Knorr #MonggoGulatKa


I grew up with monggo (or mung beans) as a staple meal. It was served for either lunch or dinner in my house, and was one of those “ordinary” dishes that would pop up on the menu on a Tuesday. I didn’t find anything special about it nor did I really crave for it, though I have to say I did always eat it when it was in front of me. No doubt, I took it for granted all those years. That was, of course, before I started planning my own menu and preparing my own meals at home. Now, it is a treat to have it as a meal. It has become one of my go-to comfort foods, as it brings me back to my childhood.

Back then, I had no idea how healthy monggo really is. Its pretty amazing how something so ordinary to us can be considered a superfood. Yes, the mung bean is actually packed with vitamins that delivers numerous health benefits that is so good for us. It’s funny how I’ve been spending on all these healthy food, like quinoa, kale and chia seeds, when I should’ve been eating more of this comfort food. Just look at all the health benefits it delivers:

Prevents heart disease. Monggo, or Mung Bean in English, contains lecithin, which fights low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and reduces liver fat. It is also a legume, which reduces the risk of heart disease.

Potential anti-cancer properties. Studies show that consumption of monggo beans can also reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, including stomach, colon, cervical, and breast cancer.

Rich in much-needed nutrients. Monggo beans are rich in nutrients, including Iron for increasing oxygen delivery through blood cells, Magnesium to maintain normal muscle function, Folate to support nerve and brain function, and Vitamin K for healthy bone tissue, among others.

Ideal for weight loss. Monggo is rich in fiber and low in calories, making it an ideal substitute for rice for those with weight-loss goals. Monggo is even safe for diabetics as it regulates blood sugar.

Well-rounded for dietary necessities. It also contains carbohydrates and essential proteins, to give you that needed boost of energy.

Not only do we love monggo as a delicious daily health booster, but we love it for its versatility, as it matches perfectly with fish, beef, pork or chicken. Monggo – a staple in every Filipino household – is often a regular dish on the menu as it’s regarded by most as a tasty and healthy side dish to complement your ulam. In the classic Filipino Monggo stew, mung beans are cooked with pork and vegetables to add flavor to the texture of monggo. This combination makes monggo stew one of the most comprehensively nutritious family meals. Adding a Knorr pork cube to the monggo stew transforms the humble dish into the star of the dining table.

For more easy-to-do recipes that you fill with love for your family, visit, and follow Knorr Philippines on social media.


Summer white


I’ve been happily living in shift dresses these past few months–they’re effortless and cool (literally, they’ve been helping me beat the heat this summer), and they fit me so well (I am now 33 weeks into my pregnancy). This white shift dress from Promod is a new favorite. I imagine I’ll be using this after I give birth, which is a huge plus for me. I wore this dress with a necklace and leather tote bag (both also from Promod), a leather strap watch from Esprit Timepieces and super comfy flats from Butterfly Twists. This outfit may as well be my everyday uniform, I can wear it to my meetings, shoots and events.



Loewe Puzzle Bag

Following his forward-looking reinterpretations of existing house styles, including new takes on the classic Amazona and Flamenco, LOEWE presents the first completely new bag designed by Jonathan Anderson for the brand.

With its innovative cuboid shape and unique tactile qualities —the Puzzle is extraordinarily soft and foldable till it’s flat— the new bag encapsulates untried ideas about form, construction and materiality, all while making a bold statement that is sure to make it LOEWE’s latest icon.

Mirroring LOEWE’s multi-faceted identity and the way various recombined elements make up the landscape of the brand today, the Puzzle appears to be composed of geometric fragments of leather that have been sliced and repositioned. Anderson explains the irregular, simultaneously minimal and complex design: “I set out to find a new way of building a bag, fundamentally questioning its structure. It was about deconstructing a conventional bag to create a flat object with a tridimensional function.” Consequently, the new bag’s cuts determine how it folds, while strategic exterior seams dictate its modern shape. Softness creates structure, highlighting the natural qualities of leather. No concessions were made in terms of functionality, either, as is evident in the Puzzle’s adjustable strap, distinctive hardware and interior pocket.As conceptual and intelligent as it is straightforward and desirable, the Puzzle exemplifies how, at LOEWE, expert craftsmanship and innovative design come together to create reconsidered standards for modern life. Original form, extreme tactility and maximum utility. The Puzzle is available in two sizes and a range of colours, leathers and skins including Oro suede, coral calf and chocolate croc.

Loewe is exclusively available in Rustan’s Shangri-la.


MAC is Beauty


No appointment required… Come in and indulge yourself in M∙A∙C Is Beauty: a world of pure, delicious vanity, where you can preen supreme to get that wow factor, emerging perfectly coiffed, polished and all glammed up. What’s wrong with being a little high-maintenance? Go from doll to diva in new hues of Eye Shadow, Cremesheen Glass, Lipstick, Nail Lacquer and sixteen shades of Fluidline.

