never paid any attention to it. Until it finally hit close to home, and I understood what stress can do to one’s health.


It happened a couple of years ago. A few days before Christmas my dad got a heart attack. He survived it, and had to immediately undergo a quadruple bypass. I remember how difficult it was to find an excellent heart surgeon to do the operation because most of them were out of the country, on vacation. Our family prayed fervently, and spent as much time as we could with each other. We spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve at the hospital, ate simple, healthy food, and spent every day with each other.

We eventually found a surgeon who could do the operation after the holidays. We were satisfied with his track record, and liked how straightforward and no-nonsense he was. After the bypass, we took care of our dad and saw him through his recovery and rehabilitation. It was so hard to see my dad looking so weak and fragile–I cried many times and prayed the rosary when I felt hopeless and lost.

At that moment I realized how important it is to take care of one’s health. If you think about it, you can have all the money in the world and that will mean nothing if you are sick or unwell. Investing in health by eating well, exercising, and managing stress will reap its rewards in the future and I knew I had to start that very day. I never wanted to go through this again, which meant I had to start with myself, and hopefully influence my husband, mom, sister and brothers.

As you know, stress is the biggest killer of our times. Not only has it been linked to headaches, sleep problems, muscle tension and digestive disorders, but it has been known to cause heart disease, depression, pain and discomfort, accelerated aging, and obesity. Most of us deal with stress on a daily basis, which is why we think it is “normal”. We don’t realize how much it affects our health and we are actually making ourselves sick with stress from work, family problems, traffic, etc.

Learning how to manage stress is key, and should be practiced daily. It can be as simple as walking away from negative gossip or confrontation, observing better time management, not bringing work (or stress from work) home with you, and traveling at off peak hours. I’ve found that listening to my favorite tunes immediately puts me in a better mood, while surrounding myself with positive friends and doing things I like on a daily basis (like reading books, watching movies and blogging) ultimately makes me a happier person. Adding a good, balanced diet to the equation as well as regular exercise (20 minutes of jogging 3x a week) definitely helps. As well as taking an anti-stress supplement like Stresstabs everyday.


Taking a multivitamin supplement to help fight stress is definitely something new for me, but as I found out, it is so effective. Stresstabs is formulated to help replace the key nutrients needed by the body to defend itself from the negative effects of stress. It contains a unique combination of essential nutrients for revitalizing the body and keeping it healthy.

I have to say, the name called out to me when I was at the pharmacy buying my dad’s heart medicine. There it was–Stresstabs. I immediately bought a bottle and I’ve been taking one tablet everyday ever since. The active ingredients of Stresstabs are vitamin C, vitamin E, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12, biotin, pantothenic acid, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and copper. As you know, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the cells in the body from free radical damage. It is also known to boost immunity helping prevent different health problems. While B vitamins help prevent imbalances on these vitamins which help fight stress and reduce anxiety.


Oh and it also contains Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that helps in protecting the cells in the body. The other ingredients are nutrients that are known to help in combating stress.

What I learned from my dad’s heart problem is to never take my health for granted. I now know how important it is to invest on my health, and by doing little things here and there I’ll be able to live happily and hopefully be sickness-free. ❤

Salvatore Cuomo & Bar


If you’ve been following me on social media, then you know how much I love the Baby Barangay (aka Patty Laurel-Filart, Bianca Santiago-Reinoso, Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles, Cat Juan-Ledesma and myself). This mommy support group has been my lifeline from my preggy days to the crazy fourth trimester (the first three-months after giving birth), handling Tristan’s first year to approaching the terrible twos. It has been such a blessing to be able to work with them, as it is always fun, relaxed and easy (it doesn’t feel like work at all). That’s why I couldn’t think of a better group of people to spend Valentine’s Day with–seriously, these girls mean the world to me.

We were invited by Tim Yap to dine at Salvatore Cuomo & Bar for Valentine’s Day, but decided to go the day after to avoid the crazy traffic (we are such moms). What an amazing dinner it was! We had a wonderful Italian feast paired with equally excellent wine. The stylish interiors and warm service are also noteworthy, and are great reasons to come back. This was one for the books–the Baby Barangay really enjoyed our time here. The food was excellent!

Now, a little backgrounder on the restaurant: Salvatore Cuomo is a premium casual Italian restaurant with Japanese influences (this explains the pizza, pasta and yakitori on the menu). Chef Salvatore Cuomo is actually Italian-Japanese, and his specialty is Neapolitan pizza (which is so delicious, by the way).

img_1567One of the best things about this restaurant (apart from its food, of course) is the stylish but relaxed interiors. I especially loved the long tables that can accommodate big groups like ours.

img_3266The open kitchen is another unique characteristic of this restaurant. I am a fan of open kitchens–these awesome chefs make cooking look so easy.

img_7918Love this chandelier–it is so pretty.

img_2996Catching up with these girls is always so much fun.

img_6861To start, we had Caprese con Mozzarella di Bufala (P750). This simple dish is a great appetizer–it is served with Buffalo Mozzarella and super sweet tomatoes.

img_0641Another yummy appetizer: Assorted 5 kinds of Yakitori (5 pieces/P550). This was Patty’s favorite!

img_9209Next up, PIZZA! Their Quattro Formaggi (P770) is just out of this world. It is served with 4 kinds of cheese and topped with truffle honey. Gaaaaaah! So delicious!

img_3111 The best Valentine’s dinner! ❤

img_0722Another must-order: the Sole Meuniere (P950). This is sautéed flounder with mushroom and caper sauce paired with mashed potatoes. Very light and tasty.

img_3857Someone was obviously very happy with the dinner.

img_5162This was Tristan’s favorite: Spaghetti al Funghi e Salmone Affumicato (P490). It is spaghetti served with smoked salmon, mushrooms and olive oil–simple but delicious. I think my son ate half of this plate!

img_5319Tristan loved the food!

img_3655Cant leave home without this guy.

img_7848This was not on the menu, but was oh so delicious. This leg of lamb was so soft, it just fell off the bone. Amazing dish!

img_5294 Our forever dates. ❤

img_4539The fully stocked bar.              img_7584            Cat and Carl.

img_7153My loves. The Baby Barangay moms.


Salvatore Cuomo & Bar is located at:

Ground Floor, Uptown Parade, 9th Avenue corner 38th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

(02) 946 30 72 / (02) 946 30 73