I’m in love!!! I’ve recently come across Spanish clothing brand Suiteblanco and found myself absolutely smitten. Their pieces are stylish and wearable, and they fit so well. A visit to their store in SM Aura was all it took, and soon I was excitedly picking out my favorites from their Spring-Summer 2014 collection. I remember being inside their dressing room for quite some time, trying out one cute top / skirt / jeans / swimsuit / heels / purse / necklace after the other. It was so difficult to limit my purchase to just a few items. I was seriously in retail heaven!

Their latest collection is just so pretty. It ranges from fresh, classic pieces in black and white to trendy silhouettes in pops of graphic print and color. I don’t know how they did it, but they’ve managed to create structured yet soft tops, skirts and dresses that fit and flatter in the right places. They also carry bohemian-beach styles in soft knits, lace and crochet that I just couldn’t do without. They’re the perfect pieces to add to your summer wardrobe! If you wanted to see their latest collection, check out the video links below. I am positive you will be swooning just as I did! (Another plus: supermodel Izabel Goulart–yes, she’s also the model in Victoria’s Secret and Armani Exchange campaigns–is the brand’s newest face. She’s the gorgeous lady in all these videos.)

CONTEST TIME!!! I haven’t done this in awhile so I am super excited about this. Suiteblanco will be having a SHOPPING CHALLENGE and yup, you and I are part of it. Its going to be a #SuiteSummerWithKimJones as fellow bloggers Patty Laurel-Filart, Camille Santiago and I will become your Fashion Mentors, and Suiteblanco Fashion Muse Kim Jones will be the Judge for this shopping challenge.

Joining this contest is SUPER EASY! Here’s what you have to do:

(1) Follow @suiteblanco on Instagram.

(2) Regram the Suiteblanco #SuiteSummerWithKimJones shopping challenge artwork I will be posting on Instagram today.

(3) Explain in your caption why you deserve to win this shopping challenge.

(4) Don’t forget to tag: @kellymisa @suiteblanco and use hashtags: #suitesummer #suitesummerwithkimjones.


Winners of each celebrity blogger will get to participate in the shopping challenge and take home ALL THE ITEMS they pick out. Very important: the shopping challenge will happen on April 26 (Saturday), 2pm at Suiteblanco store at SM Aura Premier–if you win, you (and not anyone else) will need to be available on this day to SHOP WITH US! My winner will be announced on APRIL 24 via Twitter / Instagram / my blog. This contest is only available to Metro Manila residents only.

Good luck!!!


Pleats please

IMG_7344  edited

Photographs by Lyka Orhel

I love hardworking, versatile pieces that can get a lot of mileage. They’re make such good investment pieces as you can wear them in many different ways. Take for instance, this black pleated top from GUESS Jeans–I can probably wear this top a hundred and one ways, dressed up or down. It is super easy to wear and its instantly stylish. I paired it with this neon green lace skirt from Kashieca. And what I love about it is that its color really stands out–I think its more interesting than your typical white lace skirt. For accessories, I decided to go simple and used this black and white woven clutch from Aranaz and these coral heels from Charles & Keith. Overall, its an easy look that can take you from day to night.

WD My Cloud


I am terrible with technology. I know I’m fairly smart but it seems my brain just cannot process or let alone understand computers or networking. I guess I’ve gotten used to everything being automatic (Mac user here haha) that I’ve just given up on setting up say, our Wi-Fi/router or networking all our computers. My husband, Carlos, on the other hand, is amazing at this. He used to work as an IT person (see, I don’t even know his proper title) at an online gaming company and he just loves tinkering with computers/machines. Anything that’s broken at home, he will fix it. (Hmm, maybe we’re getting to the root of why I don’t even try to understand these things haha.)

So anyway, Western Digital approached me and asked if I wanted to try out their newest product: the My Cloud. I’ve heard of cloud technology before–Carlos explained it to me: its like a hard drive but you upload it via internet and it saves in a remote location but its super cool because you can access all your files from pretty much anywhere (your computer, laptop, smartphone, etc). So of course, I’ve kind of related it to that and thought that it would be nice to be able to access all our files even when were not at home, as long as we have internet.

