Electric Feel


Easy, loose and non-constricting are things I look for in clothes, now that I’m 5-months pregnant. I usually wear shift or maxi dresses, but once in awhile I find separates that work. Like this black off-shoulder top and orange electric pleat pants, both from FAB Clothing (available at Robinsons Department Stores and Gaisano Metro Department Stores, and Greenhills Shopping Center; FOLLOW them on Instagram: @fab.ph and LIKE them on Facebook: fabclothing.ph). My heels are from Suiteblanco and bracelet and rings from Mango.



Tricks of the Trade: Easy shaving tips for soft, smooth legs


Hi, Kelly! Any tips on how to shave my legs? I’ve sadly developed ingrown hair. —MARIE

Shaving your legs may seem incredibly simple, but there are still some of us who struggle with it and end up with nicks and cuts, and even ingrown hair. If you think about it, no one really teaches us how to shave our legs; we kind of just decide to do it when we feel our leg hair has become too noticeable. It’s really more of a preference—some women do it and others don’t, while the lucky ones don’t even have to because they barely have any leg hair. But for those who really shave their legs and have bad experiences from it, there’s a big chance you’re doing it wrong.

First off, it isn’t true that all you need is a razor to shave. The worst thing is to dry shave, because you can end up with unsightly razor burns and painful little cuts. Seriously, you might as well not shave and just wear pants. There is an art to the act of shaving your legs. You need to prepare for it, take the necessary steps and precautions, and care for your skin after. This ensures you get smooth, hairless, silky-soft skin, which is really why women shave their legs in the first place.

I’ve listed a few easy tips that will allow you to shave your legs without suffering from razor bumps, cuts and ingrown hair. Do these, and you’ll be well on your way to showing some legs.

Never rush or hurry. You can’t expect to shave fast and finish unscathed. A razor is sharp and can cause cuts if you’re not careful. So shave when you actually have spare time and not when you’re running late.

Wait until after you shower. While it’s tempting to shave before doing anything else, don’t. Skin experts say it’s better to wait until you’re 15 minutes into showering to soften the hair and open up its follicles. This will allow you to get a closer shave—to get all the hair in one go.

Shave at night. Apparently, cooler weather in the evening helps you get smoother skin. Shaving in the morning will expose your newly shaven skin to the sun, making it vulnerable to stress. You’ll be giving your skin time to recuperate and regain its suppleness when you shave at night.

Use a moisturizing shaving cream or gel instead of soap to prevent nicks and cuts. You might think it’s good enough to use that bar of soap to lather up for shaving, but this is nowhere near what the skin needs to keep it moisturized when shaving. Using shaving cream or gel specifically for your legs will not only make shaving easier, it will prevent any nicks and cuts and even go as far as keep skin moisturized after shaving.

Don’t use old razors. Dull blades cause skin irritation, and ingrown hair. Disposable razors can usually be used up to 10 times, but you have to use a new one when you feel that the blade has lost its sharpness.

Shave first in the direction of the hair growth—that is, if you have sensitive skin or shaving for the first time. Personally, I shave against the grain and never have any problems with it. But you may have to shave first in the direction of your hair growth; just be sure you use shaving cream or gel so you don’t cut yourself. Also, use the razor lightly. You don’t need to press on your skin so hard to get a close shave.

Exfoliate. If you want to prevent ingrown hair, then you must regularly slough off dead skin. Making this a habit (at least twice a week) can do a world of good for your legs. It will allow growing hair to pass through skin without any blockage.

Moisturize. This is to ensure that your skin stays soft and smooth. Shaving can leave your skin dry and irritated, and you’ll want to prevent this at all costs. Moisturizing also soothes razor burn and keeps skin nourished and protected.


Take me back to the beach

As usual, the weekend was too short. We had so much fun during this trip–it felt great to recharge my batteries and relax with the view of the ocean. We actually planned this trip for Lily (our dog), who we though really needed a vacation (yes, we love her that much). But of course, we were just as happy to be there as she was. My little family loves the beach!


Mandaue Foam Lifestyle


For many of us, Mandaue Foam will always be about quality mattresses. And for good reason–the brand has been around for more than 40 years, with most of its years dedicated to manufacturing foam. Things have drastically changed for the Cebu-based company in the recent years though, as Mandaue Foam began venturing into a wider range of product lines that include pillows, sofas, dining tables, bed frames, and other home items. Today it is one of the country’s top 1000 corporations and has over 19 factories and showrooms nationwide. Pretty impressive.

