Happy Skin Turns 1


It’s hard to believe that HAPPY SKIN is only a year old! I feel like the makeup brand has been around for at least a couple of years. We’ve seen many, many milestones achieved in the past 12 months and I couldn’t be happier for the duo behind the brand–CONGRATULATIONS Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo!!! I am so proud of my friends! Happy Skin has quickly become a breakthrough brand with a huge loyal following. May you continue to be inspired to create amazing, happy makeup!

So of course, Happy Skin threw the prettiest birthday party, held at Vanilla Cupcakes at Bonifacio High Street. Everyone knew each other, which made it a such fun and happy event–we ate cupcakes while trying out different lippies! It was such a girly party, and we couldn’t be happier. We talked about makeup for hours haha! And it was a double celebration, because Jacqe and Rissa also introduced their holiday collection called “Save Room For Dessert”. These come in the cutest gift-ready tins, and contain the favorites from their lineup, mixed in with new, Christmas-edition shades (these make great stocking stuffers). Scroll down till the end to read about Save Room For Dessert. 

Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Happy Skin! We can’t wait to see what next year has in store for us.

IMG_2354IMG_2432IMG_2364IMG_2360IMG_2367IMG_2362    IMG_2369IMG_2414IMG_2420IMG_2430IMG_2428 IMG_2423   IMG_2353 IMG_2424IMG_2442 IMG_2433 IMG_2435





1.)  The Forbidden Fruit (set of 3 lippies at P1,399 or P549 each) tin set leads the Happy Skin Christmas dessert pack with a collection of new lippie shades. Happy Skin has been known to have perfected the lippie formula in their Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippie. “Our lippies have excellent color pigmentation, high level of moisturization (that they almost feel like a balm), and can last for hours without retouching!” says Jacqe. Co-founder of the brand Rissa Mananquil-Trillo shares, “We’re really proud of our multi-tasking lippies. They give everything that a woman’s lips need in just one amazing product! What makes [women] love it even more at first swipe is the fact that Happy Skin lippies go so well with any skin tone – from fair skinned, to chinita, and morena.” In this particular Christmas set are the following NEW yummy shades:

* Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me in Mistletoe Kiss, a bold red, perfect for crimson lips during holiday season and beyond.

* Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me in Under The Sheets, a nude with a hint of delicious mocha, making it a bit bolder than your regular nudes, but equally as versatile.

* Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me in Naughty and Nice, a very wearable berry pink that can go from day to night


2.)       To seal each Christmas bash with indomitable Christmas spirit, smack up with Happy Skin’s best-selling lippie shades. Gift or grab the decadent Happy Skin Sealed With A Kiss (set of 3 bestselling lippies at P1,299) tin. “This is our small gift back to our loyal fans: a collection of the top 3 best-selling Shut Up & Kiss Me lippies!” shares Jacqe. It has the following top shades in a novel kiss-marked tin:

First Kiss has a huge fan base because of its bold yet pretty pink hue. “It’s so well-loved because this is a kind of pink that whispers classy more than pa-cute,” explains Rissa. Summer Fling is a great marriage of peach and pink. “It looks so good in photos and videos, and was a huge favorite all over Instagram!” Rissa adds. And finally, Crushing On You is the must-have nude hue everyone is gushing about! “So many women declared this as their favorite everyday lippie,” Rissa shares.


3.)       For eyes that sparkle this Christmas season, the Happy Skin Eye Candy (set of 4 mini eyeliners at P1,299) is the tin set to get. “Eye Candy is a collection of limited edition colors of our bestselling gel eyeliners,” explains Jacqe. Grab it for someone who wants to make a dramatic entrance during a yuletide shindig. Or, wear the fresh liner shades to give your own peepers that extra Christmas oomph. “Our latest eye pencils give you new must-have hues with a hint of modern, wearable pearl. I love how they can easily transform your everyday look!” says Rissa.

