Tapenade in Discovery Primea

A few weeks ago, my family and I stayed in Discovery Primea for a mini vacation (you can read about it HERE). It really was super relaxing. As you can tell I love staying at hotels, especially since it doesn’t require a plane ticket or a full tank of gas to get some R & R. Not only that, hotels usually offer the best food! Our stay at Discovery Primea was peppered with yummy gastronomical feasts, thanks to their signature restaurant, Tapenade. It is conveniently located by the lobby of the hotel which is a plus (no need to cross over to the mall to find a restaurant), and if you really don’t want to get out of your hotel room (or out of bed) you can order their dishes via room service. But really, the interiors of this restaurant is beautiful, it would be a shame not to dine here.


In case you were wondering what kind of cuisine Tapenade serves, well, it is actually a combination of bold, light and summery Mediterranean flavors. You can totally visit Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey and Morocco by sampling their amazing dishes. For me though, the highlight of the restaurant is the Tapenade Salad Room, only because they offer one of the most luxurious salad experiences in the Philippines (really). They have an abundant smorgasbord of newly-harvested greens and exquisite salad sauces, freshly-shucked oysters and premium cold cuts and cheese stations. I must’ve gone back three times here before actually starting on my main course–they do serve the best greens and cheeses!


Their bestseller though is Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco’s Porcini-Crusted US Angus Rib-Eye, and his Olive Oil Cake. You have to order these when you are dining at Tapenade! And of course, if you are already staying at Discovery Primea, you cannot skip breakfast–their Gourmet Breakfast is super. Check out our amazing dinners at Tapenade. We had an incredible five-course dinner on our first night, which was truly unforgettable. I’ve been bugging Carlos to take me here again soon, and order the exact same dishes!


The next night (we had to go back, of course), we tried their ala carte menu, which did not disappoint. We got the Leg of Lamb, the Beef Kebab and we tried theOlive Oil cake as well.

IMG_5293IMG_5313 IMG_5325IMG_5328 IMG_5331IMG_5334 IMG_5408

Operating Hours

10:00 AM to 11:00 PM, Daily for All-day À la Carte service

6:00 AM to 10:00 AM, Gourmet Breakfast

11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, À la Carte Lunch with Tapenade Salad Room option

6:30 PM to 10:30 PM, À la Carte Dinner with Tapenade Salad Room option

For Filipino-inspired bar chow and premium draught beers, the swanky Gilarmi Lounge is a welcoming setting for friends and business associates. Soon to open are 1824, a cigar and single-malt whiskey bar; EDGE, a garden lounge featuring molecular mixology; and FLAME, which will offer contemporary continental cuisine.

Scalloped edges

IMG_9901 IMG_9921IMG_9863 IMG_9956IMG_9937IMG_9919

I love this top–its scalloped edges give it such a fresh look! I wore it with light skinny jeans (both top and jeans are from Dorothy Perkins) and snakeskin nude heels from SM Parisian. The leather shopper bag (if you look closely you’ll see that it’s personalized–it has my initials on it) is from Cuyana, you can order this from Instagram handle: @ruedemarche.

Dunlopillo moments

I love sleep. I have always been the type to sleep for extended periods, which is around eight to ten hours every night. This was, of course, before I had Tristan. These days, I am lucky to get more than four hours of uninterrupted sleep (though Tristan now sleeps through the night, I still need to wake up to feed him and/or change his diaper), which was unthinkable back then. Somehow though, even with all the sleepless nights, I have been okay enough to function during the day, which I still find surprising. Until I discovered that sleep is not about quantity but quality.

I mean it does make sense when you think about it. I’m sure most of us can recall nights when we slept for more than eight hours but still felt tired when we woke up; and slept for less than five hours but felt incredibly rested after. It has a lot to do with our bed–the type of mattress, pillows and beddings all contribute to a good night’s sleep. I never knew how important this was until I finally invested in these when I got pregnant. I always bought average mattresses, pillows and beddings so my sleep was always average. I didn’t know it could get better, even after having a baby!

I mean, of course it was difficult during the first few weeks of Tristan being born, only because his sleep pattern was erratic (there was a time when he wanted to feed every hour ’round the clock, which was torture for me and my husband). But after that period, things tend to normalize and your baby follows a sleep schedule that’s hopefully close to yours. When this happens, you start to look for quality sleep which is thankfully what I got when I discovered Dunlopillo.

