Tricks of the Trade: Eye makeup made easy


I can never seem to do my eye makeup right. I try to follow the advice of my best friends but I can’t seem to apply it to my chinita eyes as they have round eyes. Do you have tips for doing makeup for different eye shapes? 

It’s surprising what a little eye makeup can do to brighten, lengthen or widen our eyes; it can even go as far as enhance its shape and balance our features. Learning the fundamentals of makeup goes a long way, especially during days when we simply have to look good with little time to spare. But, and we ladies know this from experience, doing our own eye makeup is tricky. It requires shading and blending in the right places, also it doesn’t hurt to have a steady hand for precise application. A lot of practice pays off, as well as knowing how to apply makeup for your eye type. Read on to find out which eye makeup complements you, whether you have round or chinita eyes, or eyes set far apart or close together.

CHINITA EYES. If you are chinita, then you know your eye makeup should be all about creating a smoky eye and lengthening those lashes. Matte brown eye shadow is your best bet when it comes to getting this look right so make sure you have it in the shade that complements your skin tone (look for shades in sand, nut-brown and coffee). To get that smoky eye right, apply the shadow from your lash line, blending outward until just under your brow bone (you can feel it, just follow the outline of your eye socket). The important thing here is to blend, blend, blend, until your eye shadow softly fades outwards. Then, gently line the insides of your lash line with a soft black or brown waterproof eyeliner and apply two coats of mascara after you’ve curled your lashes.

ROUND EYES. Round, saucer-like eyes will look elongated by drawing a wing using eyeliner. You can choose between a soft wing, or kohl eyeliner gently smudged at the edges, a hard-edged wing which is drawn with waterproof liner or a dramatic wing which uses liquid liner. The trick is to start lining from two thirds of your upper and lower lash lines, starting from the inner part drawing outward. Then, connect both lines at the edge and turn it up a little (skip lining your lower lash line when using liquid liner). Play it up by concentrating mascara to the outer corners of your lashes or wear false lashes.

DROOPY EYES. To offset droopy eyes, sweep eye shadow on the outer contours of the eye, concentrating on the area below the brow bone. As always it is important to blend the shadow well, creating a subtle upward slant on each outer corner. Finish the look by drawing along the upper lash lines using waterproof liner and even extending it a little to follow the angle of the shadow.

CLOSE-SET EYES. Eyes that look too close together will benefit from applying eye shadow and liner on its outer edges. Dark matte shadows and eyeliner should be drawn from the middle of the lash line blending outward. Another way to create the illusion of space between the eyes is by using a soft, shimmery shadow on the inner corners of the eyes until the iris. Then, draw your liner from the middle of the eye going outward.

WIDE-SET EYES. To bridge the gap between your eyes, start your eye shadow from the inner corners of your eyes but let it fade before you get to the outer corners. The same rule should be followed when lining your eyes. Put emphasis on the inner corners of your eyes and avoid light shimmery eye shadows, unless it is properly blended with a dark or neutral shadow.

Photo credit: Smashbox Cosmetics

Eat, Drink & Be Married – Episode 2

I hope you enjoyed the pilot episode of Eat, Drink & Be Married (to watch it, click HERE). This is a passion project I am doing with my friends, Patty Laurel-Filart and Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles. This was something we wanted to do for awhile now and I am so happy it is now a series (we’ve shot five episodes so far, so watch out for them).

This episode is about being single. The girls and I talk candidly about what we would tell our single selves if we could go back in time. I love how this conversation turned out. I don’t want to give anything away, so please watch it! And let me know what you think and if you have any topics you would like us to talk about! We would love to know your feedback so we can improve our little show.

Thanks for tuning in!

Kuya J’s Restaurant


It’s hard to believe Kuya J’s Restaurant started out as a humble eatery along the streets of Cebu. Only because it has grown into such a well-known (and well-loved) brand that totals 18 branches and counting (they plan to open 50 more branches by the end of this year, if you can believe it). Well, I shouldn’t be surprised, because their food is absolutely delicious! I got to (finally) try Kuya J’s best-selling dishes this week, and I have to say, WOW! One dish was better than the next, and really, I couldn’t decide which dish I should eat first, which doesn’t happen to me often! So I piled on the yummy ulam on my plate (with rice, of course) and let the flavors take over. It was Filipino food at its finest, and I was truly in heaven from all the yummy-ness.