But what I love most about Mandaue Foam is that they are open to making customized furniture. This is perfect for anyone who has a specific design or look in mind, but cannot seem to find what they want anywhere. You can have furniture made according to that design in your head, or that photo of a sofa set that’s pinned to your mood board. Or you can choose a model you like at their showroom and tweak it according to the look you want. You can select from their wide array of fabric, wood or leather, and change practically everything, from its color, tone, and measurements. Those who have limited space (or a huge space they want to fill up) can really benefit from this, because furniture is made to suit your space! This is such a great option, and you wont find it anywhere else.

I was definitely impressed when I visited its factory/showroom along Ortigas Avenue Extension, because it was so complete! It was fully equipped with a state-of-the-art foaming machine line. And everywhere I looked I saw so many great options for decorating every room in my home at amazingly affordable prices. You really can’t beat the value for money here, because you get high quality furniture at super competitive prices.

So Mandaue Foam recently launched its #MFLifestyle campaign and I got invited to design my own space! This was so up my alley, as my dream is to have free reign to design a room according to how I want it, and with unlimited budget to boot. I decorated my home office, which I’ve really been meaning to work on since we moved to our three-bedroom townhouse. And ta-daaaah! Here it is: I am actually very pleased with the way it turned out, as the big pieces, like the L-shaped desk and the cabinets behind it are super functional and useful. It prevents clutter, as each thing has a place and can be neatly tucked away into its drawers. I also like the little seating area by the desk, as I can work and entertain at the same time. It’s clean, functional and stylish–just how a home office space should look like.


Mandaue Foam also tapped other stylish ambassadors to design and decorate their own space. I have to admit, it was so much fun to see the personalities of each celebrity through the rooms they designed. From visiting each room, I found pieces I liked but in a different color or fabric. There were so many things I wanted–check out these showrooms. #MFLifestyle definitely has A LOT to offer!

RYN_0045Newly-wed Saab Magalona and her earth-toned living room. Saab talked about having to make compromises with her husband when it came to decorating. With this space though, she didn’t have to do much compromising and both she and her husband loves the way it looks.

IMG_9732This living room is by Mylene Dizon, who’s a single mom with two boys. She needed a place where the boys can play and make a mess (without looking messy), and at the same time look pretty because its her space too.

IMG_9733This bachelor’s pad is Sam YG’s–its his version of 50 Shades of Gray.

RYN_9849A man cave that’s stylish and sexy.

IMG_9738This bedroom was designed by Phil Younghusband, who’s also a bachelor. It has a monochromatic theme that looks young and modern.

IMG_9741This pretty living space was designed by Nicole Andersson. It is girly and sweet with pops of color here and there.

Photo-2-24-15-4And lastly, this dining area was decorated by Kryz Uy, who was able to balance style and comfort in one space.

Photo-2-24-15-5I really love these leather dining chairs!

IMG_9750With the one of the hosts of the event, Tessa Prieto-Valdes. 

IMG_9755My longtime friends from the industry, Mika Lagdameo-Martinez and Ria Prieto.

IMG_9766With Cat Arambulo-Antonio and Princess Violago.

IMG_9752With my sister-in-law, Bianca Fernandez and Mika.

IMG_9776Isabel Roces-Trebol, Mika, Ria, Bianca and I.

For more information, go to 



Liana turns 2

Time flies. My goddaughter, Liana recently turned two! My BFF Bianca Santiago-Reinoso wanted to throw her a “small” party, so she planned one in her backyard. She rented a bouncing castle, set up a kiddie movie viewing party (showing Frozen and Toy Story) and borrowed a bubble machine–the result: complete fun for the kids (and adults, too)! Bianca is a fashion stylist by profession, so of course, everything looked fab! She went with this super fun, colorful theme! The party was effortless and oh so pretty. I want to hire her to style my baby’s birthday parties!

Happy birthday, Liana!!!


Beach Weekend


After so many weeks of staying home, we finally planned a quick trip to the beach. This was a vacation Carlos, Lily (our dog) and I desperately needed, as we’ve turned into complete homebodies since the beginning of my pregnancy. I am now on my 5th month, and my baby bump is fast growing. I didn’t realize this until I had to fit my swimsuits and bikinis and only a few fit. This saddened me a little, because this meant my body is changing (somehow I still haven’t come to terms with it) but then again, its all for the baby! This bandeau top from Wanderlust (www.theluxeresort.com) and bikini bottom from J.Crew was all that fit me from my big pile of swimsuits. I love this coverup from Soak Swimwear (www.soakswimwear.com) though, its so happy and colorful and hides a multitude of sins haha.


Tricks of the Trade: How to do eye makeup for ‘chinitas’


Hi Kelly, I hope you can share eye makeup tips for monolids. I read once that you recommend a soft smoky eye for chinita. What else can I try aside from this?