Instead of the usual brown or black, Happy Skin wants you be the life of the party with four mini liners that offer standout sparkle. “Line your eyes with a pretty Plum. It’ll make everyone wonder why there’s something different about you but they just can’t pinpoint what,” suggests Rissa. Or, try Watermelon, which has a statement-making “hint of deep green with the familiarity of everyone’s favorite brown,” Rissa explains. You may also dab the icy pale pink hue of Cotton Candy in the inner corners of your eyes for an illuminating finish. “Then, to freshen up the typical smoky eye, line with the golden Butterscotch for an edgy and ethereal look,” suggests Rissa.


4.)       As an ultimate delectable treat, the Happy Skin Served on A Silver Platter (collection of 5 bestselling products at P1,999) set is “perfect for those boyfriends or husbands looking for a special gift for their lady!” says Jacqe. “It’s also a great gift for your finicky best friend, meticulous mom or sister. And, even your mother-in-law will be impressed,” she says. The Happy Skin Served on A Silver Platter tray has Happy Skin’s top-selling products: “It contains our Shut Up & Kiss Me Honeymoon Glow lippie (it’s been called the Holy Grail of lippies!), the Get Cheeky With Me blush in First Kiss, the Eye Am Here to Stay 24H Gel Eyeliner, a tube of our much-acclaimed SS cream, and a foundation brush,” enumerates Jacqe. “This kit equips you not just with our bestsellers but also with tried and tested favorites,” confirms Rissa.


Happy Skin is available at Rustan’s Makati and Rustan’s Shangri-la, Beauty Bar and Plains & Prints. 

Gym class


A day filled with errands and chores requires a comfortable outfit, and so I decided to go with this. I’ve become one of those women who wears their gym clothes out on the street haha. No regrets though, because I was able to hop from one place to another without fussing over my attire. This was especially perfect for the grocery and for shopping for home stuff–it’s all about easy comfort! My top is from online store Ava Athletica (check out their Instagram page: @AvaAthletica), my pants are from H&M, sneakers from Native and bag from Kenneth Cole.



Wee Nam Kee


I loooooove Singaporean food!!! One of the main reasons why I love going to Singapore (apart from visiting family) is to eat as much hainanese chicken, chili crab and cereal prawn as I can, with matching fried rice. You can’t really think of dieting when you have these in front of you. Seriously, it is too good to resist. The thing about Singaporean cuisine is that it has a distinct flavor–it is sweet, spicy and savory all the same time. In a lot of ways, it appeals to my Filipino taste. Like most of you, I like certain dishes that are on the sweet and savory side–they go well with rice, which is also a staple in my meals.

So it wasn’t a question of whether or not I should go to Wee Nam Kee to try out their new menu. It was a matter of WHEN. I messaged my best girls to join me for lunch, and just like that we had a feast in front of us. It all happened so fast. We must’ve ordered the entire menu as one dish was served after the other. The plus side was, of course, the food was amazing and we got to try all the dishes. The downside: we three girls had to finish everything (not really, these were happily wrapped and taken home to be eaten at Casa Fernandez for dinner–no cooking, yay!). It really was an unforgettable dining experience, which allowed us to discover brand new creations while enjoying our favorite dishes. It really was a tough job, tasting one dish after the other, but somebody had to do it hahaha. We were so full after, we might have been rolled out of the restaurant after our meal. Here’s what we tried:

IMG_1857Fresh Barley Juice (iced). I never tried barley juice before so this was interesting. It was refreshing though, not too sweet and it had the barley at the bottom which was nice to chew on. It was a bit filling though, but okay, we ordered a lot so I wont put the blame on this.

IMG_1860Crispy Mantou Bread w/ Condensed Milk. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, these sweet buns are so addicting. I remember pairing these with spicy crab back in Singapore (my favorite). This time I tried it with condensed milk dip and I was in Crispy Mantou Bread heaven. This is a must-order!

IMG_1863Prawn Paste Chicken Wings. An original Singaporean culinary treat, Wee Nam Kee’s crispy fried chicken wings with prawn paste is a little spicy, but good. I have to admit though, compared to all the other tasty dishes we tried that day this okay (it would be hard to compete with the other savory dishes). Its a good appetizer though!