Okay, so I will be completely honest with you–I did not help out with setting up the My Cloud in our home. Carlos did everything. But my gosh, it is just heaven-sent! First off, all our computers are now connected. I have my MacBook, Carlos has his PC and we have an extra laptop, iPad and our Smartphones–they are all connected. We can easily access files from wherever we are at home (we don’t own a mansion, but sometimes we’d rather not get out of bed to work on something) and the most exciting part: we can access files from our Smartphones, even when we’re not at home. Isn’t that cool?! Mainly, its watching a downloaded movie or listening to an album from our computers, but one time I had to get to a work file and send asap and yes, I was able to do it from my Smartphone. What a lifesaver! Carlos also did something to it so that it connects to our TV, so all the new movies from our computer can be accessed right away and we can watch without having to move the file/s.

I won’t even try to explain how it all works, because I am the worst person to explain it. But oh my, all the convenience of having a My Cloud–I can talk about it ALL DAY! It is just the best thing that’s ever happened to our home as it keeps all our files safely stored and easy to access via any device. And what I love most about it is the storage space!!! We get 2 TB in that one drive! Its really the best!



Capacity: 2TB (WDBCTL0020HWT)
Interface: Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0
Size: 6.7” x 5.5” x 1.9”
Weight: 2.19 lbs
Compatibility: Windows 8/7/ Vista/XP (SP3) and Mac OS X
DLNA/UPnP devices for streaming
Warranty: 2 years


So since I was absolutely no help with explaining how to set it up, I’ve decided to add a video link. Apparently, its SUPER EASY to do. Its pretty much plug and play! :) Watch and learn more about the WD My Cloud below.


I Do Nails

I’ve always loved nail art. But every time I visit a nail salon, I can never decide on what “art” to put on my nails. So most of the time I end up with my tried-and-tested baby pink or red nail polish. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but it would be nice to try something new for a change. Well, you should be happy to know that my nail art prayers have been answered as I was finally able to give it a try when I got invited to I DO NAILS. It’s a nail salon that specializes on nail art, which means they have an actual menu of services to choose from so its easy to pick what nail art goes on your nails (this is perfect for customers like me who can never decide on a design). And what I love about it is that they offer super unique designs that keep up with global nail trends–from charms to color-foiled nails. Its owner and president, Monica Maceda makes it a point to explore different beauty expos around the world and meet with international suppliers, so that I Do Nails is always up-to-date.


I have to say, I really got excited with their menu. I Do Nails offers a a wide range of nail designs that keep up with the trends, and are done really well your nails are sure to look Instagram-mable after! Check out their nail art menu:

* NAIL ART STAMPING (P25 per nail) – This Korean-style stamping method by Konad contains over 100 stencil designs to choose from and uses special polish to transfer patterns onto your nails.

* CIATE AFTERGLOW (P30 per nail) – Love bright, neon colors? You’ll have fun with this luminescent lacquer that flows in the dark when exposed to UV light.

* NAIL GLITTER & SEQUINS (P30 per nail) – Opt for these eye-catching sparklers as an accent to spice up your manicure. Explore your creativity and have fun designing different shapes like hearts, stars, moon, and diamonds.

* GOLD or SILVER FLAKES (P35 per nail) – Skilled technicians meticulously apply gold or silver flakes onto your nails.

* NAIL FOILS (P35 per nail + P10 for additional colors) – Colored foils are carefully pressed onto your polish and lifted up to leave behind colorful pigments. It leaves your tips with a beautiful array of peacock-like hues.

* METALLIC NAILS (starts at P400) – These shiny acrylics come in gold, pink and blue. Plus you can even do nail stamping on top of this.

* NAIL CHARMS (ranges from P5 to P250, depending on designs) – You’ll have fun choosing from over 20 re-usable gold charms like skulls, flamingos, horseshoes and crosses. Its attached onto your nail using a special glue–use it as an accent or place on charm on each tip for a cool, three-dimentional effect.

* CIATE VELVET MANICURE (P30 per nail) – Coat your tips with a plush, velvet-like finish with this polish.