It’s just as easy to apply makeup to monolids, or lids without a fold or crease, as to any kind of eye shape. What you really want is the illusion of deep-set eyes, which is pretty much a standard how-to for any chinita to learn. I remember finding it so confusing to do before, because I assumed it would be the same for all eye types. My sister’s eyes are big and deep (she is more mestiza while I am chinita), and so were my best friend’s, and I really wondered before why I didn’t get the same results when I would copy their eye makeup.

What’s important to remember here is that darker eyeshadows have a tendency to “push back,” while light and shimmery shadows “bring forward.” This is how you create deep-set eyes, and is the premise behind the smoky eye. Here are useful tips on how to make eyes appear bigger and more defined.

Go for the smoky eye. If you are chinita, then you know your eye makeup should be all about creating a smoky eye and lengthening those lashes. Matte brown eyeshadow is your best bet, so make sure you have it in the shade that complements your skin tone (look for shades in sand, nut-brown and coffee). To get that smoky eye right, apply the shadow from your lash line, blending outward until just under your brow bone (you can feel it, just follow the outline of your eye socket). The important thing here is to blend, blend, blend, until your eye shadow softly fades outwards. Then, gently line the insides of your lash line with a soft black or brown waterproof eyeliner and apply two coats of mascara after you’ve curled your lashes.

Line to define. Another trick to make your eyes look bigger is by using eyeliner. To do this, apply gel liner with a brush on the upper lash line and blend it like an eyeshadow, giving it a smoky effect and additional contour. With the remaining color on the brush, line three-fourths of the lower lash line starting from the outer corner of the eye. This will create the illusion of bigger eyes. Avoid lining it fully, as doing this can make eyes look smaller. Finish the look with volumizing mascara.

Use a highlighter. A soft and shimmery highlighter or eyeshadow really does wonders to give your face a “3D effect,” and prevent makeup that looks flat. Like I said, light shadows bring your features forward, so applying it on key points will help accentuate the structure of your face. Using a makeup brush, sweep the highlighter on the bridge of your nose, on your brow bones, the top of your lips and on your chin.

Define your brows. My final recommendation for you is to define your eyebrows. Our brows give our face depth and character, and when worn a little thicker, they can make us look younger and give our expression a softer look. There are many ways to make our brows more defined. First, pluck sparingly. Maintain the thickness of your eyebrows but also remove the stray hairs that make them lose their shape. Tip: Hair should start at the inner eye and end past the outer corner, and don’t forget to add a slight arch on the point where your outer iris ends (when looking straight ahead). Then, fill in sparse areas with an eyebrow pencil, using short, hair-like strokes. Soften the look with powder eyeshadow in the same color, and groom your pair with an eyebrow comb or brush. Lastly, use a tinted eyebrow gel to keep every hair in place. Use only a little at a time though, as too much can look messy and heavy. Transfer a little of the product at a time from the wand to a clean brow brush.


Paolo and Ileana V-day Wedding

Last weekend, my best friends Paolo Villavicencio and Ileana Garcia got married! It was a beautiful ceremony, filled with so much love! These two are really meant to be together, and I couldn’t be happier for them. They tied the knot on Valentine’s Day, which really gave us all the more reasons to celebrate their love. Best wishes to this lovely couple!!!


Oh and could I just share my dilemma for that day?! I had nothing to wear!!! The dress I intended to wear decided not to fit me the day before the wedding, and so did the rest of my closet. Its a good thing I found an infinity dress that was sent to me back in July 2014. It was a perfect fit, and was super flattering (I will still be able to wear it until my 9th month). THANK YOU again Soul Lifestyle for sending me two of these dresses (this is the black version of the dress). It was a lifesaver!!!

Soul Lifestyle is available at 2nd Floor, Gaisano Mall of Davao and 3rd Floor, Abreeza Ayala Mall. Follow them on Instagram: @SoulLifestyle. 


Little Mustard Dress

IMG_8603IMG_8614IMG_8659IMG_8629 IMG_8607IMG_8576 IMG_8661IMG_8662IMG_8591 IMG_8670

It was love at first sight. As soon as I saw this LMD (Little Mustard Dress) on http://www.astogroup.com I just had to have it. And I was right! The shift dress fits so well (even with my growing baby bump), this is one of my favorite dresses of the moment. Of course, I know that in a month or two this won’t be able to fit me anymore, that’s why I’m trying to get the most mileage out of it right now. I paired the dress with sandals from DOLCE VITA (available at SM Shoe City), a white leather watch from Morellato, and a Givenchy Antigona Mini.