Oh and Jericho Rosales was there to serve us, which was fun (so many ladies were swooning over him, and the Crispy Pata he was serving). He is Kuya J’s Restaurant’s newest endorser, and he was truly excited to serve us because he is such a fan of the food (he was giving us his recommendations as he served us).


That Crispy Pata though! It was crunchy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside! Ahhhh, it was so tasty and delicious, I forgot I was on a diet. It had perfectly deep-fried pork skin, with tender juicy pata meat. Whyyyyy was this invented?! Haha, it was absolutely delicious!

But then, everything else we tried were so good too! Like the Grilled Scallops, Lumpia Presko, Kare-kare and Crispy Catfish (they were all winners to me, paired with bagoong rice and DANGGIT rice). Amazing food (it is torture for me to write about it because I am craving for all of these right now). Oh, and not to forget the Pork Belly Sisig, Pochero and Pansit! Sooooo good! If you still don’t believe me, scroll down and look at my photos below. Or take a drive over to the nearest Kuya J’s Restaurant to try it out for yourself. You wont regret it, I promise!


Eat, Drink & Be Married – Pilot Episode

Here it is! The pilot episode of my passion project with Patty Laurel-Filart and Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles. We’ve been working on this for months (Patty and I are still pregnant here), and we are so proud to finally share it with you all!

So if you were ever wondering what we girls talk about–this is it. The premise is simple: one of us asks a question (mostly about being single, married and being a mom), and we all give our personal insights about the topic. Conversations here are unscripted, so you’ll really get to know each one of us and our personalities.

We hope you like it! :) We have more episodes to show you in the coming weeks, so stay tuned (we will update you through our Instagram accounts). Oh and please let us know what you think. Comments and suggestions are welcome!


Tricks of the Trade: Makeup that makes you look young, hides wrinkles


HI KELLY. While I have embraced my age and all the wrinkles that come with it, I was wondering if you had any makeup tips for me so that I don’t end up emphasizing the lines on my face. The last thing I want is to look older because of makeup. Can you help me out?

As we grow older, we find ourselves having to change our makeup routine, switching one product for another to better suit our skin’s needs. Just like fashion, there is such a thing as age appropriate makeup. Not to say that certain trends should only be worn by a specific age group, because you should still be able to follow beauty trends at any age (that’s the fun part about makeup trends). What I mean is using the right makeup for your skin and making the most of the latest makeup innovation to keep you looking fresh at any age.

Yes, there are ways to keep your skin looking young and radiant using makeup. The trick is to use the right products that will emphasize your favorite features while minimizing the appearance of your not-so-favorites, like wrinkles around your eyes or lines around your mouth. Below is a list of makeup tips that promise to keep you looking young.

Switch to a hydrating foundation. Skin goes through significant changes in your 40s: it becomes thinner, drier and looser. As you start to approach menopause, estrogen levels drop, which causes skin to dry. This is why it is so important to find a foundation that will keep your skin moisturized. Luckily, a couple of brands have infused anti-aging ingredients in their makeup, which really work well for dry skin. These keep skin happy and hydrated, so it is worth spending a little more on them. Another option is to use tinted moisturizer, especially on days when you don’t need to wear a full face of makeup. The rule of thumb for foundation or tinted moisturizer: the creamier the consistency, the better.

Go easy on the powder. While powder was your best friend back in the day when you wanted your skin to look matte, these days you might need to hold back on this. Powder has a tendency to make skin look dry and can make lines look more pronounced. Using cream-based makeup can be better for you (as long as your skin isn’t on the oily side), as it can blend into skin without drying it. If you can’t do without your powder, stick to the loose, translucent kind and lightly dust it on using a big fluffy brush.

Keep your brows full. In case you didn’t know, thick, well-groomed eyebrows can make you look younger. This is because our eyebrows tend to thin out as we grow older. Growing out your brows can do you good, just be sure to keep them shaped and properly groomed. If your brows are sparse to begin with, use a brow pencil to define them and apply brow powder to fill them in.

Add a healthy dose of color. At this age, you no longer need to be concerned about contouring or shaping your face. You’ll want to apply your blusher on the apples of your cheeks instead to give you a youthful glow. Stick to warm shades of pink, like peach or apricot instead of cooler shades. Blush with gold tones work just as well, too.

Plump up your pout. Constant exposure to UV light, along with natural aging, can cause the collagen in our lips to break down. This is why lips seem to shrink and thin with age. Not to worry, because there is a way to reverse it with lipstick and gloss. A trick I learned is to apply matte lipstick first, then top with clear gloss in the center part of your lips. This gives the illusion of full lips.