IMG_1906Salted Egg Chinese Style Fried Chicken. Your favorite crispy fried chicken with a Singapore signature salted egg batter. This was quite interesting–the batter gave the chicken a unique flavor but it wasn’t too salty (not at all like eating salted egg on its own). I recommend this if you’re looking to try a new dish.

IMG_1864Pineapple Fried Rice w/ Pork Floss. This offers a sweet twist to your fried rice. Made with fried rice with mixed vegetables, roast pork, and sweet pineapples topped with sweet & spicy pork floss, this is a different take on a favorite. Don’t worry, its not as sweet as it sounds, it still tastes very much like fried rice (meaning: it wont overpower your other “ulam“, which is important).

IMG_1915IMG_1918Hainanese Chicken Curry Noodles. This is Wee Nam Kee’s version of the beloved Singaporean specialty: Laksa. What makes it different is the r Hainanese chicken on top and the noodles with curry sauce in chicken soup. This was bursting with flavor! Its a hybrid dish that offers a lot of flavor. This is definitely something new to try!

IMG_1880Wok Fried Chicken w/ Cashews & Sun Dried Chili. This is one of my favorites!!! It is made of chicken strips, cashews and sun dried chili–this definitely has the signature Singaporean spiciness and savory taste. This is soooooo good with fried rice!

IMG_1870Sauteed Beef Fillet w/ Sate Sauce. This was so good–it’s seasoned beef strips sauteed in a Singaporean sate. Think: beef satay that’s not on a stick. Yummy.

IMG_1889Cashew Coffee Spareribs. This is it! The winner!!! My favorite dish out of ALL THE DISHES we tried. These spareribs are amazing! They are seasoned with salt and pepper and imported Singapore kopi ground spice rub topped with cashew nuts. Its sweet and tastes like coffee but in the best possible way. Try this!!!!

IMG_1927Butterflied Tilapia w/ Chili Crab Sauce. Deep fried filleted tilapia swimming in chili crab sauce. So good! Its crispiness is so bagay with the spicy-sweet sauce. This is great when you want chili crab but don’t want the mess. I know, tilapia is not chili crab but it’s an alternative. Personally though, crab wins over fish for me every time!!!

IMG_1932Stewed Pork Belly w/ Steamed Buns. This is their version of cuapao, only you make it yourself. This was so savory and delicious but also very fatty (of course, its pork belly). If you’re watching your diet, you can remove the fatty parts. But if not, indulge haha. I know I did!

IMG_1874Prawns w/ Lychee and Peaches. A seafood version of the classic sweet and sour dish, only its made with lychee and peaches. This was a little sweet for my taste, but if you like these sort of dishes, go go go ahead and try this. I think the shelled prawns made it extra sweet, of course, I’m comparing it to the pork sweet and sour dish.

IMG_1884Cereal Prawns. C’mon, how can we NOT order this dish?!! This is one of my favorites and I always ALWAYS order this when dining at a Singaporean restaurant. I mean, prawns deep fried with Nestum–this is SO GOOD!

IMG_1892Sambal Kangkong. After all the ordering we did, Meryll realized we didn’t order any veggies. So we ordered this dish to “balance” things out haha. It was good though. It was also on the sweet-tasty side.

IMG_1877Hainanese Chicken (steamed). Another crowd favorite. We were hesitant to order this since we had so many other dishes to try, but then again, how can you not have this dish? Wee Nam Kee has one of the best Hainanese Chicken dishes in the Philippines, so yes, you must try this if you haven’t already!  

IMG_1940Chocolate Truffle Buchi. As they say, there’s always room for dessert and so we ordered this plate! It was hands down one of the best buchis I’ve ever tried because it was so decadent. Inside each buchi was melted white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Amazing!

Established in 1989 in Singapore, Wee Nam Kee has been serving Hainanese chicken rice for the past 25 years. Universally recognized as the gold standard of Singapore’s Hainanese Chicken Rice, Wee Nam Kee now has eight branches in the Philippines: Ayala Triangle Gardens, Serendra, Glorietta 2, Alabang Town Center, Promenade Greenhills, Trinoma Mall, Shangrila East Wing, and the new Fairview Terraces Mall. Wee Nam Kee continues to expand both domestically and internationally with more locations planned for Singapore, the Philippines, and beyond.