As one of the world’s most beloved beddings brands in over 70 countries worldwide, Dunlopillo understands good sleep. Through the years they’ve made sure that bedrooms are a special place for celebrating life’s special moments (it really is where all the magic happens, and I’m talking about precious moments with Tristan since we co-sleep).

The brand has 85 years of scientific research and innovation under its belt, so they know what a good night’s rest is all about. Their new line gives us plenty to be excited about, especially for us moms who love to co-sleep with our little ones. The NormaBlock is Dunlopillo’s most superior innerspring system, and is the most technologically advanced mattress spring support system in the market. Fully engineered in Europe (this exclusive technology is by Pikolin Spain), it is durable, supportive and at the same time flexible to contour the body’s spinal shape to provide unsurpassed comfort. This is great news for moms, as its unique total heat tempered spring system guarantees proper elasticity, total resilience and high durability. In addition, its distinctively design spring system provide the right comfort and greater body support in accordance to what every mother needs. The Normablock comes in three designs: the Catleya, Decora and Lucia, which differs in height, levels of support, and the added technology in each mattress.


I am so happy to be one of Dunlopillo’s ambassadors, along with Andi Manzano-Reyes and Cat Arambulo-Antonio. These moms have similar experiences with mine, as we all co-sleep with our babies. We know the importance of getting quality sleep, and we are so happy to find that in our Dunlopillo mattresses and pillows.

RYN_2682 IMG_5912

I love my Dunlopillo bed, which is called Lucia. It has an internal aeration system which provides efficient ventilation by allowing inflow and outflow of air through the mattress. This makes it perfect for our tropical weather–no more waking up all hot and sweaty with this mattress. Also this provides the right kind of lumbar support with its normablock spring technology. This inner spring system contours to the body’s spinal shape to offer unsurpassed comfort.


Like me, Andi Manzano is learning the ropes of motherhood with her first child Olivia. She says, “no amount of books you read or advice you hear truly prepares you for motherhood! Work and home life is a balancing act in itself. Throw in a new mom’s sleeping schedule, and it becomes a circus!” Her Dunlopillo mattress of choice is the Catleya, because of its luxurious box top sign that provides 2 inches of extra cushioning comfort layers. The mattress also has nano-silver technology in its latex surface which gives the ultimate protection against harmful bacteria.

RYN_2699   RYN_9331RYN_9248

Cat, on the other hand, is pregnant and has a three year old son named Asher. “I’m over the major hump in terms of sleep difficulties, but I’m still adjusting,” she explains. “I’ve never appreciated catching Zzz’s more! It is so important to me to get the best sleep when I can.” Her mattress of choice is the Decora. Like Andi and I, Cat still co-sleeps with her son Asher, which means she needs a mattress that can provide “no sleep disturbance”. This mattress does just that–one person can toss and turn and the other won’t feel it. I can’t stress how important this is for pregnant women, who need quality sleep the most.

RYN_2705 RYN_9401RYN_9313RYN_9386   RYN_9420   RYN_9520      RYN_9526

Dunlopillo’s latest Normablock collection is available at Dunlopillo showrooms at 16 Acropolis Commercial Area, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Libis Quezon City, EDSA Cubao and the MC Home Depot Fort Branch. Share your special moments with your loved ones using #DunlopilloMoments. Follow Dunlopillo on Twitter and Instagram at @dunlopilloph.

Staycation at Acacia Hotel Manila

For me, staycations are always worth it–you get the same amount of rest and relaxation without having to leave the city. I never truly appreciated this until I had a baby, because of course, vacations are so much harder to plan when you have one. And though I love that I get to work from home and manage my own time, it can get hectic with all the mommy duties adding up to the list of things to do. That’s why I always snap at the chance of going on one, especially when it’s a well-loved hotel like Acacia Hotel Manila.

I took over Acacia Hotel’s Instagram account yesterday (follow them at @acaciahotels) and shared some of our family photos from our mini vacation. We truly had the best time. Acacia Hotel has so much to offer–apart from their luxurious, spacious rooms, they amazing food (you have to try A Steakhouse), a gorgeous, scenic pool, a relaxing spa and a fully equipped gym. It was our home away from home–definitely a vacation, but still in the metro so we could go malling and meet up with our friends.

Not a lot of people know that Acacia Hotel is actually an independent Filipino hotel brand. I love that it focuses on giving guests unparalleled Filipino hospitality while providing world-class hotel service–this makes me proud to be Pinoy when I’m here because I could see that we could compete with international hotel franchises. Managing the hotel is Enderun Colleges, the country’s leading hotel and restaurant management institution.