Tricks of the Trade: Say goodbye to bad hair days

My problem is my hair. I have more bad hair days than good hair days. What can I do about frizz, greasy roots and damaged hair? 

If we accumulate all the bad hair days we’ve ever had, it might just amount to a year of terrible hair. Just think of all the times we tightly tied back our hair, drowned it with products and fried it with an iron just to get some life out of it. Our crowning glory somehow turns into a bird’s nest and all fantasies of soft, shiny, bouncy hair fly out the window.

Even if we don’t admit it, our hair has a lot to do with our day. Great hair can pull together an outfit, make you feel beautiful and give you winning confidence. So understandably, your day is more likely to be a dreary one when your hair sticks to your scalp like a helmet; expands from humidity or has a rough texture due to styling damage. Everyone gets bad hair days—it’s a matter of what you do to turn your hair (and your day) around. Some people endure bad hair days for weeks on end until it has become a normal thing for them, while others act upon it so it never strikes them again. So if you’re tired of waking up to yet another bad hair day, read on to know what to do about it.

Frizz. Dry, frizzy hair gets worse with humidity, which is bad news for us with thick, wavy to curly hair living in a generally humid climate. The moisture in the air causes our hair to expand and lengthen, and keeps it from drying into the shape we desire. This causes our hair to look poofy and out of control. At the same time, hair can lose the ability to retain moisture when it is damaged, giving it a dry and dull texture. Luckily, there are many anti-frizz products out there that work. Start with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to weigh down hair and give each strand a silky coat. If you can apply deep conditioning masks every week, and work in a leave-in conditioner daily, do it. This will close your hair’s cuticles, preventing the humid air from getting into your hair. Another trick to fight frizz is to rinse with cold water after conditioning to make the hair’s cuticles close.

Greasy roots. An extra oily scalp causes hair to be flat and lifeless (or you may have extra fine hair). In this case, you need volume. If your scalp gets oily a few hours after showering, you may want to switch to a lighter formula or skip the conditioner altogether. Pump up your hair’s volume by using mousse: apply a dollop of the product on damp hair and run with a vented brush using a blow drier or fan. Another way to alleviate oiliness is by lightly patting baby powder on your roots. This will soak up the excess oil and give your hair a bit of body.

Split ends. The only way to get rid of split ends is by cutting them off. A regular trim should stop this from happening, as well as using protective styling products like serums, conditioners and creams before getting a blow dry or ironing your hair. Regular hot oil treatments (twice a month) will keep your hair from getting dried out and will prevent more breakage.

Tangles. Tangled hair due to styling can cause more damage to hair. Don’t be tempted to brush it out while your hair still has product on it. Shampoo, then condition but let it soak for more than a minute. Then use a wide-toothed comb to gently untangle hair. Rinse.


Babies’ Day Out


I’ve been friends with these ladies for years now, and lately we’ve formed a mommy support group (via Whats App) to be able to discuss and help each other with mommy-baby related issues. This has been such a huge help for a new mom like myself as there is just so much you need to know that aren’t found in books or websites. These are the things only your girlfriends can tell you, like sound advice and honest opinions that can make a world of difference for busy moms (like buying the best baby carrier, getting back into shape, and referrals for yayas or nannies). It really helps to talk to like-minded women about these things, especially when you’re going through a difficult time. They can really help put things into perspective (sometimes all you need is a dose of positivity), and you know their advice works because it is based on actual experiences.

We finally planned a playdate for our kiddos, and it was so much fun (okay, it was really for the mommies). Naturally we took plenty of photos as it was quite the production to get everyone in one place. It was a happy, busy day! I think the kids had a lot of fun, though it was basically a staring contest for Juano, Theo and Tristan.

IMG_2131IMG_2176IMG_2137IMG_2142IMG_2147IMG_2177IMG_2186IMG_2193IMG_2167IMG_2199IMG_2205IMG_2211IMG_2210   IMG_2206IMG_2198

That ’70s show

IMG_2740IMG_2753 IMG_2786

I love this season’s ’70s trend. I’ve been trying to find ways to incorporate it to my wardrobe and so far it’s been working out pretty well for me. Of course, I haven’t been able to wear my flared jeans or culottes just yet, but this knitted dress from Mango is just what I need to get on trend. I wore it with leather sandals from SM Parisian (available at SM Shoes and Bags) and a dark red lippie from MAC Viva Glam.