Jet set jacket


If there’s one thing I need when I travel, it’s a great-fitting jacket. I get cold easily, so this is something I need with me ALL THE TIME. This leather jacket from Guess is my new favorite. It kept me warm when I travelled to Seoul, Korea (read about my trip HERE). The temperature wasn’t so bad, but there were times when it would get chilly (and for me that’s cold). I really love its design–it dressed up my otherwise plain outfit.

Melissa Conquers the World


Melissa is one of the most recognizable footwear brands in the world. Its shoes are made from a unique material that’s akin to jelly, and it comes in all kinds of colors, shapes and styles. Its famous designs have been imitated all over the world, but I have to say, it quality has never been duplicated. It is one of the most comfortable shoes ever made, and they’re virtually indestructible. I know this for a fact, because I bought my first pair of Melissa shoes back in 2010 and they look as new as the day I bought them (and I’ve used them A LOT).

Originally produced in 1979 and widely acknowledged as the original “jelly”, Melissa has risen from its humble Brazilian origins to be become one of the most celebrated names in international footwear. Its groundbreaking collaborations with legendary designers like Vivienne Westwoood, Karl Lagerfeld, the Campana brothers and Jason Wu have made Melissa one of the most coveted shoe brands in the world. Btw, these designer collaborations are genius–I think it’s a great way to wear designer pieces without breaking the bank! I can spend hours in their store (in the Philippines, Melissa is available in all Geleia stores), and I can never leave without buying myself a pair.

To celebrate its 35th year as a global fashion brand, Melissa showcased its newest collection in a travel-inspired event held at the Atrium of SM Aura in Bonifacio Global City. At the event were 3D murals of the most captivating sceneries of Paris, London, New York and Brazil, where guests were able to take travel-worthy snapshots all in one place. There was also a fashion show that gave us a sneak peek into the latest Melissa collection, which will be available in Geleia in the following weeks. It was definitely a fun event, and the best part: we all went home with Melissa shoes!


IMG_1627IMG_1615   IMG_1631IMG_1667IMG_1644IMG_1665IMG_1771IMG_1728IMG_1688IMG_1699IMG_1702IMG_1742IMG_1787IMG_1809IMG_1826IMG_1536IMG_1533IMG_1534IMG_1828IMG_1539IMG_1531IMG_1542IMG_1523IMG_1527IMG_1525IMG_1537IMG_1538IMG_1837IMG_1526IMG_1529IMG_1520


My Burberry

I am obsessed with this newest fragrance by Burberry!!! Not just because it features two of my favorite supermodels of all time: Kate Moss and Cara Delevigne, but it smells amazing. It has a distinct floral scent that’s elegant and sophisticated– it’s perfect for the cool months ahead. I really can’t get enough of it. I’ve been wearing it from day to night for a few days now. TIP: You can have your My Burberry perfume bottle personalized until October 29 at SM Aura Beauty Section! Go purchase your bottle now!



The campaign features Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne,
shot by photographer Mario Testino, under the creative direction of Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Bailey. Wearing the Sandringham trench coat, Kate and Cara embody a sense of individuality, optimism and legacy as encapsulated in My Burberry.


My Burberry captures the fragrance of a London garden after the rain. Top notes of sweet pea and bergamot fuse with a heart of geranium, golden quince and freesia, rounded out with base notes of rain-tipped damask and centifolia roses and patchouli.

Referencing the Burberry trench coat colour palette, the My Burberry juice is reminiscent of the signature honey shade, one of the three colours used in the brand’s Heritage Trench Coat collection.


My Burberry is a bright grand floral fragrance that maintains its fresh floral scent through to the dry down.

Damask and centifolia roses are blended together to form
rose absolute. The damask rose, grown in Turkey, is only harvested during the month of May. Grown at high altitude, these rare roses are delicately handpicked each morning at sunrise.