The hotel is located in Alabang, which is one of my favorite things about it because (1) I used to live in this area, (2) it is not as congested as the other cities, (3) Alabang is complete–you have the best malls, groceries and restaurants here! Acacia Hotel is right is the heart of Alabang which makes me happy, because I always loved living here (my plan is to live here again someday).

When you step in the hotel there is something cool and unique about it. It boasts of cutting-edge design that offers a fresh new take on five star luxury hotels in the Philippines. Patterns, shapes, vibrant colors and works of art complement each other exuding elegance and style–and you can definitely see this in their lobby. Their rooms, on the other hand, are super cozy and relaxing, as they are bathed in warm earth tones.

lobbyacaci 13868012

Definitely, The Fernandezes enjoyed their stay at Acacia Hotel. Check out our photos from our relaxing staycation.

IMG_6880This painting at the lobby of Acacia Hotel is so eye-catching. Can you see the fire-breathing dragon?

IMG_6881Carlos, Tristan and my yaya getting ready to check-in. Of course, I took this photo.

IMG_6883My little one was excited for our staycation.

IMG_6886And… there it is. Our gorgeous room. I miss it already.

IMG_6889Acacia Hotel is the sweetest. They set up this crib for Tristan as OMG he loved it so much, especially the pillows!

IMG_6892What a beautiful (and yummy) welcome. Yes to strawberry white chocolate cakes! IMG_6888Our room was so cozy and spacious. This living area is lovely.

IMG_6903He immediately went for the pillows. He loved this crib!

IMG_7026So Tristan and I like playing dress up when we go on staycations. Haha, not. This was taken during Halloween! IMG_6939My vampire baby.

IMG_6967My little one loved our room (and so did mommy)!

IMG_6935These two are everything to me.

IMG_6962Bet you didn’t know Minnie Mouse had a vampire baby.

IMG_6973Hay, this lovey of mine.

IMG_7058This view! Told you Alabang is the best.

IMG_7086Room service at the door asking me what pillow I preferred: latex (anti-allergy), memory foam or aromatherapy. I chose the latter, and it smelt like lavender.

IMG_7101For dinner, we ate at A Steakhouse, which is right at the lobby. The food was incredible!!! If you are looking for a delicious restaurant to indulge in, this is it! Of course, you have to order steak!

IMG_7115For our appetizer, we got Baked Oysters. Ahhh, this photo is making me crave for this.

IMG_7125And Lobster! The tail was amazing with cheese on top, and we had the rest opened after. Yum!

IMG_7145This was my order: Surf and Turf! This dish was cooked just the way I wanted. More steak, please!

IMG_7169And for dessert, we had Apple Pie, Blueberry Cheesecake and Mud Pie. These were shared, by the way. Though I would’ve been able to finish all three–they were so good.

IMG_7162What an amazing meal. We love A Steakhouse!

DSC07220After, Carlos and I were treated to massages. This was just what we needed.

IMG_7053Good morning! What a beautiful day it was. We felt so happy and relaxed.

IMG_7046Even Tristan looked refreshed haha.

Acacia-Hotel-Manila-photos-ExteriorWe capped off our stay by spending the morning at the pool. We loved our quick swim.

IMG_6849Thank you for our wonderful staycation, Acacia Hotel!


SURPRISE! All my readers have a special treat in store for them at Acacia Hotel Manila!

Visit www.acaciahotelsmanila.com and enter the promo code KELLYATACACIA
to enjoy this special room package:
Overnight stay in a Deluxe Room with the following inclusions:
Buffet Breakfast for two (2)
3-course set lunch or dinner at The Lobby for two (2)
Complimentary WiFi
Shuttle service to Alabang Town Center or Festival Mall
Php 5,388 nett
valid until January 30, 2016. Subject to room availability

John Lewis x SM Home


If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know that John Lewis, one of the biggest chains of upmarket department stores in Great Britain has now opened in the Philippines. It is now available at five SM department stores: SM Makati, SM Aura Premier, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa and SM Mall of Asia, which I’m sure you already know, because most of us go to SM for our home needs. Like SM, John Lewis is a household name–the first store was opened in 1864 in Oxford Street, London and has since expanded to 45 stores throughout England, Scotland, Wales, and now the Philippines.


I attended the opening of John Lewis in SM Makati a couple of months ago (which explains why I am still pregnant in these photos) and I could not get enough of their home products. They have luxurious bedsheets, comforters, pillows and blankets in stylish colors and designs. I love dressing up our bed (because we spend so much time here) so this shopping day was such a treat for me. I got neutral and floral sets that I could mix and match and they are the most comfortable linen we own.