I am in love with this collection! It is mod and chic and pretty all at the same time. I’ve been obsessed with pastels for a couple of seasons now, and it’s great to see how it translates to makeup. I have to say, MAC does it really well, as it pairs graphic liners with muted, pastel shades. It makes such an impact when worn together, and almost brings out a different kind of skin tone (surely fresh and more polished).

MAC is Beauty was recently launched in the Philippines (and worldwide), and was naturally met with droves of its loyal fans. It was hard not to buy the entire collection–you can go a little crazy with this especially since it is right on trend. My must-buys are: Blue Peep (turquoise blue) and Ivy (fresh green leaf) from the Pro Longwear Fluidline, Japanese Spring (pale lilac) Cremesheen Glass, Silly (bring white pink matte) and Make Me Gorgeous (intense coral pink) Lipsticks, and To Dye For (pale peach) and Doll Me Up (pale mint green) Nail Lacquer. Seriously, you cannot miss out on this collection!


LEGO (finally) opens in Manila

It really is every child’s fantasy: to be able to own and play with all the Lego he/she wants. I remember wishing for that and all the Barbie dolls and merchandise in the world when I was a kid. It was just so thrilling to play with these toys and collect them (especially if they were special, limited-edition themes). And I swear, it was cruel punishment to wait for your parents and relatives to give them to you during birthdays and Christmases and get socks and t-shirts instead. LEGO was and will always be THE go-to toy for kids. It is fun and colorful and insanely addictive, and guess what, now it’s finally HERE in Manila!

Yes, LEGO officially opened last week at the Park Triangle, 11th Avenue corner Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig (same building as Kidzania), which is amazing news for kids and adults alike. I know a few Lego collectors who really spend their time, effort and money building crazy spaceships, buildings and tanks, and they all lined up at the opening to purchase exclusive collector sets. If you’re looking for reasons to visit the official LEGO store, read up. This particular store has unique offerings you wont find anywhere else.

The first is Pick A Brick (PAB), where customers can buy the LEGO elements that they need individually, which enhances the LEGO customer’s building experience with their very own LEGO creations. Pick A Brick is sold per 100 grams. Another is Build A Mini (BAM), which allows customers to build their own customized mini figure by choosing a headwear, head, torso, legs, and tools/accessories. Each BAM set includes three customizable mini figures.

Filipinos can also now enjoy the Monthly Mini Build (MMB) program, a hands-on monthly event where kids ages 6-14 are invited to build simple, seasonal, and exclusive LEGO Store mini builds. The best part? No purchase will be required. Children below 6 years old will also be allowed to join, as long as an adult or guardian will be present during the activity.

And lastly, because LEGO partnered up with World Vision for the “Rebuild Classrooms Project”. The project aims to help children in target Area Development Programs to have access to learning facilities through the renovation and construction of classrooms and other school facilities. The project also aims to promote the spirit of volunteerism and to strengthen partnerships between sponsors, donors, and corporations. LEGO will be selling 5,000 pieces of the 30302 Spider-Man Glider V29 for only P50.00 in support of rebuilding classrooms in Malabon. LEGO will also be donating P100 on your behalf* for every 20 pieces of My Own Creation (MOC) entry you send in via Instagram which represents “EDUCATION” in order to help raise a total of P500,000 for this project (*up to a total donated value of P250,000 or 2,500 entries at P100 per entry).

If you’re still not convinced, then you should have a serious talk with you inner child. Because I’m pretty sure he/she wants you to check out the first official LEGO store, stat.

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Tropical print


Fact: one of the best ways to beat the heat is to wear a pretty tropical print! I love this wrap dress from Details–it looks so fresh and summery and I can wear it no matter how big my tummy gets. I matched the dress with gold accessories; the ‘K’ necklace is from Hey Jow!, the ring and bracelet from Mango and strappy sandals from Butterfly Twists. The acrylic clutch came with the StyLIZed x Happy Skin lippie set and inside is my gold Samsung S6 Edge from Globe Platinum. Oh and my vegan white out pedicure is by I Do Nails at McKinley Hill.


Cudsly x PattyKelly

Here it is! The official video from our joint shower hosted by Patty and I had so much fun at this event, and it definitely shows in this video! :) I am really happy with the way this turned out–THANK YOU Thirty Six-O for producing this! This is such a great way to remember this happy occasion.

Check out for all your mommy-baby needs.


Tricks of the Trade: Expertly contour and highlight your face


Hello Kelly. I just want to ask what makeup trick would be best to shape my face and sharpen my nose a little. —Reina Christina

To define your features and give your face a more angular look, try contouring. It is an essential part of applying makeup, but can be tricky for most as a heavy hand can make you look harsh or unnatural. To keep you in check, dark stripes applied on cheekbones and shading prominently drawn on nose lines are a no-no. Contouring should provide natural shadows on your face when sunlight hits it, and must be used to softly accentuate your features.