The centifolia rose, also known as the May rose, is grown in Grasse, France. Also exceptionally precious, the roses bloom once a year in May and can be picked only at their peak between 4am and 10am each morning. It is these growing conditions, combined with the traditional harvesting methods, that give the rose absolute its exceptional quality.

Rose absolute is paired with freesia and quince. The blend accentuates the delicacy of the note and provides a distinctive, fruity accent that softens and opens the different facets of the rose. Bergamot oil adds a sparkle and crispness, while a drop of geranium creates an unexpected contrast to the femininity of the signature. A hint of patchouli brings
a sense of warmth and light earthiness.


The glass bottle and overall design reflect the details of
the Burberry trench coat: a bold horn-finish cap echoes its distinctive buttons and the hand-tied knot is English-woven gabardine, honouring the fabric invented by Thomas Burberry over 100 years ago. The bottle is presented in a trench-coloured box. The gold lined interior is embossed with the iconic Burberry check design.

DB_BurberryB2BTS01_096_F3-new 2014_MYBURBERRY_BTS_SHOT_03



Crop it out

img_0386   img_0410IMG_0440img_0379 img_0430IMG_0443img_0416img_0424

I’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful weather we’ve been having lately. My outfits have been all about the crop tops and the short shorts, which I’ve been dying to wear for weeks. I love that sort of easy, effortless style and today’s post is no different. This loose crop top from Suiteblanco is a closet staple. I paired it with these crochet shorts from online store OverStackedPH (LIKE them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/overstacked and follow them on Instagram: @overstacked), suede booties from TOMS, these layering necklaces from Hey Jow!, a rose gold bracelet from Kate Spade, a ring from Topshop and a hat from E.G.G.

Tricks of the Trade: How to improve oily skin and minimize pores

Marni (2)

Hi Kelly. I’m a teenager, and though I’m glad I don’t get many breakouts, I’m really  bothered with my huge pores, oily skin and dull complexion, which I notice after an especially long day. I feel that my skincare routine—a deep-cleaning soap-free facial cleanser, oil-free moisturizer and a weekly exfoliating facial scrub—doesn’t work hard enough. Can you suggest some skincare products to improve my skin and will keep me feeling refreshed until after-hours? Thanks.—Patricia

Teenage skin can be quite a challenge to treat. Hormones are usually going wild at this age, which may lead to skin that’s exactly how you described it: dull and oily, with pronounced pores. This seems to be every young girl’s problem—that and the emergence of pimples. Let me just say, though, you are one of the lucky few that don’t really experience breakouts. Really, you must celebrate this fact and realize that you must also be doing something right with your skin.

As for your skincare routine, you are on the right track. I would’ve recommended exactly these products for your skin. But I know how you feel. You want your skin to be the best it can be, and that means minimizing the appearance of your pores, reducing oiliness and improving dull skin tone. Well, there’s no need to fret, as there are more than a few ways to improve your skin. And no, these don’t require expensive treatments and high-priced creams. Below is a list of tips and tricks to help improve your skin’s situation.

Try a BB cream. BB stands for beauty balm/blemish balm. The formula was created by German dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek initially to protect her patients’ skin after surgery, but was eventually discovered by the beauty industry because of its notable benefits. The BB cream works as both skincare and a makeup, as it keeps skin nourished while providing adequate coverage for everyday use. Some even contain SPF and whitening/anti-aging elements, which really make all the difference. But the main reason you should try this is because most formulas contain ingredients that keep skin matte and fresh. Try: Pond’s BB Plus Cream Flawless White 











Apply a makeup primer. You may think this is just another step to add to your skincare/makeup routine, but this is so worth the extra minutes. Aside from preparing skin for makeup, it creates an even surface for your foundation to adhere better. The best part: it keeps skin looking fresh as it inhibits oil production. This is great news to anyone who has oily skin; the primer can be used under makeup to extend it for a couple more hours. Try: Smashbox Photo-Finish Foundation Primer


Blot away. Oil-control paper is your best friend. Seriously, these oil-zapping sheets should be inside your purse at all times. These are handy and convenient (they fit right into any bag or clutch), and these quickly blot away the shine. Try: Clean & Clear Instant Oil Absorbing Sheets