* CIATE CAVIAR MANICURE (P30 per nail) – These tiny beads may seem high-maintenance, but they’re so easy to wear. They add dimension to your nails and serves as an interesting conversation starter.


Apart from being a full-service nail salon, I Do Nails also offers waxing services. They specialize in fast mani-pedis for ladies on the go, and luxurious foot spas for those who want to be pampered. There’s also free Wi-Fi service and a flat screen TV if you want to watch your favorite show while having your nails done. They are located at the 3rd floor, Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City, Brgy. Bagumbayan, Quezon City. For appointments, call or text 0917 531 5356 or 234 5756. You can also visit their website:

FOLLOW them on Facebook:


Instagram: idonailsservice



Herve Chapelier


I’ve found the ultimate travel bag! HERVE CHAPELIER, a brand I have recently come to love, carries the best beach/travel/all-around bags (really, I’ve tried-and-tested it). Its my constant companion during my travels, and so far its endured all kinds of weather conditions–from extreme heat to rain and super cold weather. Its made of sturdy nylon and comes in bright pops of color (this is sooooo helpful when you need to spot your bag in an airport), and its so roomy, you can stuff everything you need inside the bag.

The brand is a cult favorite in Paris (where its from) and in Japan because of its clean, boxy design and its wide range of bright colors. The “duffle bag”  that I love is designed from safety belts (these are the ones made from nylon) which makes them super sturdy. These bags are made to last! What I also love is their GP line, or their high-end Pebble Grain collection–these are made from beautiful pebbled leather, and they also come in the Herve Chapelier signature boxy design.

Check out photos I took at their store in SM Aura. These bags are sooooo worth the money!

IMG_8891 IMG_8897 IMG_8893

(Press release) Ever since the origin of his enterprise (1976),  Herve CHAPELIER, pioneer in the use of materials that are sturdy, colored and supple, has offered made-for-travel bags, in orange, purple, fuchsia, red, pink and yellow tones, equipped with flat, braided handles, valuing fabrics that once upon a time were designed for safety belts used in the automotive industry.

Thus was born the success of the “duffle bag.”

Retaining the same materials, Herve CHAPELIER launched his backpack line, which is immediately applauded and adopted by high school and college students.

Items that mark an epoch and launch a new fashion.

Simplicity and originality were, yet again, the order of the day, with the famous bi-color “cabas” (traditional French market) bag, the great classic of the Brand.  A bag that has been sold in millions throughout the world, and whose success was never belied.

In the last few years Herve CHAPELIER launched his upscale GP Line.  This high-end “Pebble Grain” collection, with its geometric build and its subtle harmony of colors, is enjoyed by customers for its coated canvas throughout the global marketplace. 

Attentive and demanding on quality, Herve CHAPELIER continues to this day to manufacture his products in France.

In Paris, Tokyo and Kyoto, we can discover the elegance of the Herve CHAPELIER boutiques.

His products are also available in the major cities:   New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Rome, Geneva or Venice, etc.



Skin Perfect


If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been incredibly busy lately, moving from one place to another for work and for vacation. I haven’t been able to blog at all, which is probably my only complaint from this hectic schedule of mine. Otherwise, I love all this travelling I’m doing! This has always been one of my passions and I am so lucky to be doing this (I am in Cagayan Valley as we speak, shooting for Trending Now).

With all this moving around, getting skincare treatments have been infrequent. Finding the time to get a facial is such a treat, I really relish the days when I actually get one. I recently got an invite to do a spa review and immediately I jumped at the chance to go. I had to move my schedule around a little, but made sure I had time to visit SKIN PERFECT! I was beyond happy—I haven’t been able to get a facial in ages.

The branch was a little far from where I live—Robinson’s Magnolia, but I have to say, it was worth the travel. (Oh and I found out Skin Perfect has dozens of branches all across the metro, so next time I can go to the branch nearest me.) I tried their Anti-aging Facial Collagen Treatment, which is meant to give skin a deep cleanse and works to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, which is always a plus for me. The treatment used a Japanese collagen mask to help restore natural collagen lost thru age. It also had a special lightening, firming and moisturising effect, which I loved.