I also got a couple of throw pillows in the cutest British designs and they look so good against our plain beige couch set. My favorite throw pillows are the ones that says ‘king’ and ‘queen’ on them–I put those on our bed during the day. I especially love their fuzzy blankets (I got them in polkadot beige and grey) because I get to use them everywhere (the couch while watching TV, the car, and Tristan’s stroller when it gets too cold for him in the mall. These are so soft and warm, it is so nice to use them everyday (if only I could wear them haha).


Oh and I need to explain how cool their comforters are–some of them really are literally cool, because they actually have different “levels” of warmth to suit your needs. And for a tropical country like ours, you’ll want to get a comforter that breathes and keeps you warm (but not hot). This is one of the best things I’ve discovered when I shopped at John Lewis, because most of the time you really don’t get to choose how warm or cool your comforter is.


John Lewis also has a great bath range (their towels are amazing), and other home essentials like scented candles, clocks and photo frames.


As well as glass and table wear, which are really such great additions to your home. I picked up a pretty butter dish, which I really love and a couple of vases and bowls to put flowers in.


I was joined by pretty mommas Cat Juan-Ledesma, Patty Laurel-Filart (also preggy here) and Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio. We were talking about home improvements the entire time (shopping at SM Home does that to you).

img_7866img_7864                     img_7755

If you’re looking to improve your home, you’re in luck! Because John Lewis Autumn/Winter collection is now available at SM Home. I’ve been itching to check out this new collection since I’ve heard about it–I need more John Lewis in my life haha. It is also the End of Season Sale for their Spring/Summer collection (which is basically all the items you saw featured here in my blog post), so if you haven’t already shopped at John Lewis, now is the time! All John Lewis items from the last collection are on sale up to 50%  off until November 29, 2015. Remember that these items are really limited so their stocks vary per branch–I suggest you check out two to three SM Home branches to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.


For more information, check out http://www.smhome.com.ph, follow them on Twitter: @SMHome_PH and Instagram: @SMHome and @JohnLewisPH.

Fall colors

IMG_7233 IMG_7275IMG_7277IMG_7298IMG_7237 IMG_7309

I know, we don’t have fall here in the Philippines. But I couldn’t help myself. I love wearing fall colors, especially around the -ber months. Shades of yellow, orange and brown look so good together, which is why I put together this outfit. The top and dress are both from Dorothy Perkins, while the heels are from SM Parisian.

Fashion that feels good


When it comes to shoes, comfort and style don’t always go hand in hand. We are likely to choose one over the other. For instance, we sacrifice comfort when putting on those sky high pumps or stilettos when we want to look dressed to the nines. And we opt for less style when we wear a pair of sneakers or flip-flops as these are more of an everyday choice for lounging or doing errands. Come to think of it, it is pretty rare to come across a brand that offers a perfect balance between comfort and style, which is a little alarming because all shoes should deliver these. I’m not sure which is worse, an ugly looking shoe or a pair of shoes that hurt your feet–I might just opt for the ugly, comfortable shoe since I am a mom and I can no longer make tiis ganda.

Luckily, we don’t have to make those hard decisions because there is actually a brand that marries comfort and style (and the price isn’t all that bad, too). I first came across Aerosoles when I was in high school. My family went on a summer vacation in the States, and I remember in the beginning of that trip my feet were killing me. I had brought these dressy shoes with me on that trip and realized I had never really walked on them before. We did A LOT of touristy things which required plenty of walking, and that really put that shoe to the test. It failed miserably, and after half a day I was ready to cry from all the blisters on my poor feet. Someone suggested I buy a new pair so I could stop complaining. I was all for it–I think all I wanted was to throw my painful shoes in the bin. I have to thank my lucky stars that we came across an Aerosoles store right when I needed comfortable shoes. It saved me on that month-long trip, as I wore it every single day. I didn’t even realize how much walking I did after that as I always came home tired but happy. And since then I always make sure to travel with a pair of Aerosoles flats or sandals with me.

So of course, when I got an invitation to attend Aerosoles’s VIP sale I was so there. I have since bought quite a few pairs of Aerosoles over the years and I wanted a new pair of sandals. I’ve been all about flats and sandals lately (I haven’t found the time to wear heels since getting pregnant and giving birth) so I was excited to shop.