Powder your nose. Powder soaks up oil, so you need to apply it on your skin’s oiliest areas (the T-zone: forehead, nose and chin). Both loose and pressed powders do the trick; just make sure you use the correct shade. If you’re not sure about the color, opt for a translucent powder. Try: Laura Mercier Translucent Powder


Find a pore refiner/minimizer. Pore-minimizing creams that contain ingredients like vitamin A, retinoic acid or tretinoin don’t necessarily make the diameter of your pores smaller, but it does its job to tighten skin and improve collagen production. This makes pores look and feel smaller, which is what you are after. After a few weeks of use, you’ll be able to see visible results. Try: Murad T-Zone Pore Refining Gel


Happy 2nd Anniversary, my love!


Its been two years since I married the love of my life. It doesn’t feel like two years, but longer, only because we’ve been together for so long. It has been 11 years since we fell in love, and so much has happened! I guess for me two years only seems like a moment, considering we’ve been through so much in more than a decade. We’ve seen each other through ups and downs, and for some time there have been more downs than ups. But I have to say that life’s difficulties only made our relationship stronger, which is why right now, at this moment, we are happy and blessed to wake up next to each other. He is everything to me–my source of strength, my biggest cheerleader and my best friend (I can only hope I am the same to him).

The past 24 months has been blissful, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ve made a conscious decision to make our home our sanctuary. A place of peace where we could both be ourselves. This is so important for us, and I’m glad we’ve decided on this. I can’t tell you how important it is to have peace in the home, to have the space to be yourself and be creative, and to not worry about the petty things. Of course, I am not saying things have been perfect, because nothing is really. But since we’ve agreed to act like a team, things have been smooth sailing for us. Its funny, we used to fight more when we were still boyfriend-girlfriend, but now we hardly do.

At this point, we are still fixing our house. We have everything we need, but home improvements are still underway. I’m glad we took our time with this, because in the beginning I was all about having it all and more. What I’ve realized is that it is better to buy things slowly, so that you love every little thing that goes into your house as opposed to just buying it for the sake of it (and having to replace it later on). We are concentrating on furnishing and redecorating each room, which I think are fun “projects” for us to get into. I can’t express enough how happy I am to have my husband on board with these things. He has been involved with our home from day one, which makes such a huge difference.

Being married really is quite the journey, and while I am only in the beginning stages, I can only hope that we will continue to be happy and blessed in the years to come. And since it’s our anniversary, I’ve decided to write down the things I’ve been grateful for in the past year. This way, I can look back and see the progress. I think this is good practice, because most of us tend to focus on the negative things that happen in our lives instead of the things that make us happy every day. I need to remind myself about this constantly, that I should always concentrate on the positive and show appreciation for the little things.

I am grateful for our home. We stayed in an old apartment for about a year after we got married. It wasn’t so bad, it’s just that the elevator kept breaking down and we had to climb eight flights of stairs every single day (sometimes we had to go down two or three times in a day, and it was painful). We were comfortable because we had so much space, but the trade off was we had to take the stairs most of the time. We were definitely more fit back then, but I am so happy to live in our three bedroom house. No more climbing stairs, so yes, I am grateful!

I am grateful for our improved cooking skills. Before I got married I never set foot in a kitchen. We’ve always had a cook in my parents’ house which is why I never really needed to cook. I thought it would be the same in our household, but since we wanted our privacy and to make the most of our little space, we didn’t hire any help. And so I cooked. We ate breakfast food A LOT in the beginning. It was always bacon and eggs, Spam and eggs, oatmeal, cereal, and sometimes pasta (not a breakfast food) for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was fine for a few months, but now I cannot stand the sight of eggs hahaha. I since attended cooking classes and learned how to plan the weekly menu, do the grocery and cook. It isn’t always superb, but we are both getting better. There are still days though when we only have cereal for dinner. Of course, when this happens I order take out.