Tricks of the Trade: Keep your look fresh with these hair and makeup trends

I enjoy reading your articles via Inquirer online and I really admire your versatility as a model. I would like to ask tips for how to go about managing my long hair (below shoulders length). You see on the side, I’m into photography. There are days when we do outdoor shoots and I tend to get oily. As a remedy, I tie my hair up in ponytail but I want it to look polished (for a round face). Can you give me more suggestions to control the grease & how to look fresh despite the activity? Thank you. -Mina Flores

I know what its like to be on those outdoor location shoots. Apart from braving the searing sun and humid weather, most of the time you are exposed to dirt, dust and smoke. In just a few hours, your skin turns shiny, your hair becomes greasy and you’re pretty much drenched in sweat. And though this may be just another day in a life of a photographer, you’re right, you should still find ways to look fresh and pretty.

Given you have an extra change of clothes and a mini towel to keep you dry, you can work with stylish but functional hair and makeup looks for days when you have to rough it. I know—how can you possibly wear makeup when you can’t even stay five minutes outside without breaking a sweat? Well, I’m not suggesting you wear a full face of heavy makeup, but use a few products to help keep oiliness at bay. A hair and makeup plan is in order. Read on to get yourself acquainted with the best beat-the-heat tricks you can use for work.



Braid your hair. A hair trend that has been dashing in and out of the “it” list from season to season are braids. It doesn’t matter what kind of braids you choose to wear: loose or tight, small or big, messy or clean—these add style to your look in an instant, and yes, you can wear these even on a hot day. Before you pull your hair into a ponytail (again), try experimenting with braids. You’ve got lots of options: choose easy side braids that turns into a chignon, try adding little braids to your hair or simply turn that ponytail into a clean plait. In an instant you can look polished or boho-chic, depending on your look for the day.


Try a top knot. A hairstyle that looks great in both the red carpet and the gym is something you can try, too. Getting the top knot, ballerina-inspired bun right is easy: flip all of your hair towards your face (it helps if you bend forward) and gather until you’ve created a high ponytail. You can choose to make it a clean bun by using a brush to smoothen out hair or try a messy, textured knot by combing hair with just your fingers. When you’ve secured the ponytail, twist the hair onto itself until it coils and creates a bun (again, you can choose to make it loose or tight). Secure the bun with hairpins or use an elastic band. Mist hairspray as needed or a dollop of styling gel will work also.




Keep it matte. A makeup primer or base is usually what’s recommended to wear under your foundation or powder because it makes skin matte, helps absorbs oil and sweat and prevents makeup from melting. You can use the primer in three ways, depending on the product you choose. You can opt to wear the primer alone, with a layer of loose powder or underneath your foundation or makeup. In your case, I suggest you look for a mattifying primer or powder gel you can use with or without makeup. This should give your skin a smooth, velvety complexion, minimize pores and help control oil production so your skin remains shine-free for hours.


Add a little color. A way to instantly look fresh without having to pile on the makeup is by applying cheek tint. Fresh, natural and easy, it gives skin a healthy dose of color and isn’t torture to wear at an outdoor shoot. Usually a little goes a long way—dot the tint with equal proportion on each cheek and spread quickly on the apples of your cheeks. This should last a long time, but if you should need a touch-up, it would be better if you blot your skin with oil-absorbing paper first and reapply.

London, here I come!


They say if you let the Universe know what you want, it will do everything it can to make it happen. I’m not exactly sure who said it, but hey, it’s worth a shot. “Universe, take me to London!” Okay, I wont hold my breath, but it is now officially out there so I guess I am allowed to hope that it happens.

Of course, I can wish it or I can shop my way to London. Yes, I said SHOP, which is probably the best (and most fun) way to win a trip to your dream destination. Marks & Spencer has a special promo for their Loyalty Card holders, and it’s called Shop Your Way to the UK!!! With every P2,500 single-receipt purchase at Marks & Spencer, you get a chance to win round-trip tickets for two to London.

All you need to do is become a Marks & Spencer Loyalty Card member, which isn’t so hard because until November 1, 2015 their loyalty card membership is FREE with a minimum of P2,000 single receipt purchase. This is incredible, because being a member allows you some awesome benefits. Like shopping the sale first, getting additional sale discounts, exclusive promos and gift offers, and getting 10% off on all Wine Singles! You can’t go wrong with getting a Marks & Spencer Loyalty Card–you get all the perks and a chance to win a trip to London!

Promo period is from August 14 to November 1, 2015. Raffle draw will be on November 5, 2015 at Marks & Spencer Greenbelt 5.