And so I shopped! It made sense because (1) it was a VIP sale, and (2) they’re Aerosoles, so I know I will use them all the time. The hard part was choosing which ones to get. There were so many designs that caught my eye. In case you didn’t know, each pair is carefully crafted with the signature Aerosoles structure. The suede insoles are stitched to the shape of your footbed, allowing your feet to breathe and rest in between walks and making your feet flexible in every step. Aerosoles also are known for its diamond pattern soles which absorbs impact and make you feel like you’re walking on air.

So okay, most of my choices are flats, but Aerosoles totally has heels, too (they’re actually known for it). Their heels have a Heel Rest design that cradles the heel and distributes weight to the ball of your feet. This allows you to be comfortable in your heels and yes, you can even run in them!


We were treated to yummy sweets during the sale–I call these shopping fuel! Cookies, doughnuts, chocolates, yes, yes, yes. Thank you, Aerosoles for the fun shopping day! I loooooove my new snakeskin wedge sandals (check out my #shoefie below)!

IMG_5809   IMG_5776IMG_5815

In the Philippines, Aerosoles is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc., a member of SSI Group, Inc., and is located at Glorietta, Alabang Town Center, Ayala Fairview Terraces, SM Aura, Eastwood, Estancia, Gateway, Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Place Manila, Shangri-la Plaza, SM Mall of Asia, among others. For more information, visit http://www.ssilife.com.ph.

Aerosoles-SM-Aura-Store-Image-Wall-D_Downscaled-to-50%---118.5x38.5-IN-(Mark-1)Aerosoles-SM-Aura-Store-Image-Wall-C_62x32.5-IN-(Mark-2) Aerosoles-SM-Aura-Store-Image-Wall-F_31x31-IN_frames-(Mark-1)2 Aerosoles-SM-Aura-Store-Image-Wall-F_31x31-IN_frames-(Mark-1) Aerosoles-SM-Aura-Store-Image-Wall-D_40x77-IN-(Mark-1)  Aerosoles-SM-Aura-Store-Image-Wall-A_31x31-IN-(Mark-1)2 Aerosoles-SM-Aura-Store-Image-Wall-A_31x31-IN-(Mark-1)

Little white dress

IMG_2661IMG_2689    IMG_2680 IMG_2712IMG_2682

There’s nothing like wearing a little white dress to brighten your day. This one from Mango is such a great everyday dress–I can wear it all the way until summer. I love how it hides the post-pregnancy weight (yes, I am still struggling with it). I wore it with snakeskin flats from SM Parisian and a Givenchy Antigona Mini bag.

Baby Company reopens in Powerplant Mall

One of my favorite stores to shop for Tristan has now re-opened its branch in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell. Of course, I am talking about Baby Company, which I’m sure you will agree is the one-stop-shop for all things babies. I’ve never truly appreciated baby stores until I became a mom, and after stocking up on the essentials and making mental notes of what Tristan might need in the future, I can truly say Baby Company has it all.


Everything from nursing, feeding and weaning essentials; baby clothes, bibs, diapers and swimwear; fun and educational toys and books; bathing products and toiletries; baby carriers and strollers–yes, Baby Company pretty much has it all covered. I was a little too excited to discover all these brands and products that I may have gone overboard on the shopping (like every other new mom, right). It was all worth it though, because Tristan loved his new toys and his momma loved seeing his new clothes on him haha. I even got Tristan new swimming diapers, which are just too cute!


I was with new mommas Patty Laurel-Filart and Andy Manzano-Reyes at the big event and we happily shared our mommy experiences and baby milestones. Our babies are just months apart, which is so cool because they will be batchmates in school. Babies Theo and Olivia attended the event too (Tristan was with his dad going around the mall), and they each had a little crowd around them trying to make them smile. I love how these kiddos are already celebrities at such a young age hehehe.


Can you believe Baby Company has been around since September 1991–they’ve been providing the best baby and mommy products for 24 years! Pretty amazing. Currently, there 50 Baby Company stores nationwide inside SM Department Store, 6 mall boutiques: Power Plant Mall, SM Aura Premier, SM North Edsa, The Block, SM Fairview and SM Cebu and 17 select stores inside SM Hypermarket outlets.

The brand offers a wide range of products from fashion apparels, personal care, toys, nursery furniture to home safety and travel accessories. Sourced from world-class brands, their products include Philips Avent, Graco, Disney, Maclaren, Pigeon, Chicco, Dr. Brown’s, Tommee Tippee, Safety 1st, Lamaze and Fisher-Price. Some of their in-house brands are Lulu, Baby Clean, BabyCo, Picolo, Ollin and PlaySmart.

IMG_5701   IMG_5696