I am grateful for Lily. Lily is our sharpei mix dog. She is our baby, and when we want to make each other smile we talk about her. Lily is the daughter of Carlos’s sister’s dog Coco (a sharpei). Coco ran away one day and came home pregnant. She had a litter of five, Lily being the alpha dog. No one wanted her so I decided to adopt her. She was definitely a handful when she was growing up; she liked tearing up t-shirts and socks so she was always in trouble in my house. I didn’t know how to train a dog so I just let her do her thing. When she moved to our house though, things changed. Thanks to my husband, she now follows a routine that she knows very well, and she now knows how to ride a car so we take her with us to our beach trips. She is so smart, sweet and obedient (most of the time). And she is fiercely loyal, which is what we love about her.

I am grateful for our new refrigerator. When we got married we bought a medium size refrigerator that fit well in our old apartment. Our groceries never could fit in there though, but we always found a way to stuff everything inside. It was always so cluttered and full, but we decided to stick with it until we moved to our house. We still had it a few months ago until I won a new refrigerator about twice the size of the old one (thank you, Samsung). Now we have SO MUCH SPACE, it makes me happy! I always smile whenever I need to get something in the refrigerator. Everything has its place, and it looks neat and organized. I love our new ref!!!

I am grateful that my husband loves fish and plants. I’ve never been one to care for fish and plants. I think I had a pet fish once when I was a kid but I don’t recall what happened to it. It probably died and no one wanted to tell me. Anyway, Carlos loves fish–he got his old aquarium from storage and has put in fish in there. He spends a good hour watching his fish (he tells me its better than television) and he looks so happy and peaceful when he does it. He’s also added plants to our home, which I love. We now have waterlilies, succulents and herbs in our house!

I am grateful for our new shoe rack. We just had it made and we finally got it only today! It’s not your typical shoe rack (not like the ones you buy at the mall), but a giant one where I can store all my shoes. This is a huge deal because before this my shoes were everywhere. It was out of control, and we’ve been talking about building this shoe rank for awhile now. I love seeing all my shoes in one place, looking so organized. This is definitely something to be thankful for!

I am grateful for our memory foam mattress topper. I thought this one was excessive at first, but since it was on sale, we made the purchase. This is one of the best things we’ve bought, ever! We sleep so well on our bed that we decline overnight stays at other hotels and resorts because we’d rather sleep at home. Seriously, this is such a great investment and everyone should get one for their homes. You wake up so rested and happy every day, and really, we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping so this is something that’s worth the money.

I am grateful for all the laughter in our home. My husband and I love spending time together at home. I think it is so great to spend time with your favorite person in the world. You would think we had exciting activities lined up every day, but nope, most of the time we don’t do anything. We like to watch movies and TV series together, we like to cook and eat, and sleep. Sometimes I catch us both checking out Instagram on our phones and not talking to each other, and its totally fine. It’s the every day things that make us happy. We don’t need extravagant trips abroad nor crazy shopping sprees to be happy, though of course, that would be a bonus. We genuinely like spending time with each other, which I think is essential to any relationship.

C&K_1588C&K_1617 C&K_1575

Photography: Pat Dy

Makeup: Bobby Carlos // Hair: Ogie Rayel

Tux / gown: Joey Samson

Church: St. Pancratius Church (Paco Park)


Different strokes


In case you didn’t know, H&M is finally here in Manila! They opened their flagship store at Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall last October 17th, and all weekend long I saw photos and read updates about the grand opening. People literally arrived in droves, while some camped out and lined up outside the store the day before. I have to say, this is major for the Philippines! Finally we have access to one of the best high street brands in the world! I’m excited about the designer collaborations to come, and first on the list is: Alexander Wang! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. I’ve seen his collection and I absolutely love it. I will surely be one of the hundreds who will be lining up the night before haha.

So last Wednesday, H&M invited a couple of thousand VIPs, celebs and press people to a shopping party. From 7pm to 12 midnight the store was open to a limited number of guests to shop and it was insanely fun. Ill be blogging about the event soon. In the meantime, let me share with you what I wore to the event. The entire outfit is from H&M–the faux leather top, the printed skirt, the faux snakeskin booties and rings. These are all currently available at the store. If you haven’t gone to the store, seriously, get on it!