Shimmery highlighters usually come hand-in-hand with contouring, as it works to brighten areas of your face, while a darker, more matte contouring makeup slims and defines it. Creating a makeup palette of gorgeous nude and neutral browns, beiges and gold will lend the look you want to achieve. Purchasing the right products for your skin tone is just as important as knowing how to apply them, so take note of each product’s shade, consistency and texture.

To find out what makeup you’ll need and discover easy tips on how to apply it, follow these easy tips.

Experiment with shades and textures. When it comes to makeup, finding the right shade to suit your skin tone may be a little daunting. You’ll want your foundation and powder to match your complexion, with a palette of bronzers or sculpting powders to work with, ranging from nude shades to different facets of earthy tones (think: khaki, camel, caramel and coffee). Another important thing to consider is texture; as matte, skin-finish, shimmery, pearlized or iridescent components makes all the difference when applied to makeup. The best makeup to work with is one with a natural skin-finish. These contain very fine shimmer that offer skin a fresh, dewy look. Anything too metallic or glittery usually ends up looking tacky, so steer clear from these when shopping for makeup.

Before you buy, try the product. This seems like a very obvious tip, but is one that most of us tend to forget. Pretty packaging or rave reviews from a friend may push us to immediately purchase an item. But you really don’t know how a product will look on your skin until you try it. It may look fabulous on a model in a magazine or even on your friend but may not necessarily work on your complexion. At the same time, you may discover an even better product from trying different ones.

Avoid the streaky, muddy look. A rule of thumb when choosing a sculpting powder or bronzer: make sure it is only two shades darker than your skin tone. Any darker and you can end up with a messy, unnatural look that is prone to streaking. Obviously too dark powders can be difficult to blend with your complexion, which is why you should stick to ones closest to your color. Also, orange, rust and pink tones can be hard to work with and should be avoided.

Application is essential. Using a large, fluffy angled brush, sweep bronzer along your hairline, temples and hollows of your cheeks. Make sure it blends well with your skin, then apply highlighter on your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and chin. Highlighters should match your complexion and deposit a hint of shine on your skin. To define your nose, use a blending brush to softly accentuate its sides, starting from the inner corners of the eyes just below your eyebrows going down to tip of your nose.


Chevrolet Sonic


Lately I’ve been looking for a smaller, more compact car to drive around in. I don’t drive as often as I should, mainly because my car is huge and I have a difficult time driving it. I’ve always wanted to get a smaller car for everyday use; a car to jet around in when I do my errands, that is easy to maneuver and park. I’ve been window shopping for the perfect one for awhile now and finally, I think I may have found the right fit.

It’s the 2015 Chevrolet Sonic, and it is all kinds of cool. It has a young and stylish look, which I love and it offers plenty of interior room which I have to admit, was unexpected for a sub-compact car. Usually when you think of a small car you imagine it to be cramped, but the Sonic isn’t like that at all. It can fit five people quite comfortably, and you’ll still have room for your groceries in the back. I love that the rear seatbacks flip forward when you need more space, creating a big trunk (another thing I look for in a car as I usually pack everything, including the kitchen sick when I leave the house). This works especially well when Carlos and I go on beach trips and we need to bring our dog Lily with us.

IMG_5886IMG_5820IMG_5828IMG_5819IMG_5882 IMG_5878 IMG_5849IMG_5851

I think the interiors look sleek and sporty. It holds a motorcycle-inspired gauge cluster featuring a big tachometer and user-friendly display. And it has features like leatherette upholstery, power windows, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, electric folding side view mirrors with heater and defogger, rear park assist, Bluetooth phone connectivity, and a USB port. For an everyday car, the Sonic tops it for me.

IMG_5923IMG_5834IMG_5839IMG_5855IMG_5935IMG_5933IMG_5859IMG_5853IMG_5866    IMG_5844

I took the Sonic out for a ride a few times. I don’t really drive very fast, but I noticed that the steering is responsive and the ride was comfortable. It has a fuel efficient 1.4L Ecotec DOHC 16-Valve D-CVCP Sequential MPFI engine, which I like because it’s quick and it saves you money in the long run. Its 6-speed automatic Transmission has Driver shift control, which I don’t really know how to use (not yet anyway), but Carlos really appreciated (he drove it too, of course).


Im really not an expert in cars so I can’t really expound on its technicalities. But based on experience, I think the Chevrolet Sonic as an easy, everyday car. It’s quick and effortless to drive, has ample storage and sleek interiors, and it has a great engine that is fuel efficient. It’s a win-win for me! I may just get one in white!


My baby bump cover


It’s out! My cover of Smart Parenting featuring new mom Andi Manzano and Olivia, mom of two Nicole Hernandez and her little boy Luis and me and my baby bump. This was such a fun shoot–it actually felt great to get dolled up and dressed for this. We also got to share our experiences in this issue, with me going through the ups and downs of pregnancy, Andi getting into the groove of motherhood and Nicole handling her two boys, a toddler and a baby.

Don’t forget to grab a copy!