How Kinder Joy helps promote family bonding moments and endless fun

There’s no denying it. My little boy loves Kinder Joy! He discovered it during one of our travels (I think it was Europe), and back then it was the chocolate egg that you had to crack (and eat) in order to get the toy inside. Tristan loved breaking the egg open, eating the chocolate, and finding a toy inside. It was such a fun (and delicious) experience for the whole family that these days  he can spot Kinder Joy eggs a mile away (he remembers it so well). Of course, its usually when we do the groceries, and the yummy chocolate eggs can be found conveniently by the cashier counters (so happy about this). We buy a couple of eggs for the house and we give it to him when he’s good (haha, positive reinforcement) or when he asks for dessert.

Of course, the ones available here in Asia are different from the ones in Europe. Actually, I prefer the ones we can buy here because I love the creamy milk and white chocolate mixed with crunchy wafer balls. Kinder chocolates are always good (they’re made by Ferrero chocolates after all), which is why my Tristan loves them so much. Now, what makes Kinder Joy different from all the other chocolates out there is: (1) the chocolate is unbelievably smooth and creamy, (2) it comes with two wafer balls that goes perfectly with the chocolate, (3) the design of the egg itself is super smart: when you open the egg, you have two compartments you can choose to open first: one has the chocolate and the other has the toy, (4) it comes with a cool flat spoon you can use to scoop the chocolate, and finally, (5) it contains cool, unique toys that you can assemble as a family. Come to think of it, I don’t think there is any other chocolate out there that offers all of these, which is why we love it so much.

One particular thing I love about Kinder Joy is that you always get a different toy when you open an egg. We’ve opened A LOT of eggs with Tristan, and we rarely get the same toy. For example, we’ve gotten a lot of different kinds of toy cars–racing cars you can build, a car with a jet inside, and just your cool regular cars, but they came in different colors and designs. Also, we get unique toys that spark the imagination and take the whole family to build (well, not really, but we make it a point to make it a family bonding thing). It usually comes with an instruction manual you can follow to turn the little pieces of plastic into something fun and interesting. I love how it encourages bonding time for Tristan and I (and his dad), how it teaches him to build things and do it step-by-step, and how it allows him to explore his creativity and imagination.

Since we travel a lot and refuse to pack Tristan’s bulky toys, this is what we bring (or we buy at the destination). It is a great way to keep Tristan occupied during lull moments, like waiting for our flight, onboard a plane or waiting to get checked in our hotel or Airbnb. We’ve created so many happy moments while eating Kinder Joy, I don’t even remember those times as boring or tiresome. We’ve made it our own precious memories, thanks to this yummy chocolate egg.

So, for those of you who have been living under a rock and haven’t really tried Kinder Joy, well, let me give you the rundown so you know what to expect. Here’s how to open and enjoy your Kinder Joy.


Pull apart tab found on the lower left portion of the egg.


On the side of the gold foil with ‘Kinder’ marked is the yummy chocolate. When you open it, you’ll find 2 delicious creams: milky cream and cocoa cream, and on top are 2 crispy wafer balls. Tristan asks us to crush the balls and distribute it evenly so each bite has that crunchy texture. I go for the balls first then finish off the chocolate after. Use the flat spoon that’s found on one of the foil wrapping!


Open the toy. Inside you will usually find pieces of plastic that when put together forms a cool toy. It comes with an instruction manual you can use as a guide, and to show you what you’re building. I love this part the most because this is my bonding moment with Tristan.

That’s it! It’s so easy right? I love how yummy the chocolate is and how it creates countless hours of fun for the whole family! Don’t just take my word for it: find more pictures and stories about the fun of Kinder Joy on social media through the hashtags #worldofkj and #kinderjoyphilippines. Try a Kinder Joy today!


  1. Mamahlou Reply

    Wow kinderjoy brings sweetness and joys to every little one!!

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