The facial was just SO RELAXING. I loved every bit of it, from the scrubs to the warm steam on my face, to the massages and masks. It really is the best way to de-stress (I think I fell asleep at one point). After the treatment, my skin was hydrated and glowing. I left the place happy, and my skin was clear and radiant for the next few weeks. I can’t wait to schedule another treatment with Skin Perfect, if only I could find a free day! And, I’ve already decided on the other treatments I want to try: Perfect Body Exfoliate, Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment and SP Algae Peel Off Facial Masks. I hope I get to try these soon!
Check out for more information.



Little white dress

IMG_7459   smallIMG_7468

Photography by Lyka Orhel

There’s nothing sexier than a little white dress–it is perfect for days when you want to stand out and be noticed.  This LWD from Miranda Clothing is especially cute, I love how it hugs me in all the right places. I paired it with my favorite black leather jacket from H&M, and for my accessories, I wore this adorable leather and fabric clutch in bright yellow from SM Accessories and these leopard mules are from Adrianna Papell available at SM Shoe Department.

Trending Now: Malaysia

In case you didn’t know, I have a new show, and its called TRENDING NOW! I announced it on Instagram/Twitter/FB a couple of weeks back (we’re on our third episode this week) and because I was crazy busy traveling and filming this show I haven’t been able to blog about it, or blog at all! I am hoping to find more time to blog with all the travelling I’m doing. I guess its a matter of getting used to my new schedule–at least that’s what I keep telling myself. (Haha I need to harness the power of positive thinking!!!)

Anyway, for our first episode we went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This was a very fun trip because it was action-packed! Our four day schedule was filled to the brim (just the way I like it haha)! We went everywhere–we visited the city’s amazing landmarks and tourist attractions like Bukit Bintang, Little India, Petronas Twin Towers, Genting Highlands (Resorts World Genting), and Sunway Lagoon, met with up-and-coming designer Rico Rinaldi, and the best part: I got to fly a plane!!! Exciting stuff!

If you missed the first two episodes of Trending Now, well, here’s the next best thing: photos from the trip! Check these out.

IMG_7414Here I am at busy shopping district Bukit Bintang. Of course, since I had to do my spiels we had to wait until after mall hours to shoot.

IMG_7410Behind me is the famous Petronas Twin Towers. They really are lovely to look at, especially at night.

IMG_6766A closer look at Petronas Twin Towers.

IMG_2242Another interesting place we went to: a strawberry farm at Genting Highlands. I loooooove strawberries, so this was such a treat for me. Here I am enjoying a strawberry shake.

IMG_2368I am no Transformers fan, but this was pretty cool. I went to the Transformers Expo and got to ride ‘Bumblebee’!

IMG_2363Haha–how excited am I here?

IMG_2413Meet the Trending Now team! They’re the real stars of the show!

IMG_2421The team in Ice World (still in Genting Highlands). The temperature here was below zero, not fun for me–I hate the cold!

IMG_6756With my assistant, Ralph. He is my source of energy when I am tired haha. Love him!

IMG_6757We were at Jalan Alor about to have dinner. The street food is really fantastic here!


Talented designer Rico Rinaldi and I. I am so lucky I got to wear his creations (scroll down to see them).

IMG_7364  IMG_2541     IMG_2543IMG_2534 IMG_2557 IMG_2563IMG_2552 IMG_2567Haha obviously I had a blast trying on these beautiful dresses!   

IMG_2695Here I am at Sunway Lagoon doing my spiels.


My dress is from GUESS Jeans and shoes from Charles & Keith.

IMG_2739It was a long, hot day. I took a break and tried this iced tea from a nearby Persian restaurant. It was so lemon-y!


Overlooking Sunway Lagoon.     IMG_6874AND (this was so unforgettable) I got to fly a plane!!! I became a pilot for a day thru Sky Tours. This was SO EXCITING! IMG_6880Inside the plane.


My amazing view of Kuala Lumpur!


Watch TRENDING NOW, every Sunday at 9pm with replays on Saturday at 1130am on ANC.